MARCH 27, 2006

I search the heavens of my body to see how the troops are doing. Knowing The King Is Come, I certainly desire that every soldier be at attention in observance of the Eternal Glory That Is Present. As I confront each cell of my body, which I see as soldiers of The Lord, I sound the trumpet of reveille that each would be fully awake, and on attentive behavior. “You will, of course, stand in your appointed place, and be ready for inspection,” I said. “The King Is Come, and You will be confirmed alive forevermore. Be wise. Be reverent. Be filled with all the fullness of immediate quickening. I am singing you the song of resurrection. Be at peace. Salvation Himself Is Here. Death is conquered, and you know you are here to stay. The curse has been reversed. ”

In infinite humility, each soldier bows to my Word. Each recognizes The Spirit and shows the exquisite Light of recognition. There is a rejoicing, a Life celebration as they join in my song.

My inspection tour has paid off, for there is an Appearing of Brilliant Light in the cells of my body. The quickening fragrance of The Christ is here. A great awakening of every member is come.

“I will sing of the mercies of The Lord forever. I will sing the Laurels of His Name. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

“I say, rejoice soldiers in all the earth. Rejoice and rejoice, for Salvation has Appeared in the flesh.”

Alert To Him,




THE SOLDIERS of the LORD – ARE LIGHTED [Jim-Melba Crofford] 3-27-06          1


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