JULY 10, 2005

My dear lovely friend,

Now you see why I so know who you are.  It is there as you precious one.  It is of course not my earthly perception, but that which has come by Spirit that causes me to know you as the highest.

You are reserved unto Heavenly existence here in earth, being blessed minutely now and forever.

Never mind the future, for all that He Is, is now come for your admiration and experience; your life.  Love has covered all misunderstandings to those who receive Him.

Much is appointed to you, as you know, and it does include peace, joy, and righteousness in this very life.  I see your longing fulfilled and your abundance overflowing. Nothing holds it back.

What do you feel is come to you now?  Absolutely, He That Is Perfect.

For in perfection is fullness of joy.

You have a whole cheering section in this heaven.

The perfect man, the dweller in earth; God manifest, walking; the same One Who was never separate. nor may never be separate from God or man.  He is our body, and He was our body, our great Father revealed as manifest Spirit.

Deborah, Jesus is our head as visible man.  He is our body as well. Without the body of Jesus, we cannot be both God and man, or God as man.  He is the only begotten, the One Who has received all honor.  There is only One, and that is why walking on earth,  He is perfect.

I know you are fully aware of this.

The meeting was perfect as well in love, for love is the finished work, mercy fully extended and overriding all lack of understanding.  Love has conquered all, and now we see face to face in rapturous glory without one exception in all the earth.

 Who is able to deny that, “That Which Is Perfect Is Come?”  No teaching can ever change that, and can never bring exception to the fact that He Is now come.  It is finished.  The man of God is come in all that He Is.  Hallelujah!!!!!!

Jim Crofford



I am finally getting it!  I am becoming aware of the ONE ETERNAL DAY… the REALITY OF LIFE, it seems that my attention span for anything else is diminishing. 

 I am keenly aware of those I know in this place, in the purity of Love, by Spirit alone.  We are joining together as ONE, and our Life is now by the Spirit.  I revere and honor you.

So many things, in the past, have demanded my attention – the earthly “issues” and even problems.  These things have not necessarily changed, but they are now but a vapor.  There is no place in my focus for an “issue” or a “problem.”  Darkness cannot be relegated to a corner of the Light.

To some, this Finished Work of Christ is a doctrine to be embraced, argued, received, rejected, etc.  I will not contend.  To me, this FINISHED WORK has become my ESSENCE OF BEING.  I find myself having walked through the Door called the Cross.  The death of my self is complete and there is no individual life for me outside the Spirit of LIFE – the LIGHT I am.  My crucifixion was in Christ, and whatever I perceive outside the Law of the Spirit of Life, is nothing but my illusion, based on programming from the religious mindset I had embraced as truth. And there, I had an expectation of us.

I write this, submitting to you, as witnesses of my heart – I submit that my own perfection has come in the Father.  As He is, I am.  There is nothing but Light and there is no darkness at all.  No limitation, and full submission to the Holy Spirit, my Oneness in Father.  I heard it clearly 3 nights ago – The measure that I accept my own perfection is the measure that I am able to expand in Life and Love.  My perfection makes way for the unlimited, and perceives no need to grasp at a thing.  My awareness is released into the purity of I AM.  There is nothing to do.

This LIGHT is Substance of Love.  And this I Am.  Oh Hallelujah!!!  I see it.  I feel it!  I am consumed in my thoughts by Love toward you and toward all Creation, and it is true! -Creation is hearing My Voice!!  Thank you dear Georgia, for that song that resonates within me!!  I see them – the lame are leaping, the deaf are hearing, the blind are seeing..   everything under the earth, in the earth, above the earth – Creation is hearing my voice.  And waking to I Am-Love.

I heard a word last night just before I closed my eyes to sleep.  We have read:

                    “The lion shall lie with the lamb.” 

I saw it differently last night.  The lion is submitted into the Lamb.  The LAMB IS THE LIGHT.  The Lion is lying down INSIDE the Lamb.  The Lion is a Voice, but the Lamb is the Light.  There is no more war in all my holy mountain.  No resistance.  No dissention.  It is only Light that does not contend with the darkness – there is no need.

Behold the Lamb of God or the “God-Lamb” – taking away – removing from all remembrance – our earth-bound consciousness.  We are truly ascending and descending as the angels to the man, Jacob.  And each time we descend there is a greater awareness of Light being brought into Creation.  We bear a Blessing – The Name, transcending all other names.

Transformation has come



THAT WHICH IS PERFECT IS COME [Jim-Melba Crofford]   7-10-05       1


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