MAY 3, 2008

Swish, He comes in the midst; in the clouds of His people (The Holy Ghost Presence) to rejoice together with them in the Presence of The Father.

You know, I would say the high point of the Presence is forgiveness and mercy. It is laughable how the foolishness of preaching and teaching to one another fails to take root when it comes to a faltering interpretation of a brother. We should laugh together at the meager and limited understanding we all have when it comes to eternal things.

They are released, you know, who have passed beyond the veil. They are set free from pain and suffering, and free from confusion and interpretation of chapter and verse. They can readily laugh at themselves for the lack of understanding while yet walking the earth. Of course, they can also be wonderfully comforted in the release from taxes, the clock, tyranny, oppression; from space limitations, and time limitations; also from the discomfort of poor health.

The other fellows interpretation of what he deems as revelation is his hold on eternity. So what? It is very real to him. He would die for it, so we hold him before the Love we are. 

Swish, He comes as the lightening from East to West with mercy and grace so profound, it cannot be written.  He reminds, “I will be with you always, even to the end of the world. My arm is not shortened. Right here where I am, you may be also.

“You study the scriptures for in them you think you have eternal life, but you will not come to me.” Swish, He is here. You just try overlooking ill winds and improvisational interpretations, and see Me face to face. 

Meager interpretation? Yes! “Where were you when I created the heavens and earth? Where will you be tomorrow? How far is it to the farthest star? How pure is pure? How wide is the river between heaven and earth? When will you know all things? What is perfection?

The answer is not in words but in the ONE WORD; in the One Who swish, Is Come; Whose Presence vibrates in a frequency of pure love, forgiveness and mercy; atoning everything. He is above waiting to be explained.  He is Salvation itself; The New Life, never waiting on the approval of men. He is gifting Presence; the substance of all treasure. You may know yourself in Him for He is your Presence in immortal Being.

How great can your mercy and forgiveness be?  Can you see heaven in your enemy’s eyes?  Can you see the crown of righteousness that Is above all men?  So, as you see, so are you.  So, as I see, so am I.

Heaven is now. The door is open. You are seated with Christ in God. The blessings are ours.  We have that certain privilege to be where He is today. No need to envy the freedom of the ones on the other side. We have the same inheritance. We are born anew in Christ Jesus. We can be numbered among the Living Who have abundant Grace and Love for all men.  We are free indeed; the unlimited freedom of The Christ Within.

We see no evil, but see as Father sees:  WITH PURE EYES.


Abiding love and Joy,


SWISH [Jim-Melba Crofford] 5-3-08          1


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