MARCH 5, 2005

The words that we speak must not be just words of the lip.  Our words are to be words of power and of life and health.  The way of prayer must come from the spirit within.  To rightfully pray we must have a witness to the answer and pray those words.  Prayer should not any more be made up of requests but of the strength of our faith.

Abraham emulated God in speaking of things that were not as though they were, and he was called righteous because of his faith.  To come to the place to which the Lord is drawing us, we must do the same.  In this obedience to His word, He will become our life.  

In our conversations let the words spoken bear witness to the high order to which mankind is called.  Do not confess all things as they appear – that is not the Father’s will for His own.  Faith becomes fact for those who are walking in the Kingdom.  Speak the fact of your faith. 

We must confess the attributes of God as our own, for He has become our life.  This is our calling, “to be perfect as the Father is perfect”.   It is for each member of the body of Christ to be made whole in holiness.

The words that are written here are not new.   They are words that have been present throughout the generations but because of the weakness of faith, the power of them has not been grasped.  Until we speak with the authority given us by the cross of Christ Jesus, we have not fully appropriated the power of the salvation that Jesus died to give.

Jesus said: The words that I speak, they are spirit and they are life.   John 6:63

Again, Jesus said: Man will be called to account for every idle word that he has spoken.  Matthew 12:36



SPEAKING OF THINGS THAT ARE NOT AS THEY WERE [Barbara J. Strauser] 3-5-05         1


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