JANUARY 25, 2007

For those that have ears to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying at this moment and hour…

It is time to enter into His gates with thanksgiving and praise…sound the alarm and come boldly to the throne room of the Father… AWAKE TO ZION! The time is now to BE who we have been created to BE IN CHRIST. There is only one body, one Christ! Our salvation… our baptism in the Holy Ghost… our going on unto perfection… is NOT about individuals, but a corporate body of people in Christ!

Praise God for the hunger and thirst that has caused you to seek out His divine presence, but remember, do not make a god unto yourself by separating and isolating yourself from all that God has called and redeemed just because others may not be at a place of growth and maturity that you are in at the moment. Those that have been called unto Zion at this moment have only been called for the purpose to unite the body of Christ through intercessory love, mercy, and grace that Christ be all in all. Who you are is only a portion of the body and cannot survive without being connect to the ENTIRE body. Jesus is connected to a perfect bride with no flaws or blemishes. He talked in parables to illustrated spiritual implications for us to understand using the example of our natural body. Each cell of our natural body has all the DNA coding to identify who we are, but it takes the whole body to be in unity with the mind for there to be balance and peace. If one cell decides to do it’s own thing apart from the mind then we have within the body “cancer.” This is what we become, spiritually, when we think we don’t need “those religious people” that are strong in their denominational beliefs.

If you have separated yourself for a time from other Christians because of “church differences” to grow in grace and love in the Father then be blessed, but also be warned, that what has been given to you must be given to others without judgment or condemnation, but through the eyes of the Father for the purpose of edifying one another in love. If you do not, you will get fat in the word and become a god of your own understanding being no different than those you have accused in your heart. Remember, God does not share His temple with another. If He has called you to come and sit with Him in the Holy of Holies on the mercy seat, it is only for His glory and Honor with the mind of Christ Jesus that this can even occur.

God is Love, Light, and Life! In Him, there is no darkness, judgment, or condemnation. Jesus Christ died for the sins of ALL. The only difference between a believer and a non-believer is: a believer has been given the revelation by the Holy Spirit of their Heavenly Father.  But remember, He is still the Father of the unbeliever; for He chose us before the foundations of the world. (It isn’t even possible throughout all creation to even consider that children could choose who their parents are going to be.) With that understanding, we are also given the responsibility to be seen by others with the identity and character of our Father so that when others see us, they see their Heavenly Father drawing them by the Holy Spirit flowing through us.

It is when we know that we are the righteousness of God in Christ that we can come to an understanding that the glory of God is His sons whom Jesus Christ is the first born of many. It is only with the mind of Christ that we can Be who the WORD declares, “As He is, so are we in this world. (1 John 4:17) Many are out there even now, wolves in sheeps clothing! Beware! They quote the word of God and can discuss very deep applications of God’s word. They will even call Him Father…however, they seek to be “holier than thou” separating and dividing the body of Christ lifting themselves in God’s temple.

My brothers and sisters in Christ…always be teachable with a hearts desire to connect the body of Christ in love. We have each been given a portion to share with one another so that we can be fitly joined together in love.  Be willing to disagree in love for the sake of unity in Christ allowing our faith in God, who knows and understands all that each of us are working through, will manifest the peace of God and the Spirit of Life crossing unseen barriers in the unity of His love.

Awake, awake, Zion is a corporate people that are like pillars, steadfast and upright, steady in their character and spiritual demeanor ruling with the Lord from His place and seat of authority, seeing others through the eyes of the Father.

May Father’s grace, peace, and blessings surround and encompass you in His love today!

Your sister in Christ,




































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