MAY 15, 2008

“I heard you. I hear you. I have overcome the world. I have overcome the world!”

“Hello Mr. I. Hello Beloved Resurrection. Hello Sweeping Victory; Champion of Eternity. Hello Wonderful and Unending Presence.

You have greeted The I, The New Foundation and Building of The Everlasting; I Who Am Whole. My Presence Is The Awakening; perfect vision and hearing; the capacity for new life. My Presence has opened wide the doors of Heaven to reveal the inherited Treasure; My Father.”

“I took away all limitation and unbelief, not recognizing ill winds or stormy seas. I cannot see scratching in the dirt for meager sustenance, and I never expect reversals. I Am The Good News; Good Vibrations; The Peace and Joy of The Kingdom of God. 

Blessed are They Who have come in the name of the Lord to stand at the mountaintop. These ones are victorious. Today, we frolic on the mountain and spread love abroad in peace and joy. Today, we overlook the learning and reasoning of religion, and confirm strength to mankind. We are risen; wrapped in the Holy Presence of The Savior. We share This Presence with every cell and atom of creation. Heaven has come to earth, and we sing to all: “Be and Live dear Ones.

High praises to the Great Runners and Leapers of The New Heaven and Earth; Jesus Himself appearing in the faces of men. I know you, dear friend are tracking His tracks and adoring the flower of His Resurrection. Selah

Something remarkable is made final, and the new day is here. The appropriate price has been paid, and behold a bountiful table is set.  There is no way to improve the marvelous City of God we have entered.  We have left the past, and translated into The Only Life There Is. We study war no more and look no more outside.  We are satisfied with The Author and Finisher of our faith.  He (His Grace) is sufficient. His sovereign arm is above all things; His plan in order, and we have entered our rest in Him.  All men will discover there is no other place to be, because there is none beside Him.

We stand in adoration watching the enfoldment of He Who Lives Forever in Us.  We are quickened and alive.

The “We” is all people of earth for Christ Jesus has accomplished a sweeping victory; none left out.

Amen – He Reigns



SWEEPING VICTORY [Jim-Melba Crofford] 5-15-08          1


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