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God’s Word Is Truth

Bring Us the Misfits

The Living Word Puzzle

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Christ inside His Helpmeet!

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Even God needs a helpmeet on planet Earth, to build up His Spiritual Kingdom everywhere! She is like Adam’s helpmeet, Eve, given to him to be fruitful and multiply, filling this earth with physical beings, with the potential of becoming Temples of the Holy Spirit. Now those who are IN CHRIST are His helpmeet IN Spirit! HIS Spiritual helpmeet and Bride, to be fruitful and multiply, filling our earth with love, joy, and peace! First the physical then the spiritual is what we have been taught by the person of the Holy Spirit, (I Cor. 15:46; I John 2:27). This is the way our Lord functions, by declaring the end result from the beginning (Is. 46:10). In the beginning, God said, “Let Us make mankind in Our image. (Gen. 1:26) God is Spirit: His image is a spiritual image! He is declaring the end result here in the very beginning of His Word! He is declaring the Bride of Christ (Rev. 21:9), His spiritual and perfect helpmeet, who IN CHRIST and in union, spiritual marriage with Christ, births the manifested sons, a new nation (Is. 66:7-14), that fills our earth with righteousness! For the first Adam God created Eve, for a helpmeet. He took her out of the first Adam’s physical side, and said “be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it” (using all its vast resources in the service of God and man) according to His Word, in Gen. 1: 28. He does keep His Word!! Now He has taken out of the second Adam a spiritual helpmeet in His Spirit who is CHRIST’S BEAUTIFUL BRIDE, to fill our earth with His spiritual children! She is adorned for kingdom living, now grown to such great expanse, she has become His City glorious, a City of Light! (Rev. 21:9-11, 22-26).


Our Holy Father wanted to see Himself as a physical body, and experience Himself in a physical body, the pinnacle of His outer Universal creation. His means of ordering and governing the whole creation was by living in a body made of the same stuff, the same elements that make up the whole pattern of the Universe! What is our Father’s way, His higher spiritual way of creating Himself in a physical body, a perfect body that joins Spirit, soul and body into one perfectly functioning whole? He began with the “end result,” the perfect pattern in His Mind, the climax of His whole creational six day work, before He created any “outer thing!” He began it all in Spirit, in cooperation with the Son and Holy Spirit, working out the perfect spiritual blueprint BEFORE speaking and DECLARING IT FINISHED! His higher way of creation is found in Isaiah 46:10: “Declaring the end and the result from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all My pleasure and purpose.” What is this “end result” this perfect physical body that functions by the glorious Light of God’s Spirit shining out from within, giving instruction in every thought and action? It is the SON of GOD, Christ JESUS!

He is God’s mirror image, who when the Father looks at Him, He sees Himself on earth in a perfect physical body, completely harmonious with the whole Universal creation. The Lord provided Himself with a perfect end result in man, BEFORE He created the first Adam! “Even as (in His love) He chose us (actually picked us out for Himself as His own) in Christ before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy (consecrated and set apart for Him) and blameless in His sight, even above reproach, before Him in love” (Eph. 1:4). Our Father has made us to be the mirror of Himself in Christ Jesus, living in a physical body, His Bride, who has His Mind in her, one WITH and IN HIM, the New Heaven on earth (Rev. 21: 1-3). This is what our Holy Father declared, the “end result” in Gen. 1:26. It is Christ Jesus, the second Adam with His helpmeet and Bride, who are “made in our image!” We do not serve a haphazard Father who makes creative mistakes, then tries to correct them or patch them up, No! His mirror image is seen In Christ, in you and in me! When He looks at us He sees Christ in us, the perfection of Himself in a worldwide corporate body, the worldwide mirror of Himself


This is the new man’s way of creation, the way our Lord and Christ has and is creating on earth here and now, through His Bride! (Rev. 21:5). This is present tense scripture for those “called out” to be the Bride of Christ. For me the understanding of the creative process in Christ has come to reveal, that in Him, in His Spirit and Mind, the whole of God’s plan for man “made in His image,” which is Spirit, is completed IN Christ! He has come; He has died for man’s redemption; He has been resurrected for man’s eternal life in Him. The whole of the Bible, the whole record of man’s creation and perfection in Him has been prophesied and written for our edification and education in Spirit (I John 2: 27). In Christ, God’s children have already been given the entire inheritance of His Kingdom, which is people who have been held captives of Babylon and her worldwide slavery to ungodly systems, “making bricks without straw!” Here is the place to ask the all important question. Why do not God’s children go to the “end result” in the Bible, the “end of the book?” Who, in their right mind would buy any book and not read it to the end to find out how the story came out? What was the conclusion? My own observation is that hardly any Christian I’ve met knows anything about the Bride of Christ, His marriage to her, and that they are the Bride, if they have the Spirit of Christ in them. This is about finding “who you really are” in this body of flesh indwelt by the Spirit of your creator! This is about finding “why you are here in a flesh body.” Why you are called “the Temple of God” (I Cor. 3:16; 6:19; II Cor. 6:16). This is about finding what and who and where the “real Christian church” in the earth is located. It is IN Christ, within you! It is about finding the Kingdom of God in the earth which is IN Christ, “within you.” Everything of our Heavenly Father we’ve looked for “out there” is not there; it is “in here” in our heart! This is the revelation of Jesus Christ given in the “end result” of His Word. “The Holy Spirit and the bride (the church the true Christians) say, Come! And let him who is listening, say, Come, And let everyone come who is thirsty (who is painfully conscious of his need of those things by which the soul is refreshed, supported, and strengthened); and whoever (earnestly) desires to do it, let him come, take, appropriate, and drink the water of life without cost. (Rev. 22:17) Here is the great present tense invitation to any and all, “whoever” there are in the whole world, who have “no money” (Is. 55:I), but who are really thirsty to drink the same water Jesus offered the Samaritan woman, at Jacob’s well. (John 4:7-15)


It takes a special garden that will receive God’s Living Word, as a seed is planted in my garden of earth’s soil, water and sunshine. His Word, just as the seeds I plant, have life within themselves, to produce whatever the fruit is that is within that seed, so does His Word become fruitful in Spirit, in His garden that is you or me!! Listen to Him speaking to you from His Word in: “For as (surely as) the earth brings forth it’s shoots, and as a garden causes what is sown in it to spring forth, so (surely) the Lord God will cause rightness and justice and praise to spring forth before all the nations (through the self fulfilling power of His word.)” (Isa. 61:11, Amp) This is what the LORD’s helpmeet is: a garden of redeemed souls worldwide, that He may plant Himself in her! He is the spiritual seed of Rightness, Justice and Praise who reproduces Himself multiplies Himself, stretches out His tent (Temple Tabernacle) stakes, from within her, who is His Bride! The King and His kingdom of heaven are present in the earth body as His bride. The Living Word seed for this planting is found in Rev. 21: 23: “See! The abode of God is with men.” “I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God.” (This is our present tense City, the City of God that we live in right here on earth IN CHRIST)! This Kingdom City comes out from the King who is living within His Bride, His helpmeet, to fill our new Covenant earth which is our garden containing the Tree of Life in it’s midst (belly)! The Holy Spirit has already planted my inner garden of the heart and yours with Kingdom seed!! The Kingdom of Heaven is not found by ascending into the stratosphere, it is found in the Christ who is within His Bride here on the earth!! Heaven is here where you are, IN CHRIST IN YOU!! It (descends) out of the invisible HOLY SPIRIT in you and into your visible life being lived among God’s newly created in Christ children. (Rev. 21:2, 5) He who is seated on the throne said, “See! I make all things new!!” For those who have eyes to look into the invisible spiritual realm within, they (the Bride of Christ) are dwelling in Heaven Now!! We no longer entertain the false notion of going to an outer heaven when we have found heaven IN Christ within.


While working to remodel a small one hundred seventy year old building into a gift shop this week, a group of thirty some high school students came from Philadelphia for a weekend in the peaceful country near Blue Mountain and the Appalachian Trail. As I was looking out of the large bow window I put in the end of the building, facing Blue Mountain, many of this group who come from a church in Philadelphia, were milling around getting ready to go to an amusement park. The Lord spoke this within me: “This is my raw material that I’m processing to be part of my helpmeet.” Then He showed me a few older ones, who were directing this group, and let me know they are the misfits of the present Babylonian systems, in captivity to her! (Rev. 17:18). They’ve been caught in her grasp, in their effort to use the gift the Lord gave them, just to make a buck! Babylon uses the gifts the Lord gave His children, to promote the slavery of the entire earth’s population under her, just to exist. They are misfits! Continually unhappy within themselves, they have no understanding of the freedom awaiting them IN Christ! He looses these captives (Is. 61:1), through His helpmeet and Bride, “called out” for this very thing. (Rev. 22: 16, 17) “The (Holy) Spirit and the bride (the church, the true Christians) say, Come! And let him who is listening say, Come!” Come to what, and who is talking to the captives?? Christ’s helpmeet, His Bride! She is our New Jerusalem, the worldwide City of Light!! (Rev. 21:2) She has already been made free in Christ! She has already returned from the old city of Babylon (Rev. 11:8), by the power of the Holy Spirit bringing her “out of her” (Rev. 18:4), and into the CITY (Bride) of GOD. IN CHRIST, all the MISFITS are transformed into those who now fit in Him. He has fit them together as one body, His body on earth, to bear His children, who are His new nation. (Isa. 66:7-14) “The last (the misfits) shall be first. (Mark 10:31)


For me to understand what my Lord is doing in the present earth I need a modern day parable that gives me an inner picture to observe in the mirror of my imagination (an inner spiritual picture show). The parable He gives me to “see” within is like a multiple pieced puzzle of His Word and Kingdom. The various pieces are a much scattered, called out people, worldwide. Each piece represents an individual Son of God who has been given a gift (part) to share into the whole world Kingdom puzzle. In like manner, parts of the puzzle are scattered throughout the whole Bible (Word). The greatest spiritual part of the puzzle is the gift of the Holy Spirit to each part, each Son or Daughter, to individually teach (I John 2:27), and lead them to find their part (ministry) in and to the whole (body) puzzle picture, the outer body action that comes from the new thought life, (Christ Life) within. Along with the individual part is given the right fitting into the whole body (congregation) unity of Spirit, joining the scattered pieces together with each other along with the scattered but written Word prophecies of their union.

In this parable I “see” the inner Word (Christ) in Spirit joined in ONE with the outer written Word, that forms an individual flesh person (The Word made flesh) who then becomes ONE with the whole BODY! What have I said in all this? That our Lord, His Kingdom and Word are all a hidden mystery to the unregenerate mind of man. The Lord has purposely hidden the entirety of His Kingdom from fallen man, and openly revealed His whole Kingdom within His children. He has given His entire Kingdom freely to those who will receive it from His Holy Spirit who dwells within them. The Living Word needs a live body, whether individual or corporate, a body created in His image, the image of the Christ, who is the ALL POWER (Matt. 28:18, given God’s children to (embody), as a garden embodies the seed sown in it! The children are just that, they have come to Christ as little children seeking His everlasting love, as the parent holds the child to himself in love’s embrace. This is how loving parents plant love in their little gardens that are just awaiting the seed (Lord’s of Love) to be planted in their hearts. 


The Mind of Christ within me has taught me to look inside myself and see how this body functions, what makes it do what it does? This is the invisible area of human behavior, opened up for us to “see” with the new “eyes” of Christ in us, to “see” what He “sees!” Every human ”sees” pictures in his/her imagination! For instance you can “see” close relatives long gone from this earthly scene or those now living far from you. It is in this gift of God to His children, the inner mirror of our imagination, that we can read Jesus parables and “see” how things of heaven written in prophecy belong to the human who finds himself or herself in that Word, as Jesus found Himself written about in Isaiah 61:1,2. As He did with this picture given of Him long before He appeared in flesh, so, we too who are IN Christ are already written about in His Word picturing way of speaking to us in prophecy. It is only a matter of our finding ourselves in His Word, holding that picture as a “seed” in our imagination, and exercising patience while the “seed” grows up into fruitfulness in the world around us. By understanding (Prov. 4:7), God’s higher “way of creation” which is: Is. 46:10, “Declaring the end result from the beginning” we can see” the reason for His gift of the new Mind of Christ which entails a new imagination. “Therefore if any person is (engrafted) in Christ (the Messiah) he is a new creation (a new creature altogether). (II Cor. 5:17) In Christ we’ve received a sanctified imagination We are now able to receive the Word pictures given to us in prophecy, which “reveal” our part in His new Kingdom that is within us, joined in perfect union with those other members of His Bride, who is now His worldwide corporate Body. The “power” of these Word pictures planted in the “new imagination” of God’s children is transforming not just them, but the whole world around them! The “power is in the Word to fulfill itself (Is 61:11, Amp). It is the Mind of Christ in His Bride, His helpmeet that is transforming not just us, but is the “power” that is transforming the whole world! It is our (Bride’s) inner world that is first transformed as we “see” His Kingdom swallowing up the lesser “kingdoms of this world. (Rev. 11:15) We are already “seeing” His perfection in picture form within us!

In regard to His present helpmeet, depicted in Rev. Chapters 21, and 22, the Lord has taught me to understand how He creates all things new. He has given His children the gift of His Holy Spirit, who reveals the higher ways of our Holy and loving Father and what He is doing in this present moment in the earth through us. The picture of the man in the garden of Genesis with a helpmeet, of two becoming one to produce a third is just a lowered down picture of heaven’s reality that is shown in the last chapters of the Revelation of Jesus Christ. In Christ we are given the gift of His higher imagination, our inner mirror that allows us to look into our Father’s invisible Kingdom to “see” what He is doing in us, as us and through us, out into our present world, that looses the captives of spiritual darkness!



To look into the invisible Kingdom of God that is within us, we have “the Mind of Christ,” the very same Mind that Jesus called “His Father,” the Mind of El Elyon the highest! In this Mind we are shown that our creator declares the end and the result of whatever He is creating, from the very beginning of the creation (Is. 46:10). When the Holy Spirit shows us this truth, then we may know that God, in declaring Adam and Eves fruitfulness in the book of Genesis, was also declaring the end result of Christ and His Bride’s fruitfulness in Rev. 21 and 22. The great difference between Adam and His helpmeet from the second Adam and His helpmeet is this: in the Genesis record, God is “outside the man and his helpmeet” (In Gen. 3:9,10, they heard the sound of His walking in the garden and were afraid). In the Rev. 21:23 record, the city (Bride) has God and the Lamb within her, illuminating her within! The Lamb (Word) within the City (Bride) is her lamp! In the Revelation parable all men have become Christ’s helpmeet, the feminine receivers of Him, the Bride of Christ! He “lives within His helpmeet;” they two have become “One in Spirit” which births a third, a Son of God in Spirit. God is Himself His Helpmeet (appearing) as her in the earth. Jesus said: ”if you have seen me you have seen the Father!” (John 14:9) Likewise “if you have seen the Bride, you have seen the Groom!” In the very beginning of our Bible, in seeing man with a helpmeet, we are also seeing the very end of Kingdom building on earth in Christ and His helpmeet, His Bride! She is His corporate worldwide Body, in whom He appears as her, His great and glorious City, New Jerusalem (Rev. 21:2), filling all the earth!! 


For me to understand myself, how I’ve been created to function in this physical body, I need to be able to look inside myself, look into the invisible part of man by the gift of the Holy Spirit, the Mind of Christ, who gives me this spiritual understanding. (Prov. 4:7) I’ve looked within me and this is what I “see.” My body will not move until I give it a picture of the desired movement, for instance wanting a glass of water. The real Me is inside this body in the spiritual realm of thought, casting the picture of my body drinking a glass of water on my imagination, the inner mirror of man. By spiritual understanding of this invisible part of man, how we are created to function the same way our Holy Father functions, by declaring the end result at the beginning of any action (Is. 46:10), it is easily seen by following our thoughts to the pictures they create in the inner mirror of our imagination, then watching the body action that follows. This is the way we function whether the thoughts are evil or righteous. “The wickedness of man was great in the earth (wicked body actions), and that every imagination and intention of all human thinking was only evil continually. (Gen. 6:5) Here it is plainly seen that all warfare and violence (outer action) begins in the inner and invisible part of man, in his imagination. This is where the Mind of Christ gives wisdom and understanding that transform the children of God out of the old man’s city of Babylon (wickedness) and into the City of Light, New Jerusalem the Bride of Christ, His spiritual helpmeet!!

In Christ I may clearly “see” the inner man (Spirit) of me that brings good tidings, that gives beauty for ashes. (Isa. 61:1-3) This new man creates according to the Word given him by the Holy Spirit. “For as (surely as) the earth brings forth its shoots, and as a garden causes what is sown in it to spring forth so (surely) the Lord God will cause rightness and justice and praise to spring forth before all the nations (through the self-fulfilling power of His word). (Isa. 61:11) (Amp.) Who will cause justice and praise to spring forth before all nations? The Lord God!! Plant that Word in the garden of your new Mind, the Mind of Christ in you, and watch it grow into fruitfulness in the earth around you!! This is Kingdom living! We just watch as our invisible inner man (Christ) comes into our outer visible life actively! 


It is God our Father who created outer physical images of Himself: “Let Us (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) make mankind in Our image, after Our likeness. (Gen. 1:26) (Amp) These images of God are living images, you and me, that function in the same way He functions, that is, by Spirit! Yet, we cannot understand ourselves, except by the Mind of Christ in us revealing our real Spirit Being to us in our inner new man. For instance the real me is not this physical body, it is the Spirit of Christ that is inhabiting this body. Before Christ came to me there was the spirit of anti-Christ inhabiting this body and directing all the action of this body. “Examine and test and evaluate your own selves to see whether you are holding to your faith and showing the proper fruits of it. Test and prove yourselves (not Christ). Do you not yourselves realize and know (thoroughly by an ever increasing experience) that Jesus Christ is in you-unless you are (counterfeits) disapproved on trial and rejected?” (II Cor. 13.5) (Amp.) Jesus, the physical man was the helpmeet (receiver) of the Holy Father dwelling in Him, who directed all the outer body action, after He was anointed by the Holy Spirit (Is. 61:1). We are made in that same image of the Son of God, when we too are anointed by the person of the Holy Spirit, who comes to dwell in us, and direct our bodies action just like He did with Jesus! I can do “nothing” of myself; this body can do nothing on it’s own steam! I am made in the very same image of Jesus in this body, a son of man, inhabited by the very same Spirit of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. This outer body of man is the receiver, the Bride (helpmeet) of the Spirit of Christ (Groom) living within. The two have become ONE IN MARRIAGE ONENESS! “Come with me! I will show you the bride, the Lamb’s wife. (Rev. 21:9) This is the written Word of God, the picture of you, His Bride in marriage to Him, to plant like seed in the inner mirror of your imagination by Faith, and watch it grow up fruitfully, becoming the Kingdom of God in all your affairs. The Holy Spirit within you is the living image-maker, transforming you in Christ


Until we as the helpmeet (Bride) of Christ have put on His Mind, we will not know what He is doing in our present world. The Mind of Christ is shown to us by His written Word. He, the living Word within us points us to the outer written Word already given long ago by His prophet. For instance Jesus, after His baptism and anointing by the Holy Spirit, being directed by the Father (Spirit) within, found His ministry written in Isaiah. 6 1:1, 2, the Word of prophecy given for Him, BC 698. This Word of prophecy paints a dear picture, the Word seed for Jesus to plant in the inner garden, the mirror of His sanctified imagination, by Faith. “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed and qualified me to preach the Gospel of good tidings to the meek the poor, and afflicted; He has sent me to bind up and heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the (physical and spiritual) captives and the opening of the prison and of the eyes to those who are bound. To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord.” This is the image of loosed captives, the declaration of the end result of Jesus’ ministry, from the very beginning. (Isa. 46:10) (Before) He had loosed one captive. This is God’s higher way of creative action, to declare the whole action from beginning to end (before) He does anything. He declares His Word finished as it leaves His mouth. For instance when He said: “Let there be Light” (Gen. 1:3), there was instantaneous Light. End and Beginning are One in God and Christ! We are to function in this same way by the Mind and power of the Spirit of Christ in us when we are grown up children of God! Let His Mind and His Word direct our paths in Light, and the Light shines from Him (Christ in you) just as Is. 60:1 proclaims. “Arise, shine.” Who? You and me! “For the Glory of the Lord (Christ in you) has risen upon you.” Who? You and me, Bridegroom and Bride! (Is. 61:10) (Amp) By Faith, we put on this Mind of Christ, the Light of the world!


Christ’s helpmeet, His Bride is named a City, New Jerusalem (Rev. 21:2, 22-25), in which He lives. He lives inside His Bride, who is a worldwide City of Light! The corporate Body and Bride of Christ is the Light of the world, she is the Light that is arising and shining into the old world’s gross spiritual darkness. (Isa. 60: 1-3) The other city, Babylon, a worldwide city of spiritual darkness (Rev. 18:10), is filled with the captives Jesus came to loose, by shining the Light of His Word on them. This word, who is Christ, shines out from His Bride and helpmeet into all the world, transforming the darkness to Light at His Word of Declaration!! The great Truth we are taught by the Mind of Christ in us (1 John 2:27), is that, none of the gloom and doom filling many pages of the book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ, describing the worldwide city of Babylon the whore, belongs to those who are Holy Spirit filled children of God, the children of Light. This City of Light seen, “descending out of heaven from God, the Holy City, New Jerusalem, arrayed like a Bride beautified and adorned for her husband” (Rev. 21:2), is who you are, now that you are IN Christ, married to Him. There is no shred of Babylon that can enter into the New City that you are now (Rev. 21:27), wherever you may be on this planet! Children of God, read the good news given to you, discerning the Spirit, whether He is speaking to those who are Babylon’s children of darkness and their reward together with the great whore, or speaking to you that are living in the City of Light and you are, in fact, the very Light of the Word, the Christ!! The good news for the children of Light, the Bride of Christ, His helpmeet, is the climax of Christ’s work in the earth found in the New Heaven and New earth filling the whole of earth with you who are His righteousness!! Our Lord, who has seen His Word in fulfillment even before the Genesis account, has given us the written Word, the finish, the climax, the whole earth at peace in Rev. 21 and 22, for us to plant that picture in the garden of our new imagination in Christ! Then, have the Faith of Christ, to look into your invisible Kingdom of God within you and, let your Holy Spirit bring it out into visibility “as a garden causes what is sown in it to spring forth!!” The Holy Spirit and the Bride say, “Come!!”
























































SPIRITUAL HELPMEET, THE, Parts 1-2 [Marvin E. Cope]          1


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