Does Knowledge Grow on Trees?

“Real knowledge” is just as dangerous as “perceived knowledge,” both “practically” and “spiritually” speaking. Perhaps we had better define our terms if we can expect to communicate effectively.

Can we call knowledge that is based on scientific proof the knowledge that we consider to be “real knowledge?” My vote is no! NO! Hopefully my “no” has been emphatic enough to draw your attention to something very important.

Our exalted system of “higher education” is founded on scientific knowledge that has been scientifically proven false by what I will call “subsequent science” …I like to point to certain milestones to prove one of my seeming bizarre points of view. Some of you who have been hanging onto some of my writings that, at first glance, seem just plain crazy, will sigh with a “here we go again” at the redundancy with which I continually carry on my diatribes.

In order to help some skeptics breakthrough into seeing the need to believe in possibility as a means to increase faith I continually bring up the year 1953. Why is (or at least should be, in my, oh so, humble opinion) 1953 such an important milestone?

Because it was the last year that everyone knew for a fact (believed) that no normal human being would or ever could run a mile in less than four minutes. Since 1954 it is now the standard minimum for track and field training …because 1954 was the year Roger Bannister broke through the supposed four minute barrier. Literally thousands of runners now do, annually, what had been considered impossible for hundreds, if not thousands of years to ever do.

Jesus said nothing will be impossible for anyone who believes enough. I have been urging folks to just look at this one example (the year 1954) when we discovered previous knowledge to be inferior and so many runners now do something for one simple reason: they believe it is possible and, therefore, enter a training discipline to prepare to do it.

In just the last five years subsequent science has proven former science to be all wet in several major arenas. There are people all over the world performing documented miracles as mind blowing as bringing someone clinically dead back to life. This gives new meaning to some words spoken by Jesus: “Even if someone were raised from the dead they won’t believe.”

What about you? Are you ready to believe …and in what …and to the point of doing something about it?

Our suggestion on this website is to get superior knowledge. The kind of knowledge that you can get from the SOURCE of everything …a great question is: How do you go about that?

The Brad Cullen approach is to follow Jesus’ instructions: Pound on the door of the one he introduced as our perfect SPIRIT-PARENT and begin demanding that you know Her/His/Its purpose for your life. Tell your SPIRIT-PARENT you want only Her/His/Its best for your life, whatever that may be.

That’s superior knowledge and it is superior to the knowledge that you get from subsequent science …which is exciting to watch unfold, but inferior in content because twenty years from now it will be proven wrong and meanwhile you will be operating on superior knowledge from your own personal connection directly to and with the SOURCE of everything.

















































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