JUNE 24, 2008

They are catapulted over the chasm of separation and unbelief into the fleece of the fluffy, peaceful and powerful City of The Living God.  The Light is so bright that there is no place to look to the past or future, for The Light is sufficient in every way.

There is no place for fear or concern, for they are made to know the hand of The Lord is upon them.  They may not worry about the outcome for He Is The Outcome.

The winding trail has come to its end, and the face of The Highest is always before them; a clear lighted pathway.  “Fear thou not” is a reality.

The old has passed away for The Presence of The Resurrected Jesus has made all things new; Jesus in their hearts; Jesus in their thoughts; Jesus in their atmosphere; Jesus in their bodies;  Jesus in their past and future.  There is none or no thing beside Him for He is that substance; that Life.  Such a beautiful City it is.

They have accepted His Plan; His instantaneous Will.  They have accepted His righteous ways, strength, and mighty awakened Presence.  They see with His eyes and move with His Faith.

If one would say, “Set Apart”, they understand they are set apart from the confusion and limitation of the past, not from mankind; for they accept every man where he is in Light of The Resurrection.

The day of infinite Glory Is Here.  




STEPPING OVER [Jim-Melba Crofford] 6-24-08          1


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