APRIL 15, 2005


In the garden on that last night,

Your mind must have been

Filled with questions that only

Father could answer.  Only Father

Could calm Your anxiety for the days ahead.


You didn’t want to be alone, and yet

Only you could stay awake pondering the future.

Were the eleven going to be strong enough?

Did they have enough teaching in just three short years?

Would the message survive Herrod?  Hitler?  Stalin?

Who would bring truth throughout all the nations?


Your mind whirling, You looked at the three,

Peacefully fallen asleep under the tree,

I know You just wanted company,

Maybe just until three o’clock,

Time ticking away,

Crying tears of blood in such distress,

Thinking through the sacrifice that must be made.


Only a Perfect Lamb could make

And, there was no escape,

If your creation could, would survive,

Because of that fall of Ah-dom, Adam,

Your blood, bone of your bone,

Life breathed into him by the Ruach HaKodesh,

Your Holy Wind and fire burning in his eyes,

Was that really that long ago?


Looking again at the three, you went to wake

Please stay with Me, be with Me for the

Sacrifice I am about to make!

Only mumbling, snoring, silence came to greet,

No one else could meet the challenge,

No one else could take this cup,

No one else would you permit to do this thing,

No one else could be, would be that Perfect Lamb of God,

Slain from the foundation of the world.

No one else, could be High Priest, the One to make the

Sacrifice of the Pascal Lamb at this time,

As the hand of God

Passed over the people in the Land,

No one else was conceived by Father’s seed,

Through a maid, a servant of God,

With perfect pedigree:  Ben David and Ben Joseph,

Only You, my Lord, fulfilled every prophecy,

Living Torah, the Word made Flesh,

Wrapped in a swaddling cloth,

Just like Torah’s scrolls,

Standing in the Temple


They would be coming soon,

Nothing to really look forward to, only

Torture, endless questions, the Roman,

All coming soon.

You had to look past the pain,

To see a future and a hope,

To see me.


You knew I’d have sleepless nights

Rocking a babe in my arms, with dim light

Pacing the floors with fears of a future,

How to pay bills? A job? Some food and shelter?

You knew I would cry tears in anguish until dawn.

You knew I couldn’t make it until three

Without Your company

You knew I would love you, because

You first loved me.


Stay with me now, my Lord,

Save me from my thoughts of tomorrow,

Save me from this drowning sorrow,

Hide me under the protection of Your wing,

Hide me safe from the treachery of the enemy

Keep me as the apple of Your eye,

Always safe and in Your sight

Calm my fears in the eye of the storm,

Keep me always in the center of Your will

Hold me, rock me, please

Sing just one more lullaby,

So I may overcome,

All of life’s sleepless nights.


Author’s Comments:
“Ah-dom, Hebrew transliteration of “from the blood”. Ruach HaKodesh, Hebrew transliteration for “Holy Wind”, which is the breath of God, a.k.a. the Holy Spirit.”


© 2005, Maribeth Schlobohm

All Rights Reserved
















SLEEPLESS NIGHT [Maribeth Schlobohm] 4-15-05 ~ POEM         1


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