Thanksgiving is the incense, which will make our petitions agreeable to God. At the same time it is the only power, which will preserve our peace. it is like a military garrison that keeps all worry away from our hearts and apprehensions. And indeed, why worry, when we know that all is in the hands and hearts of God and His Christ? All about us loom danger and distress and strife, and we are forced to speak to God about it, and He would have our hearts exercised by it. But faith in Him and confidence in His Christ rejoices in the storm, knowing that He will rise and speak His, “Peace! Be still!” The calm that will surely follow has already found a place in our hearts. We need not be timid. Let us be thankful for both the storm and the calm, for these reveal to us the peace that presides in the heart of God, which may be ours by faith in Him.

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THANKSGIVING [Adolph E. Knoch]          1


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