JANUARY 31, 2000

I’ve just gone through what every computer owner doesn’t want to experience.  I’ve had my computer crash!  So, just like we are promised, what may have been meant for something negative has turned out to be a very faith-building testimony.  I had a Quick Restore CD and that re-installed all the software that came with the computer, but deleted all of the files.  I now have a brand new “virgin” computer. 

But, here’s the testimony.  I started having problems with the computer a couple of days ago and when I called Compaq Tech Support, they were able to lead me into a place where the computer did function properly, but the technician gave me knowledge to operate with.  He said “I believe your computer may well be about to crash”.  While you can retrieve information, my advice is to save all you can to discs just in case.  Well, it had probably been 10-11 months since I had downloaded all my documents, etc.  So, wisdom said, “take the advice seriously”.  That gut feeling I now had got me sitting at the computer for however many hours it required to get all I could from the computer files copied to discs.  AND, JUST AS I WAS FINISHING UP, the computer suddenly went crazy.  My screen looked like a piece of thick tapestry with all kinds of lines, colors, and designs going in all directions and no amount of work would bring it back. 

I can only tell you that this has been one of the most faith-building experiences I’ve had. Before I ever started downloading information, I prayed and asked God to direct me and to help me.  I also took my hands off of the stored information and told God “if it is not important to you, then it’s not important to me.  I just want to be in the center of your will and I want no sidetracks.  Put me doing what is important to you.”  The very fact that He did guide me, give me knowledge to operate with, and gave me wisdom to follow the knowledge, and enough time to accomplish the task at hand, and now gives me the additional confidence to know that my time at this computer is important to Him and I can continue with even greater purpose and commitment.

Be blessed!


















TESTIMONY OF A COMPUTER CRASH [Sunny Orly Coffman] 1-31-00          1


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