MARCH 8, 2016


The heavens are shouting again.  Prepare yourself for the Total Solar Eclipse happening today in Pisces.  This is the Eclipse of “great change” – the power being generated in the heavens will be breaking many ties from various cycles connected to many life times.  You have and are living many lifetimes in this present reality and time space as the many versions of you are existing.  The merging together of the many fragments into one new creation being is powerful.  Raise the vibratory frequency of your being to as high as possibly and maintain that frequency through out the day and tomorrow.   Love is the highest frequency.  This can be done through acts of kindness, smile, giving, meditation, positive music, worship, dancing, etc.


We had intended on getting this message out sooner, but with traveling, speaking engagements and other mundane things- we are late.  Keep in mind that you can yet experience the transformative power of this event even if you get it late.  There is no time in the realm of Spirit, just think and you will be there.


March 8-9 depending on where you are, the Sun in Pisces and the Super New Moon will be in Pisces to create a powerful experience.  Look out of your window, go outside and see the Super New Moon.   The energetic frequency that you find yourself at today and is most dominate will be sealed or stamped onto your being and will be the predominate expression over the next 6 months.  Love is the highest frequency, maintain it.  Make an extra effort to be love in every situation today and tomorrow.  Of course, we should always do this, but due to the powerful forces of the heavens make an extra effort.  There will be challenges.  Out of this frequency of love, all the wonderful things you desire has to manifest.


Another thing that makes this so special is that it is a Super New Moon in Pisces, appearing 30% larger.  This speaks of ending a cycle and beginning something new.  Pisces is the Feet of the Zodiac Man, it is the foundation on which things are built upon and shall be held up.  Pisces is the energy that carries one forward or backward or causes one to stand still.  Allow this energy to free you from false hopes, toxic experiences and relationships, those things that have been holding you in that stand still, no momentum position, or from moving backwards.


This Eclipse is about releasing the PAST.  The celestial Prophets are shouting, “LET IT GO!!”  Don’t allow the next 6 months to cause you to REPEAT events of past toxic cycles.  Let thy will be done on earth as it is in the heavens.  As the shadow of darkness cover the planet, even though you may not be able to see it from where you are, realize this is the shadow of death.  It is the death to the old, a death to the hurts, hindrances and upheavals.  Free yourself from all attachments and prepare for a brand new cycle based in love and power.  Your feet are being washed with the waters of Pisces during this Cosmic Foot Washing Ritual to prepare you to eat at the Cosmic Table of the Master, it is your last supper of this cycle, if you allow it to be.  What lies ahead is the Passing Over of all that was assigned to depress, disillusion and destroy you.  Let Go and the power of resurrection will raise you far above all principalities and negative forces.   


Pisces also rules the realm of imagination, religious concepts or spirituality.  The influences of Saturn that’s been squaring Neptune in Pisces since November is challenging faith and your belief system.  Don’t be moved from your faith in the power of God.  The (2) world religions created during the Piscean Age are Christianity & Islam.  Saturn will challenge your belief and sometimes create confusion.  His purpose is to show you what is really in your heart and to ultimately cause you to know what it is you really believe or to prove to you that you did not really believe yet.  Whatever is hidden in the heart must come to the surface.  Saturn is forcing humanity to face its demons that come in the form of racism, hate, division, which are all based in fear.


On a negative side, Saturn’s power is being used by others to create more division between the (2) monotheistic religions created during the Piscean Age.  Christianity and Islam is being pitted against each other in a well planned orchestration by the evil ones.  Their plan is to destroy religious belief in the ONE God and establish the religion of NO GOD, but humanism.  Don’t allow yourself to be caught up in this negative ideology thinking that you are defending your faith.  You are only hastening your demise or the demise of what you thought to be your right to religious expression.


The Sun and Moon will join the little known planet called Ketu during this powerful eclipse.  Ketu in Hindu mythology is the south lunar node where the eclipse will be happening.  Ketu is associated with the tail or body of the snake (dragon).  In this article, we are focusing on the positive/light side of   Ketu, which represent spiritual wisdom and spiritual experiences.  Ketu represent spiritual evolution.  Use this energy with intent to add to your spirituality, and experience a greater closeness to what we call God.  Ketu myth further tell us that it is he or this energy that brings healing from the poisonous bites from the snake, healing and prosperity at the south lunar node belongs to Ketu.  (We mention these powerful myths because they are all based in truth, the truth of the stars written on the canvas of the night sky, long before humans developed the ability to write-the sky was their holy books.)


The heavens will be performing many awesome feats today/tonight, too many to mention or elaborate on here.  However, in the midst of the Total Solar Eclipse, Super New Moon in Pisces.  The heavens will form a YOD.  Yod is the 10th letter of the Hebrew alphabet.  It means the hand of God.  It is with the Yod that we get Yahweh and Yahushua (Jesus).  The Yod can be found in each of the 22 Hebrew alphabet.  These 22 letter are literally star letter, hieroglyphs of constellations. Yod is an astronomical term means the Finger of fate, destiny.  This is the cosmic hand that points the way we should follow.


Yod is a rare astrological/astronomical aspect that involves any three planets or points that form an isoceles triangle. This phenomenon occurs when two planets are sextile (60° aspect) to each other, and both are then quincunx (150° aspect) to a third.


March 8, 2016 – Venus and Uranus will be 60 degrees apart at the top of the Yod, with Jupiter nearly 150 degrees at the bottom.  This is a very powerful symbol given to us during this powerful eclipse.  In short these powerful orbs represent this:  Venus represents the power of Love, beauty, creativity.  Uranus represents the power of the intellect, change, the kingdom of heaven.  Jupiter represents the Father of all, The great God, the Rainmaker, Prosperity.


Align yourself with the heavens and absorb the powerful energies the Creator is releasing onto us.  Allow the power of the Spirit within and in the heavens set you in a power, prosperous, healthy, love filled course for the rest of the year.  “Do you know the ordinances of the heavens and how they influence the earth?  Job 38:33


The Solar Eclipse and the other movements of the heavens will start about 5:54 pm PST.  It will be seen over parts of the south and mid Pacific region It will be affecting the Ring of Fire nations over the next 7 days.  If we have time in the next few days we will speak into this prophetically of what will be happening on the planet as the earth moves and shakes.


[We had an awesome conference in Minneapolis, MN this past weekend.  Thanks Pastors Beecham for hosting the Presence of the Most High and being open to receive present truth.  The Kingdom of God is Advancing.  We hope to have audio files from these powerful meetings soon.]




SOLAR ECLIPSE of CHANGE of PISCES [John Lewis] 03-08-16          2

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