Greetings. This is our first publication of 2001. We are trusting that you are experiencing all that God has for you. The sun is now in the sign house of Aquarius that symbolizes many wonderful things for the Believer. It is the times of Refreshing and Outpouring of the Holy Spirit’s wisdom, knowledge and power. As you become one with Spirit may you receive all that’s available for you.


Necromancy is the art of communicating and consulting with the dead. In Deuteronomy 18:11 Moses forbade the Israelites to use this type of spiritism when they come into the Promised Land. The people of Israel were prone to idolatry and he wanted them to get their information from God through a prophet, so they would not worship idols. Furthermore, the people were afraid to hear from God for themselves, they wanted to hear Him through a prophet.

Can the dead really speak? Most Christians seem to think they can’t, and that this would be a demon posing as the deceased person. I Samuel 28:7-25 We have an account of King Saul in his desperate attempt to hear the word of the Lord, he seeks out a medium. The medium from Endor conjures up the spirit of the prophet Samuel. Saul gets his wish to hear the word of the Lord, but the message is not what he wanted to hear. He is told that he would not succeed, he and his sons would die the following day, and David would take the throne. So we see in this case the dead did speak.

In the New Testament we find Jesus communicating with Moses and Elijah on the Mount of Transfiguration, both had been dead for centuries. “Moses my servant is dead.” Joshua 1:2 Most would argue that Elijah did not die; he was translated in a chariot of fire. Actually Elijah was transported to another location, this was a common practice for him. Ahab had been looking for him and each time God would move him by Spirit. 1 Kings 18:7-16 The sons of the prophets looked 3 days because they knew he was at some physical location. 2 Kings 2:15-17 Over 10 years after Elijah had been transported by the Spirit somewhere else, he sent a prophetic letter to King Jehoram telling him he would die. 2 Chronicles 21:12-15 {There is a gravesite in Israel for Elijah.}

In Jesus’ case of communicating with the dead, it was not a desperate attempt to receive information. Moses and Elijah appeared to witness the fulfillment of what the Law and Prophets had spoken of. They came to further confirm to the leaders Peter, James, and John that they should listen to the Voice of the Son. Through these 2 cases we see that this was a genuine practice.

In reality there is no death, and there are no dead.


A few weeks ago I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Spiritual Necromancy.” He began to show me how the Body of Christ is guilty of spiritual necromancy. We have become so fearful and judgmental about the literal practice of necromancy and other forms of spiritism that we cannot see that we are guilty of the same practice.

We have become like Saul, in our desperate attempt to hear the Word of the Lord. We seek out those that had an anointing for the past moves of God and we try to duplicate that anointing to get the results that others got 20 years or more ago. This is being done by listening to tapes, watching videos, or reading books.

Spirit (anointing) is energy, it cannot be destroyed, residues of it linger wherever it was released. For example, the anointing that was released in 1950 is still here, and there are some operating in that anointing. A highly developed spiritual person can walk into an auditorium where there was a release of the anointing years past and tap into that anointing and see results. Furthermore, one can conjure up anointings that were on great men and women who are now dead. As we watch Christian TV we see a lot of this activity. The word anointing means to smear or rub on; to release, pour out. When a person physically dies, where does the anointing go? It does not disappear; it hovers mostly around the remains of the deceased person or a place where they were frequently seen.


The Bible records a miracle of resurrection, while some men were burying their friend. The invading army of the Moabites was approaching; they could not give their friend a descent ceremony. They quickly cast the dead body into the sepulcher of Elisha, as soon as the dead man’s body touched Elisha’s bones he was resurrected. The anointing was still in the bones of Elisha. 2 Kings 13:20-21

Why do people go to mediums to speak with the dead? It is because they have not learned how to properly grieve, let go and move on. They are afraid to face the unfamiliar future, and its more comfortable living in the past.


Saul represents the old order that came out of the realm of Pentecost/Charismatic movement. Yes, it was anointed, and confirmed by signs and wonder with a strong prophetic gifting. However, Saul was anointed with a vial of oil, this represents the impart/limited realm. 1 Samuel 10

Saul’s administration was more concerned with large crowds and people pleasing. It was filled with manipulation and control. He destroyed the Body Ministry, priests of Nob. Nob means, height, prophetic discourse, and fruitfulness. 1 Samuel 22 Saul’s administration will not tolerate someone else with a higher revelation than he has. He will assassinate their character and label them a “new ager.” Saul’s ministry is a fear driven religion like much of Christianity today. They are troubled with demons, paranoia, schizophrenia, and double-mindedness.

We find another manifestation of this spirit amongst those that proclaim to be “Kingdom People.” Jonathan the son of Saul saw that his fathers’ administration was over. He also saw the glory of the new day in David’s ministry. David was anointed with horn of oil three times, this represented the fullness. Jonathan could not seem to come all the way out of Babylon, he was afraid of being label a radical, heretic or new ager. The seeds of fears from the preceding order crippled him. He became very passive and confused. He died with his father.

Many want to remain in the comfort zone of Sonship teachings. They expect to one day manifest God, but for now let’s just sit idly, quietly and wait. Let’s rehash the glories of the Latter Rain Movement and our 40-year-old messages.

This is Spiritual Necromancy!!! We have been guilty of conjuring up anointings from past moves of God. “Give me that old time religion.” If the old time religion was God’s best, there would be no need for a change.

I can hear the Spirit saying, “Stop mourning for Saul.” We often reminiscence about our past experiences and try so hard to get back there. We must let go and move on. The past is comfortable; the teachings, messages, and all the things we were so sure about.


The Spirit of God is leading us in a way that we have not gone before. It is like when the Israelites were about to cross the Jordan into the land of Canaan. There was a space of 2000 cubits, symbolic of 2000 years. He said, “When you see the Ark, the priest carrying it, move out of your place and Go For It. For you have not passed this way before.” Joshua 3:3-4

There is a fresh anointing being released to move to the next level, this will affect every aspect of our life. This will even change the quality of our life.

The waters of the Jordan could not roll back until the priest stepped into the water. Many are afraid to step into new territory; they would rather remain on the banks trying to resurrect yesterday’s experiences and messages. It’s An Abomination!! God does not take pleasure in the soul that draws back.

Those that continue to practice “spiritual necromancy” will experience spiritual death, and the Jonathans will be numbered with them.


Whispers and mutters from days of the past

Fastings and prayers for glories that didn’t last-

Work harder to recreate dreams of yesteryears-

Life of fear, pillow stained with tears-

Religious rules and limits got me in its grip

Pride, desperation and guilt have caused me to trip-

If I could only conjure the Voice and experiences of yesterday-

The present path, I don’t know the way-

Is it safe to step into a place I have not known?-

I don’t want to feel isolated and left alone-

From the depths of my being my destiny summons me-

To soar among the eagles and be eternally free-

So I will leave the past, enter into His rest and fulfill the prophecy-

No longer guilty of practicing spiritual necromancy-

J. L. 1/25/01


In America on January 20, 2001 we saw transference of power. George Bush became the 43rd President of the United States of America. As we all know, this did not happen by man’s choosing (election), rather, it was by divine intervention. The Spirit had warned us of this in September through the message, “Day of Reversals.”

God said, “We would not have Presidents as we have had in the past, and that the way the system has operated would come to an end. And for the next 3 years we would see a turn over of many ideas, and many laws which are contrary to My Word will be reversed.” We are beginning to see this take place as the new administration has begun. Since the day of reversals has been set in motion, it does not really matter whose in office-God must be glorified. I believe that as we as a nation has seen this transference of power and the reversal of laws; it only expresses what is happening in the Spirit. “First natural then spiritual.”


I see this administration moving with great swiftness to get things done. I see the favor of the Lord that will override opposition. I sense intense acceleration, as if someone is working who knows his time is short.

What I am seeing is a huge clock, I can hear it ticking. Lots of activity, lots of accomplishments. A strong feeling, I may not finish what I came to do.

{I see an incident happening; near the vicinity there will be a huge clock. I cannot see the time, only flashes and sensations. I can feel the commotion, confusion, and fear. A leader in our country will be in a situation that may prove fatal-whether in this country or abroad I don’t know. The area feels old or historic. We should pray earnestly for our leaders. Only another Divine intervention will allow President George Bush to finish his term. We know that God is always in control and can change the fate of mankind at an instance.}

As we have seen Transference of Power in this country, we should soon be seeing Transference of Power in Rome. (Most likely within 6-9 months).


UPDATE: 2001

Lots of activity at home and local ministry, miraculously people are finding their way to this house that need help, mostly Russian Refugees.

Just this evening one of the Russian brothers found an American woman sitting on the cold sidewalk in front of the house; she had been recently discharged from a mental hospital. He called for me to come down because he doesn’t speak English well. I asked if we could help, she came in and used the phone. She looked at me and said, who’s the spiritual one that lives upstairs? I said, I am and asked her how did she know, she said voices told her and they told her to come here. (Her home is in North Seattle). She was having a second miscarriage, emotional breakdown, and a Christ encounter all at once.

I felt compelled to pray with her and speak peace into her before her husband arrived. She had not slept for days, and the medication was not working. Immediately after prayer the Spirit came upon her, she asked if she could lie down. Her husband walked in to see her lying on the sofa, he was embarrassed and tried to wake her, she could not get up. I assured him that it was okay-she went into a deep sleep and peace for about a half an hour. Her husband just happened to be Ukrainian and spoke Russian. He kept repeating, “she found a safe place.” When he was finally able to wake her up, she had to be almost carried out. We blest them in the name of the Lord.

We pray that you have been edified, informed and challenged through this publication. Share it with others and remember God loves you.


SPIRITUAL NECROMANCY [John Lewis]          1


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