MARCH 4, 2006

The Writings sent under the title of  are best understood when the reader is aware that the Father, descended as Savior, Lord Jesus Christ, Is The All In All, and there is none or no thing of reality beside or outside of Him. Also, that all things are under His feet, even though the reasoning mind, or appearing vision, may not be able (at the present time) to receive it. He is come again in His Body to Live The Truth; to reveal The Father’s Kingdom that has been forever and forever and is within us.

To know this then, the light in the eyes of man is quickened by the full Presence of the One Resurrected Man, that there is a single eye to The One Who Is All in All. May all men receive the free awakening Light, and establish their individual testimony that He Is Come; for where He Is, there is infinite liberty and Life.

Maybe a person has failed to inquire what true righteousness is, considering true righteousness can not be measured by the law. True righteousness is a lightning bath in the Presence of Our Father God. To be filled with Him, saturated with the Spirit of Life is the status of everlasting life. It is the ability to recognize Christ Jesus here and now. He unfolds Himself breath by breath. He is our new identity; the new man, able to receive the Word of Truth. It is a humble, inspirational walk. We are opened to know and display our Fathers Face as we have become His Hands.

A quickened knowing is constantly with us as we see ourselves in His steps. We Are The Illumined Presence, you and I, The Evidence of Fathers Love. From the rising of His Wings, comes the fragrance of joy over all the earth; blue skies, sunny days and peaceable waters. We are the ability to bring peace, to magnify the Love of God.

Thus, by the Word of God, you are lifted, raised to the pinnacle of your inner Being. You are hereby given the ability to know yourself as you truly are; One; The Radiance of The Living God. You are The Subject of The Holy Ghost, apprehended into The One.

How may we better know Him? He Who has given Himself has come again in His Own; You and I, and all humanity. Clearly, The Blood of The Lamb has finished the work appointed to Him. We have this testimony that He Is Come and in His Presence, all things are made fresh and new.

And again, this is our testimony, Where could we be that He Is not. We are heirs of The Spirit of Life In Christ Jesus, Our Lord.

It is a pleasure to say, Father Is Our Law, and beside Him there exists no other authority or law or god or influence. There is not one other for which to acknowledge, not even ourselves. We acknowledge The Son In Father; Only The ONE. There is nothing to fight or for which to fear, for the Light of The Eternal Day Is Here.

We are Living Love With You,



SOMETHING ABOUT RIGHTEOUSNESS [Jim-Melba Crofford] 3-4-06           1


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