MAY 19, 2007

Excerpt from Message Given at: OKLAHOMA GLOBAL PRAYER CENTER

Tearing down the walls built by man due to hurts, disappointments, lack of self worth, false accusations, inability to forgive, living by the expectations of others… releases us into a place of life and health in the Spirit. 

We are not puppets on strings.  We are the Sons of the Living God.  We should be free from the guilt of the past when we accept the unconditional LOVE of God.  We should be living in the abundance of God instead of staying in the position of lack.  But many times we find ourselves living so far beneath of privileges we have as Sons of God. 

If you have found yourself in the position of living in a place of far less than what Father offers, it is TIME for CHANGE.  The initial step toward liberty is the renewing of your mind… changing the way you are thinking… accepting who you really are in CHRIST JESUS. 

SILENCE is one of the most valuable commodities we can add to our ingredients for spiritual victory.  It is in the silence – alone with our Heavenly Father – that most of the answers to life’s challenges will come forth.  We all talk about spending quality time alone with God… but how many of us are actually practicing it?

Speaking – led by the Spirit of God – will always produce life… but speaking out of our own unresolved hurts, disappointments, lack of self worth and unforgiveness will produce even greater problems for us and for those around us.

Allowing ourselves to continue living out of the carnal mind will only produce pain and death.  But accepting the Mind of Christ and allowing the leading of the Holy Spirit to teach, guide, and direct our thoughts will produce words of life pouring out of the river of life within each of us. 

When Peter stepped out of that boat, in response to the call of Jesus to “Come Forth,” he acted in the power of burden removing, yoke destroying FAITH of GOD and overcame the power of the circumstances that surrounded him.  But the moment that he took his eyes off of Jesus and got them on those circumstances, he began to sink into the sea around him. 

If there are those of you here today that are struggling with your thought life, having problems walking in victory over the circumstances surrounding you… come up here and allow us the privilege of praying for you and seeing Father set you free…

We’re living in a time when we MUST KNOW WHO WE ARE and walk empowered by the MIND of CHRIST and KNOW that every step we take is ORDERED BY GOD. 











TEARING DOWN the WALLS of TRADITION, RELIGION, PREJUDICE [Roger D. Coffman, Sr.] 5-20-07          1


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