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In what appears as the cycles of time that God has created for the purpose of working out His divine will and plan, we that are subjected to it (time) are often faced with the challenging and provocative questions of when and how long. The processing of this experience to produce the manifestation of divine purpose from the human perspective can seem to take life times. The 3-dimensional world of illusions is often so convincing to the 5-sense realm that the illusion become our only reality, thus, leaving us with disillusionment.

In Ecclesiastes we are told, “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” Time is every moment that has existed and will exist; it is a created system. However, God exist before time, at the end of time, parallel to time and projects Himself through time to be on time.

Time represents the realm of limitations and the challenges of achieving the impossible. The illusion of time and the prison that it has created to bring further entrapment to the mind can only be broken by realizing the NOW.


These are the questions that often arise in the consciousness that further confirm how unenlightened one is. The pressures, tribulations, and stresses that appear to come from the outside world bring to the surface the latent positive and negative emotions within. When the focus is taken off of the reality that God Is, the mind projects the illusion of time past and time future.

Time past brings self-pity, shame, guilt and sorrow because of the remembrance of what appears to have been a mistake, lost, or taken. Time future brings fears, worry and depression as one negatively meditates (worry) on what might or might not happen.

The first step in awakening to the realization of IS (NOW), is to realize that the challenges are not external. It is not about your spouse, children, minister, co-worker, friend or enemyit’s about you. That which appears as a problem in your body, finances, emotions and spirituality is stemming from within. The outward manifestations are only projections from your consciousness so that you may see what needs to be dealt with. However, our methods of dealing with, or not dealing with things sometimes makes our sentencing appear longer.

In Pentecost we were told everything that appeared negative was the devil, therefore, we performed rituals of exorcisms. However, this did not work most of the time because the problems were not caused by some entity outside of us.

In Tabernacles/Kingdom we were told everything that appeared negative was God, therefore, we were to do nothing and let God take care of it. However, this did not always work; it only gave us an excuse to do nothing.

Herein is wisdom and balance. Most of our challenges that we face; we have unconsciously attracted to ourselves. Many times we are given the grace to use the authority as a believer to see instant miraculous results. This empowers us and gives us faith for other things. However, there are some challenges that we are to embrace and allow patience to have her perfect work within. It is important to become sensitive to the Holy Spirit within to know what to do.

If with every challenge we use our God power to immediately eradicate it, we will never learn the precious lessons waiting to be unfolded. Thus, we will repeat the struggle over and over. I can hear the prophetic psalmist singing and shouting, “Wait, I say wait on the LORD!”


A few weeks ago I was sitting in meditation and asking Father Why? When? How Long? Lately it seems that almost everyone I have come in contact with has been recently or they are facing major challenges; including myself.

My questioning was not out of desperation or pity, but for clarity. I felt the Spirit impress within my spirit very strongly the thought of “timing.” We are on the verge of reaching our next step in the evolutionary process for Divine Purpose to be manifested within and upon us.

I can not describe accurately what I felt the Spirit saying within me, it would take scientific language. I will share part of the experience in rough layman’s terminology. “I was taken inside my body; I was traveling fast through the organs, blood and cells. I saw that somehow the pressures, stresses, and tribulations that have come and seem to be intensifying is what’s necessary to not just help us morally, or to develop the Christ character. The pressures, anxieties, interferences, disruptions and dramas are causing the body to secrete hormones and other chemicals that’s causing the cells to gradually mutate. This is a very positive mutation; once the process is complete we will reach the manifestation of the next stage of our evolution. The incorruptible, immortal body within is complete from God’s perspective. However, due to the system of time it appears that this light body is being formed as our cells and DNA mutate.

A few weeks later I was taken out of my body and saw many things. One of the most exciting things I was allowed to see was my light body. I had often looked down to see my physical body in these experiences, but this was the first time I had seen the glorious light body.

And you question, when and how long. The answer is NOW. It is when the struggle ceases to be within. It is when you can embrace that which appears as an attack, or enemy. It is when it doesn’t matter anymore and the entire Ego is dissolved. At this point you are released from the temporal to become Timeless. You will no longer see the days, weeks, months or years, but only the NOW.

This is the Edenic Consciousness. Eden means voluptuously living, abundance, the spot, the MOMENT. You must only live in the Moment (Now) to truly experience deliverance from the illusion of time. At this point you no longer go through time, rather, time goes through you. It is in the Now-Is-the Moment that complete satisfaction is realized for the entire being.”

“He has set eternity (timelessness) in their heart. Ecclesiastes 3:11

{Consciously give yourself permission to joyfully embrace, experience and cooperate with your great tribulation. Remember it only exist in the 3-dimensional world of illusions from the human perspective. The reality of God’s perspective is the NOW (moment) where It Is Finished. This is the great paradox, we can choose to see the process where the illusion of time brings disappointment and depression, or we can choose to live in the Now (moment) and see that it is truly finished.}


Upon experiencing this, the Spirit within began to cry out “evolve, evolve.” This has been my prayer and decree to my cellular self since then. This is the groaning that the Apostle Paul spoke about in Romans 8 for the manifestation of God. Job said, “in my flesh I shall see God.”

When I speak about evolution, I am speaking about the process of irreversible change. I am speaking about the evolution in consciousness that has brought us to where we are today. This is the Gethsemane (wine and oil press), surrendering of the will. I am speaking about a people that through great pressure are producing what is termed the “second coming of Christ.” He is coming to be glorified and admired In His saints. Can you see His coming? Are you starting to see God in your flesh? EVOLVE! EVOLVE!


This is the realm that exists within; it has been sealed by the hands of the system we call time. It is your meditation, prayer, faith, worship and experiencing the NOW that causes you to transcend and break the seal of the system of time and realize the eternal within.

Let go of the temporal to become timeless. Detach yourself from the illusionary world of manifestations to tap into the unmanifested world. Release that which you have known to experience the unknown. Give up the illusions for the reality.



We experienced a wonderful conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota with Pastors Floyd and Mae Beecham of Faith Tabernacle Gospel Church. We had a great manifestation of the Spirit and Revealed Word in each meeting. Thanks and blessing on the wonderful spiritual and material services you are providing for your community.

From there Doug Walker and I traveled to Eau Claire, Wisconsin to celebrate the second Feast of Passover with Sunny Day. It was a wonderful time of fellowship with Stephen Jones and Ron Oja who was also there to minister. Thanks Sunny.



We received a lot of response from our previous publication “Illusions vs Reality.” We thank God for the opposition, enlightenment, healings and confirmation of the Word.

“Dear Age to Age Ministries, after reading your Newsletter I had faith to believe Yahveh for the manifestation of my healing. Recently I have had to be rushed to the emergency room on several occasions, my whole body shaking and other complications. The doctors have not been able to properly diagnose me. When I read your Newsletter I was immediately released from the illusion and received my healing and have had no more symptoms or shaking manifestations.

I was so excited that I made copies to take to my Messianic Congregation-I wanted others to receive from Yahshua as I had. When the leaders return, the Rabbis were very upset and held a special meeting to discuss and disagree with your writings. Now I am no longer welcomed there. I thank Yahveh for my healing and my spirit bears witness with the truth. I don’t mind being a forerunner to bring truth.”

Sis. Louise — Tri-City area of Washington

Thank you Sis. Louise for your boldness and hunger to take a stand for the Present Truth, we are praying for you.

We will share other testimonial as the Spirit leads in future publications.


Last week we had a gathering, I had contacted Cami Kassing to be prepared to bring a message. Everyone came so filled up and prepared to share. We all started to speak the same thing, even those that came late and had not heard what was said earlier spoke the same words. Below are excerpts from Cami’s message that correspond with what I shared above.


“Call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shall glorify me.” Psalms 50:15

“Blessed is the man that endures temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which he hath promised to them that love him.” James 1:12

Troubles, trials and temptations are the pressures of daily life, the life that we live in the world of illusions.

The Greek word that’s used for trials/temptations is “thilbo” which means, to be pressed into a narrow place.

Jesus said that we are to enter in through the narrow gate. “Small is the gate and narrow is the road that leads to life, and only a few will find it.” Matthew 7:13, 14

This is the place where many of us are today and we sometime wonder if we have done something wrong. Or we wonder what God is trying to teach us.

We are being pressed or pressured into narrow places because we need to lose the excess baggage. This baggage could be old ideas, behaviors and belief systems that we have carried for a long time. God only wants all of us and there is no room for anything else.

As we are being pressed and pressure by our experiences we sometime lose the joy of our salvation. We look at all the things that we have had to give up or lost and sometime question God.


Whatever that appears lost cannot be compared to knowing that we have found life in Christ. The expression of our new life depends on pressure.

When we realize that we are gaining a crown of life, the promises of God, then we will understand what the scripture means “to count it all joy.”

I remember reading about an experience a brother wrote that was done by General Electric. As you read this it will help you better understand what God is producing within you.

It takes 1,500,000 lbs. per square inch of pressure and 5000 lbs. per square inch of heated pressure to synthesize a diamond.

As you think how the diamond is formed in the deep dark dirty earth. Just by looking there is no outward signs that such a gem is being formed and it does not happen overnight.

Many things must happen, many pressures and challenges must come to our life so that the gem within can be seen. The number 15 in the 1,500,000 reminds us of the measurements of New Jerusalem the Gem City. This also confirms that it takes pressure to become that Gem City and rested in Him

The number 5 in the 5000 of heated pressure reminds us of Grace. Although we are pressed on every side and experience tribulation, this does not qualify us. It is by Grace alone.

The diamond is Christ in us, it is immortality. The diamond in us is purged through this process of daily pressure just as the pressures of the earth produce the gems we adore.

Don’t become overwhelmed by the pressures, live in the Spirit and the joy of the Lord will be your daily strength.

God Bless You,


Thank you for taking the time to study this publication. May you experience all the things you have read about.

Keep us in prayer as we plan for the Feast of Tabernacles 2003 – Divine Nature Activated. Stephen Jones and Ron Oja confirmed many things that Lord had given us regarding this Feast.




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