In the still and quiet

Patiently with calmness

I empty all my thoughts

I empty all my emotions

Waiting to hear you’re ever present voice within

With you by my side I have nothing to fear

Reassured by your gentleness

Serene and subdued your whisper

Truth and light shining forth, so genuine and kind

Teaching me the gift of wisdom

Knowledge of life

Devoutly and earnestly

Straight from the heart

Feeling your gracefulness

Your warmth and pureness

You give of yourself so freely

Undying absolute love

Enriching lives of so many

Charity, Faith and Love

Doing thy will of heaven

We seek and we find

Needing merely you

Embodiment of thou spirit

Love of thy divine







SITTING HERE SILENTLY [Jeannie Diazio] ~POEM          1


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