In 1973, Jesus became Lord of my life, not just Savior of my soul.  It was through a near death experience in a hospital in Houston, Texas that I became more fully aware of the true position Jesus desired to hold in my life.  You see, I fell in love with the person of Jesus Christ.   I came to know Him in a very personal way and God became the Father I had always desired, and Jesus the big brother I wanted, my best friend, and all I really needed.   

I had walked a denominational church aisle at the age of 12 during a revival and asked Jesus to be my Savior and was immediately water baptized without any real knowledge of what I was doing.  All I knew was the evangelist said Jesus was the only way to God and that without accepting Him and His sacrifice; I would spend eternity in hell fire.  So, I took out a fire insurance policy, but I had no sound teaching about making Jesus Lord of my life and giving Him the full control of my life and allowing Him to guide my every step.  Consequently, I had little or no visible victory in my life for many years.

However, two days after leaving the Houston hospital in 1973, I was filled with the presence and power of the Holy Spirit and only 10 days later, I had my first glimpse into the supernatural working of miracles. I saw my closest friend totally delivered from mental depression as I joined hands with her two daughters and kneeled around her bed, and prayed a prayer of faith over her, believing God to set her free from the heaviness that had plagued her so long. She had just been released from a 3-year confinement in a state mental hospital and sent home as a “hopeless case.”  Shock therapy, chemical therapy, and group counseling could not do what the anointing of God did!  It destroyed the yoke of bondage that had held her captive.  His healing was instantaneous and more than 30 years later, she is still walking in mental health.

For over 27 years, I spent a portion of each year in the market place at livestock shows, rodeos, and horse shows.  I was allowed to create a line of personalized jewelry items on-the-spot for customers in many locations throughout the United States.  Gold Wire Jewelry was just a bicycle God let me ride to tell people about Jesus and His unfailing love.

In 1994, God called me aside, took me off the road, and set me alone with Him in my home.  It was a type of wilderness experience whereby He increased my level of faith and, consequently increased the anointing on me as well.  Today He is telling me that the visions He has given me concerning ministry are about to come forth and we are about to enter into the greatest time of harvest the world has ever seen.  The manifestation of this assignment will not even resemble what I had pictured as ministry.  But today I have the confidence to know that if He is leading me, it will produce fruit.   It is exciting to be alive in this day and to see the hand of God move among His people. 

God has allowed me to see many miracles through the years and I’m always blessed when I see the hand of God move in the gifts, but it is the close relationship with the Savior that I cherish.  There is no more exciting walk than being led by the Spirit of God. 

When I asked God what my position was in his kingdom, He said:  “You are an agent, a producer, and a promoter. Your job is to make Jesus Christ a star by allowing His anointing to flow through you – to see my children healed – body, soul, and spirit – and to see the captives set free.”  Isaiah 58    


God is never static.  He is the same – in that His characteristics and nature never change, but He is constantly in motion – working to bring His creation to the plan and purpose He alone fully comprehends.  I have seen much molding and shaping by Him in the three years since this testimony was first written.

Today I have a much clearer comprehension of my purpose in the body of Christ than ever before and I have been given more understanding of a very big key: my focus is to be on the resurrected Christ – not on the crucified Savior.  I‘m not trying to dilute the absolute necessity of the death of Jesus – but I am sharing with you the importance today of seeing Christ in His resurrection.

This new information is foundational to understanding the next step.  I rejoiced in this first testimony of the power of God that I could observe in my life after receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  But today God is showing me insight into future events on the horizon.  Today I’m not seeing so much of the “spectacular healings” as were prevalent in another season.  And I’ve asked God about that and He’s let me know that the focus has changed.  Oh, the power of God hasn’t lost any of its potency and God does still heal… but the thing He’s been showing me is our focus has to change from putting all our attention on these mortal bodies that are going to pass away.  He has encouraged me to move into a higher level of thinking and see that my today concern must be joining with others whom He has chosen for this time and uniting to bring forth the next part of His plan. 

His 4th part of salvation is changing the body – yes the body we now wear – into an immortal house – His temple – one that will not be flesh, as we understand it, and will have far more power to perform in the next season.  So, while I’m led by His spirit and will move at His command, my attention has been drawn away from the “attention-getting miracles” I’ve walked in during this last season.

I see that all of the pain and sufferings of this life have been just a backdrop for the stage where God has placed us.  It is our level of response to these trials and tribulations that allow others to see the Jesus that has taken up residence within us.  It’s not about passing out tracts, preaching on street corners, running to an organized church every time the door is open – today’s walk is about living our lives among men and allowing them to see – through the daily challenges in our own lives and our responses to those challenges – just how faithful and powerful our God really is.  It is in this new season that yet another dimension of spirit power will be exhibited… for all to observe.  It’s not about “doing”… it’s about simply “being” and allowing Him to do the “doing” as you.  It is all Him and none of you!

May you be blessed in your journey as you experience the adventure of knowing Him in a much more intimate way than you’ve ever seen.  Your mind is being prepared to receive Him fully and experience His rich indwelling within you.  Be His hands, feet, and voice extended to those surrounding you… this very day!






















TESTIMONY OF SUNNY ORLY COFFMAN [Sunny Orly Coffman] Written 4-1-00, Up-dated 11-11-03           1


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