Sunset sunrise, from beginning to end,

God kisses Earth on the forehead just before bed.

We spend hours sipping tequila, oranges and red,

Pondering science lessons in our heads.

Remembering its dust and muck struck by light leaving height,

A dazzling display of color and might,

Spread with sweeping strokes in watercolor hues,

Shades of crimson and sunlight, but no blues.

A delicate balance between earth and Heaven

A mixture of dirt, wind, water and soul without leaven

Makes the spirit rise across the expanse of skies,

From desert and heartlands, mountains and sea,

Every living breath offers prayers up to Thee.


© 2005, Maribeth Schlobohm

All Rights Reserved





















SUNSET SUNRISE [Maribeth Schlobohm] ~ POEM         1


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