I sit behind this computer freely giving what is given to me. Some appreciate this and they take the time to read and to apply certain principles to their lives. Some ignore these teachings and for whatever reason they do not take the time to ask to be removed from the list. Others read and then fire emails back attempting to trip me up and change my universal reconciliation beliefs. I remember reading in God’s Word where satan came to Jesus a couple of times to insert doubt in His mind also. It did not work.

It should not amaze me at the rhetoric and disdain that I often receive. For I did dish it out in great helpings in some what the same matter as it is now being slapped upon my plate. Yet some folks are extremely kind when they disagree.

One very nice fellow wrote and mentioned to me about the thieves being executed along side of Jesus on the hill of Golgotha. “Only one of the two sinners beside Jesus on the cross was seen in paradise.   This tells us much.  God is willing to forgive all, but we must make that choice.  A drowning man can only be saved if he grabs the paddle which is held out for him.”

It is true that Jesus did say in Luke 23:43 Truly I say unto you, Today you shall be with me in Paradise.” Yet before that statement Jesus said in verse 34 “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Jesus was on the cross to tell the world “YOU ARE FORGIVEN REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOUR LEADERS TELL YOU.” It is no secret that the religious leaders of His day spoke the scriptures boldly and quoted them verbatim, just like they were written. This was God’s word in stone. Yet when Jesus came He said “I know what your scriptures say but this is what I say!”

Jesus constantly stunned the religious world with His life and actions, His words and His unconditional love. The people of His day were much like the folks today. People want to see power and might; the saints elevated the sinners annihilated. Jesus had every opportunity to exercise His authority and to demonstrate His wrath with the wicked but this human emotion did not dwell in Him for His nature knew noting of this behavior. Jesus was God in the flesh. He was in the midst of a stormy world and He never once handed a paddle to anyone for them to grab hold of. Jesus simply stilled the troubled waters. Jesus calmed the storm. We don’t have to reach out, crawl to Him or even cry out to heaven to be heard. He is in our midst! The only thing that separates Father from us is the veil of flesh over the eyes of the blind. God has not been removed from us. He will never leave us nor forsake us. He is with us always.

Jesus compared us to sheep. He is the Good Shepherd that leaves the 99 to find that one lost sheep. And once He finds it, He heaves it up over His head onto His shoulders and delivers it back to the flock. The sheep didn’t even know it was lost. It wasn’t crying out for help. It didn’t know of the impending danger. Yet, Jesus loved it as equally as the rest and so He lovingly rescued this lost beast. Plus, He did not beat the sheep for running off, nor did He burn the sheep for being lost. He simply put it back in the place where it was intended to be.

On other occasions the lost are compared to fish. Fish don’t ask to be caught; they usually do not jump into the net and say here I am. Yet Jesus used the example of launching a boat going out into the deep, casting the net and dragging “DRAGGING” the haul into the boat. Yes He will drag you in kicking and screaming for your will to remain carnally minded (dwell in the death realm) is not greater that the will of God. For who can resist the will of God?

I watched on TV this morning a segment on glass blowing. This is where they dig into the earth, draw out the materials to make glass and then they hold the materials over the flame and create these wonderful masterpieces and fine glass artwork. It is truly amazing at the precession and talent of these glass blowers. The material is heated up, the raw or corruptible is removed and they are shaped meticulously into all shapes and sizes according to the Master’s perfect design. The flame is adjusted to varying degrees of sharpness, ranging from a pinpoint for precision work, to a large bushy flame used for heating and forming broad areas. This process of heating, forming and cooling will introduce strain (often referred to as stress) into the glassware. Invisible to the naked eye, the strain never-the-less is present and is a potential point of failure in the glass apparatus unless relieved. The amount of stress present will be determined by a number of factors including the intensity and size of the torch flame, glass wall thickness and the complexity of the seal itself. The severity of the stress may be enough to cause glass failure… sometimes while the glass piece is under construction!

Glass is an amazing substance – hard, transparent, capable of beautiful colors and sparkles, strong yet brittle.

The furnace of affliction is the furnace of purification. It is important for the glass blower to take his time and to smooth and polish the glass, rotating it, adjusting the flame until his creation comes to life. If you have never seen a piece of glass artwork there is not anything like it. It is transparent, it sparkles, and it is stress free and pure. We as a people start out like the raw materials used in blowing glass. We are brought forth from the earth and through many processes we too experience the flame, the molding and shaping processes from Father. We are trouble (heated) on every side. We go through our hell, our trials, tribulations, pains, anguish, and loss all for the good of the outcome. The price we pay in this life is very little compared to the riches we obtain and inherit in God. For God is our reward!

The heart of the matter is this. It is of most importance that those who call Jesus Lord and whose lives reflect His nature daily not be moved by anything other than the spirit of God. God’s Spirit is His right hand moving us in directions often uncomfortable for our carnal mind to grasp. Our eyes read the Bible and our mind interprets things one way for we know what we see and read. However the processes are corrupt because we are flesh. This is why we must put of the mind of Christ. The helmet of salvation is the understanding that God has saved us all from the law of sin and death. His wrath is not like our wrath. Our wrath is driven by jealousy, revenge, rage, and the five senses of our human emotional experience. God’s wrath is much different. It does eliminate and annihilate, but it never destroys the person. The person is precious, worth dying for. The person is the pearl of great price. The corruption, impurities, and flaws are what is judged and erased while other areas are corrected. The punishments of God are righteous correction bringing about a positive result. Never has God failed, come up short, been fooled or had to come up with Plan “B” because a man messed up Plan “A.”

2 Timothy 1:9 “Who HAS saved us and called us with a holy calling NOT according to our works (grabbing a paddle) but according to His own purpose and grace, which was GIVEN to us in Christ Jesus BEFORE the times of the ages.”

I am writing this to tell you that “DEATH” has been nullified and life and incorruption has been brought to light for all to see. It is a shame that many are still entangled in the yoke of religious bondage and the affairs of this life unable to comprehend what is the height, depth, width and breadth, of His love.

When I was “caught up” in the church world with its theologies, doctrines, creeds, man made beliefs of rules and regulations I was a prisoner of organized, systematic religion where you stood up, sat down, knelt and prayed and said Amen upon command of a single person placed in authority over me. I was always learning but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

Over the course of the last 2000 years the original teachings of Christ have been distorted to benefit men in high powerful positions. They rule over the laity. In 2 Timothy, Chapter 4 it speaks of a time when people will not tolerate healthy teaching; but according to their own lust they heap up to themselves teachers having itching ears, and they will turn away their ear from the truth and will be turned aside to myths.

This event happened right after the church was established after Pentecost and there has been a steady decline of truth and a poison injected into the veins ever since. Deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons have infiltrated the religious world from the highest ranks down to the simple-minded folk.

One last thing and I will close for I know that some of you are now angry with me while others are opening your Bibles to read and study these things as the Spirit directs. Did you know that God never warned Adam and Eve about a place of punishment where the fire burned forever and people suffered in anguish throughout eternity? One would think that since Adam and Eve were the launching pad for this great exploration of the Father that He would have mentioned this horrible place so that they would avoid it. Other than the promise of death for disobedience there was no other sort of penalty given.

Moses was given the law, which he handed down to the people. This law came from God and seemed harsh but the people had demanded such a rule so God gave it to them. We often think we want something and we ask God for it and after He gives it we do not want it. But nevertheless there is no mention in the law of this awful sadistic place where the flames of punishment rages forever for the least to the greatest.

Then there was Paul. Paul was attributed to writing practically the entire New Testament outside of the four gospels. Not one time did Paul warn of a burning fury of fire where the cries of the helpless agonize an ring out in uncontrollable convulsions never being heard by the few who celebrate away from their frying loved ones in a peaceful paradise of bliss on a fluffy cloud removed from these wicked ex-loved ones and friends who failed to receive the truth of Christ in time. My opinion for what it is worth if you have a loved one, a friend or family member that you feel is hell bound, going to split the gates of hell wide opened upon their entry and you fail to convert them, maybe you should be the one to fry, because you failed that person. Thank God this is not the case for Jesus did not fail us but because of His perfected life and glorious resurrection from the dead we have life through Christ.

According to many and the King James version of the Bible written in a language that we no longer speak and we fail to understand as a whole, Jesus spoke of this place called hell more than anyone else. Well I suppose this is true but what was He really speaking about? Was it a place in the center of the earth where the fire never ceases day and night and the wicked are cast there out of the sight of God and man? I think not! There is nowhere out of the sight of God and if the place exist then God would be in the midst of it delivering a people from the flames. The hell that Jesus often spoke of was “the grave” or the “city dump” where garbage was brought and burned constantly. If you will take the time to read and study the proper Greek translation of His words you will see that this place called hell was much different than the place that is universally taught in the churches throughout the world.

Please, do not take my word for it. The truth is there for those who want to experience it. This hell that we have been forced to believe exists, is a teaching that is a teaching that crept into our thinking, displacing and supplanting the truth of justification by faith, not works; the teaching of holiness and overcoming, not licentiousness; the teaching of ruling and reigning with Christ, not escape rapture. (1 Cor. 15:22-28; 2 Cor. 12:20-21; Gal.3:1-4; Eph. 4:19; Jude 1:4; 2 Tim 2:12; Rev 5:10)


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