We are thankful for the opportunity that is offered us to send out the message of the hour through this book. Many hundreds of people are being reached with the newness and freshness of a message that we truly believe to be the message God has given for the closing days of this dispensation. But writing, like all other human forms of communication, always has its limitations and inadequacies, and I freely admit that every time a new book goes out there is a measure of sadness and disappointment in my heart because I know that many things that should have been explained were not explained. And then there is always the knowledge that the truth has been cast as bread upon the water or as seed upon a field, some of which will spring up and bear fruit in earnest hearts and some of which will be cast away before ever it brings forth at all.

It is because of the desire to speak with each one individually and thus bring a more personal message to every reader that I am writing this message. The truth contained herein burns in my heart and I hope that while you read it you will grasp a new lease on God’s life and come to a new experience in Him.

We are now living in the most momentous hours imaginable. In fact, it is beyond the power of human imagination to see and understand the greatness of the things that are happening all about us and to fully comprehend what God is beginning to do in His people. There is an awakening among the elect of the Lord that supersedes human knowledge. As at certain times of the year God puts into the minds of birds to flock up in preparation for migration to another realm or zone, so He is putting into the hearts of a chosen people the desire to ready themselves for the sonship He has prepared for them from the foundation of the world. He is putting into their hearts the very life and glory of the coming kingdom, and they are finding that they have lost all desire for the fleeting things of this present age.

We are now seeing before our very eyes the things that must precede the glory of the coming kingdom and the universal reign of Christ. We are seeing the rise of both spiritual and political Babylon. We are hearing a message such as has not been on the earth heretofore, and we are seeing a people being prepared of God for sonship who are to receive the glory of the kingdom with the Lord Jesus Christ and reign in splendor with Him in the glory of their Father in the kingdom prepared from the foundation of the world.

I desire by God’s help to impress upon your minds that the sons of God who are being prepared to reign in the kingdom with Christ are not just ordinary Christians with ordinary experiences. There has been a great fault among Christian people of all ages. They have always been prone to try to make the word of God fit the measure of experience they had instead of making their experience fit the demands of the word of God. They have claimed to be filled with the Spirit of God when all they had was a tiny earnest of their inheritance. They have insisted that they were born again, though to this day they have not been able to see or understand the kingdom of heaven, and though we are plainly told that “that which is born of God cannot sin, for His seed remaineth in him and he cannot sin because he is born of God,” (I John 3:9 and 5:18) still we go on sinning and insisting that we are born of God. Some men claim to have the go of tongues because they can speak five or six different languages all of which they learned by natural courses, and so on and on it goes endlessly. Enquire of any denomination you wish and they will all have their own explanation of the new birth, or what it means to walk in the Spirit, or what it means to be in Christ, or what it means to be a son of God, but they all, every one, fall far short of the glorious experience the word of God actually describes. All this confusion of ideas and doctrines of men was permitted by the Lord for the age which we have just passed through, but we are about to see a new age, even the age of the kingdom of God, and we must prepare ourselves for that.

As I have sought God through the years with prayer and fasting, waiting and searching, a great conviction has come over me that God’s people are being prepared for an entirely new realm of experience in Him. I am not referring to some imaginary realm to which men may think they have attained and about which they console themselves, thinking they are holier than the rest. I am speaking of a realm which is in truth the realm of God, the realm of the heavenlies, and the realm of the kingdom. Furthermore I am convinced that many are due to attain to the glory of that new realm now while the rest of mankind and the rest of the Christians go on as usual in the old realm and on the old planes.

I am very sure that many who are reading these lines have experienced in truth that the present age with all it holds is slipping away. It is not only passing away in general but it is falling away from you personally and in particular. The things you once loved have become a bore to you. The things you rejoiced in have become old and sour and a heaviness to your spirit. The glamour of crowds and meetings, preachers and programs, has passed away and you are hard pressed to be interested in them any more. You find yourself losing interest in money and bank accounts, in the temporal progress of this age, and in many other things you formerly held dear. All this change is of God, and He is preparing His people for the glory of a new realm. He that has wrought us for this change is God, who has given us the Spirit as a guarantee. (2 Cor. 5:5) See also Phillip’s translation.

Now there is no use whatever in a man’s trying to imitate Jesus. The world is full of imitators and copy-cats who never rise beyond imitation. But Jesus Christ was a Son of God, the Son of God, who, while He walked the lowly earth in the likeness of men and in the fashion of men, yet lived in a realm unknown to men, unfamiliar to men, and independent of men. Though He lived on earth in flesh, yet He dwelt in heaven in Spirit and was able to say, “No man hath ascended to heaven but He that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven.” Paul taught us that our citizenship is in heaven, but I fear we have forgotten that we may freely walk in that realm as citizens, and have chosen rather to build our kingdoms and glories here as citizens of this present world system.

We can see and point out some very important examples of Christ’s heavenly citizenship which show us as nothing else can that all the time of His earthly ministry He lived and moved on the plane of a son of God. He lived in higher realm. He lived in the realm He preached about, even the realm of the kingdom of God. We cannot be too emphatic in saying that the glory of the realm of the kingdom of God cannot in any way be compared to the purely earthly realm that is part and parcel of the dispensation of the grace of God. While eternity’s praise is not enough to extol the grace of God, we must admit that the age itself has been very human and lacking in the glory, government, judgment, justice, and power of God and filled with human ways and human ideas, a thousand divisions, and much sin. When Jesus was here, He lived and moved in the realm of the kingdom which He preached, and I would like you to see that in every respect and in every phase of His life He proved Himself to be living in the realm of the kingdom and totally independent of every part Of this world’s system.

Let us notice first that He was completely independent of that one thing to which we are always in bondage-money, the currency of this world system. I often wondered why it was that, though Jesus knew that Judas was thief, He allowed him to carry the money bag and, though He knew Judas was stealing the money, He said nothing about it. Now I know it is wrong to steal, but the point we should see is that in the realm where Jesus actually lived He did not need money and did not care whether there was any money in the bag or not. He was no more in need of money than a robin, an eagle, or an angel. He lived in a realm where God was all in all and everything belonged to Him. It was a realm higher than the realm of men. Judas by his thefts was trying to lay by in store for this realm, but Jesus was not living in this realm nor for it, but independent of it and far above it in the realm of the kingdom.

Again I have wondered why it was that at one time Jesus sent His disciples out to preach the message of the kingdom without scrip and without purse, without two coats and without a sword, but later on He said, “When I sent you out without purse and scrip and shoes, lacked ye anything? And they said, Nothing.” Then He said, “But now he that hath a purse let him take it and likewise his scrip; and he that hath no sword let him sell his garment and buy one.” (Luke 22:35,36) what was the difference? Why did He tell them to do one thing one time and another thing later on? The difference is just this: When He sent them out at first, they were sent out to proclaim the kingdom, a realm beyond the bondage of this age, but when they were sent forth the second time, they were being prepared to preach the gospel of this age, which is the gospel of grace, a very inferior gospel and a very inferior age in which they would have to depend on purse, scrip’s, and other earthly things. When for us He laid down His own life, did He not rise again the third day and ascend up to heaven in the sight of His people? He lived in a different realm. He lived in the realm of the kingdom which He preached, which He will soon come to establish, and of which you and I are to be a part.

There is abundant evidence both in the spirit and in the natural that we are at the very doors of a new age, even the kingdom age. We are without doubt going to be called upon to relinquish our hold on all the things of this age–our striving for comfort and ease, our security for old age, and all the other things that make us conformists to this present world system. Not only are we going to be called upon to relinquish our hold upon natural things, but we are going to have to bid farewell to all the systems of a Babylonish church order. Let us not forget that the kingdom which Christ and the apostles proclaimed is still ahead of us, and it is into the glory of this kingdom with all its freedom of earthly systems that we are now about to come.

Then again, when Jesus fed the five thousand, did He enquire of Judas whether or not there was enough money in the purse to buy food for the crowd? Positively not! Without a thought of money He provided food in the wilderness from the super-abundance of the resources of the kingdom in which He lived. And when one day at the wayside well He requested water of a Samaritan woman while His disciples had gone away to buy food, He Himself gave water to the woman, water of which if anyone drink, he shall never thirst again, but the water should be in him a well of water springing up unto eternal life. When at last His disciples came with the food they had bought with money from the bag, He would not eat, but said, “I have meat to eat that ye know not of.” Neither food nor drink nor money was any consideration to Him, for He dwelt in a realm superior to our realm, even a realm which He is now preparing us to enter.

In the realm of the kingdom where Jesus dwelt, He proved that He was not in bondage to taxes nor in straits to pay them. Taxation has been a bondage to the nations of all ages and in our day has become a relentless epidemic that will as readily rob you of the hopes of a life-time as a thief will rob you of your wealth or a cancer will rob you of your life. Yet Jesus was not in bondage to Roman taxation, first because He said, “Then are the children free, ” and the second because the taxes He paid He did not owe, but He paid them from the boundless resources of the kingdom of which He was a part. See Matt. 17:24-27.

But money and taxes are not the only bondages of this present age. With a little thought it will become plain that every modern convenience which is invented to make life easier brings us further into bondage until the whole civilized world staggers beneath the load of increasing debt and mounting usury.

Jesus was not in bondage to methods of travel. While He rode in a boat, He showed His power over the waves by walking upon their watery fields, and when He came into the little ship, both ship and passengers were immediately at the other side of the lake. He was not in bondage to the methods of learning common to this age, for He knew letters, never having learned, and amazed the doctors and lawyers with His questions and answers. He was never in bondage to houses or places to live. He was never sick or hurt and, when it came to death, He laid down His life voluntarily that He might take it again.

The things of which we have spoken show only one side of the picture of His life, for though He proved He was not in bondage to anything in this age, He also proved time and again that He was in absolute contact with God and that He lived and moved and had His being in the realm of the kingdom of heaven. Did not the heavens open at His baptism? Did not an audible voice speak to Him from heaven? Did not angels minister unto Him in the wilderness? Did He not talk to Moses and Elijah in the transfiguration and make His enemies fall flat on their backs at a mere word? John 18:6. Did He not heal all sick that came to Him without ever a failure, and raise dead men back to life, rolling away grave stones and stopping funeral processions?

In my heart I am sure that the curtain is ringing down on the church age. Paul’s gospel of grace has run its course and fulfilled its mission in the same manner as the gospel of Moses ended with the coming of Christ. There is to be a rising into the heavenly realms in the end of this age, an invasion of the realms of principalities and powers. They will be cast down to the earth and will have much wrath because of the shortness of their time. Even now men and woman are rising into those new realms and the satanic hosts are filtering down nearer and nearer to the earth. Soon the world will be utterly filled with their delusions. The union of spiritual and political Babylon will take place very rapidly, for they already have much in common. The tribulation will soon be over and the kingdom will be here.

There is a change taking place in the hearts of the elect of God. The mind of Christ is beginning to overtake us and when it does, immortality and eternal life will overtake us as well.

The ways of God have no end. He is inexhaustible. The darkness of one day grows into the glory and light of the next. The cold of winter loosens her frigid grip so that from her icy storehouses waters flow to form the sparkling pools from whose bosom vapors rise to realms celestial to fall again in snow and rain like unto the living Word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God to accomplish that which He pleases. The feeble caterpillar which crawls along the ground, trod upon by the foot of man, is destined to flit on starry wings in a heavenly atmosphere no longer hampered by terrestrial things but transformed as though by God’s Spirit from a creature of dust and gluttony to one which has put on a somewhat heavenly tabernacle. In like manner God hath made man a little lower than the angels that he might suffer death, and, being thus proved, that He might crown him with glory and honor in heavenly realms of the Spirit and place him over the work of His (God’s) hands forever.

Let heaven and earth be called to witness the infinite love God bestowed upon us when He made known to us the secret of His will, His will being that in the dispensation of the fullness of times He would gather into Himself all things in heaven and earth. The promise that we should be heirs of the world is left to man, for when God put all things under him (man). He left nothing that is not put under him. As yet we do not see all things under man. But what do we see? We see Jesus Christ, the great Head of the body, the firstborn Son in this vast family of sons. We see Him already far above all principality and power and might and dominion and every name that is named, not only in this world (age) but also in the world (age) to come. Where He sits we shall also sit after our testing and preparation is complete. Therefore take courage in seeing Jesus, for where He sits we shall also sit in the near future.

































THAT I MAY ATTAIN [George R. Hawtin]          1


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