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The Perception of Self

The Addiction to Physicality

The Purpose of Being Physical

The Purpose of the Father

Creating the Image of God

Being Lost and Being Saved

Redemption: How Great Is the Plan?

The Time Is at Hand


Understanding and Experience

Belief Systems

Holy Scriptures

The All



The Other

Love: Recreating Myself

The Substance of the “Other’

The Valley of Shadows

Remembering the Beginning

The Visible and the Invisible

Reality Exist In Level

The Pain of Separation

The Body: Materialized Separation

Seeing Our Beginning

Separate and Apart

Do This in Remembrance of Me

Jesus, The Redeemer

The Grand Finale













What a wonderful “thing” this human body is. Many of the mechanical devices that man has produced astound us. Speed, accuracy, distance and power have all been magnificently enhanced in the faculties of man by his technology, but no one single thing or even all the various machines together even begin to equal the beautiful complexity of man himself. Man’s ability to experience relationship with others of his kind as well as other living creatures; his ability to connect with the unseen world, the other dimensions of reality. The wonder of knowing, of hearing, from God, the great source and completion of his own being. Words most surely are very limited and limiting tools to convey the sense of awe and wonder we experience when we allow ourselves to consider this thought, “Who is Man?”


Traditionally we talk about man in three separate parts: body, mind and spirit. Usually we think of man as a physical being having a mind and a spirit part, which many refer to as the soul, the part that lives on after death. The reason we think this way is because in our belief system or if you like, in our perceptions we think of ourselves as “physical.” We encourage this perception of “self” as a physical being from the very earliest of our experience in this physical plane. When a newborn arrives, the first thing we proclaim to it is its gender, determined by the appearance of its genitalia. As soon as possible we begin to decide which side of the family dominates, judged of course by appearance. We say: “Wow she looks just like his dad.” Why do we do this? It is because our perception of self is almost totally locked into this space-time frame of our existence.


This totally consuming invasion in our consciousness of this awareness of our SELF as being PHYSICAL can only be likened to an addiction. An addiction in the same way as an alcoholic or heroin addict is. The total, continual, all consuming desire that determines all their activity is the need to get alcohol or drugs. The value of any persons and events in their space is determined only by one thought, “Will it help me get more alcohol or drugs?” In a similar way, our addiction to this sense of being a physical being makes us to see everything that comes into our awareness in terms of the way it can be made to serve this physical existence. This awareness of the self as a physical being is called the EGO by modern psychology. The power of this perception is so great that it causes us to image all of reality in terms of this physical existence. This is the awareness that Jesus was speaking of when he told his disciples to “hate” their own “self” in order to be a follower of Him.


This level of reality we call physical is purposed and created to enable spiritual beings to intensely experience their state of being. We realize that whatever you concentrate your thought towards immediately begins to be created in your life. Circumstances apparently beyond your control work together to cause certain situations you suddenly find yourself in. If you could see all the interconnectedness of those seemingly separate events you would realize that you truly are the creator of your own life. There are other, perhaps larger aspects of our lives that are being created out of the total effect of man’s consciousness and the overriding eternal purpose of the Father in all the realms. Yet, you are a participant in those unfolding affairs simply by virtue of the fact that you are human. The balance between these major factors that are creating the situations of your life is determined by the level of spiritual awareness in which you live. It is determined by the degree of choice that you exercise in the experience of your humanity and both of these in turn are possible to you because of the kind of incarnate species of being that you are. All “humans” are not the same “human.” Not all come for the same purpose, not all come for the same plan but all are loved of the Father and cared for by the higher realms. When the scripture declares that some are born of the will of the flesh, some of the will of man and still others of the will of God it clearly illustrates this matter. Negatively spoken, as it pertains to creating the circumstances of your life, it is affected by the degree of denial you are in about the truth of who you are.

Clearly, as you are creating situations in your life that enable you to experience certain attitudes and feelings, other spiritual beings, in bodies or not so, are able to observe you in the manifestation of these. They too, like yourself are therefore able to EXPERIENCE through you, much in the way you do when watching a movie.

This whole realm of the physical is seen to be a wonderful, redeeming, opportunity for all kinds of experiences.


Have you ever carefully read John 3:16? As many times as we have quoted it with Billy Graham and all the other evangelists you would think the truth of it should have been ours a long time ago! It reads that God so loved the COSMOS, translated as “world.” It is better translated as “his orderly arrangement of things.” Clearly this “orderly arrangement” was originally ordered to a specific purpose. This purpose is clearly taught in all the scriptures to be this: Man is the tabernacling of God. Notice that I did not say: Man is the tabernacle of God. What is the difference here? Man can certainly be said to be the tabernacle of God as long as you think of God as something different from man, something that dwells inside of man. It all has to do with your perception of the SELF. So, we are not incorrect to say that man is the temple God, but it shows where our “heavenly level” is. We are thinking in physical terms about man. Now, if we say that man is the “tabernacling” of God we are speaking of something that God is doing, a way that he exists, and a way that He lives in this plane of reality. We are speaking not so much of an object called “man” but a perception of who he is. We are speaking of the manner in which “God” and “Man” are the same, their ONENESS.


As long as man thinks of himself as a physical being, he must remain separate from God for he will perceive God as a being other than himself in a space other than where he himself is. Does this mean that I say man is not a physical being? No, clearly not so. What I do say is that your physicality cannot hold the DEFINITION OF YOUR BEING. Let me illustrate. When a young woman becomes pregnant, everything in her begins to change. The only thing she is interested in is baby clothes, pink or blue, and getting the baby’s new room finished. The topic of conversation, the feelings and movement in her body, her state of mind her emotions and last but hardly least, her food cravings, all are directly related to this operative definition of herself: I AM A MOTHER! Sometimes when a women leaves child-bearing age, she is suddenly hit with a terrible empty feeling, a feeling that she has no purpose for living even though she still has a family to care for. The thought that her womb may never be filled again leaves her depressed and disconsolate. Why? These feelings are the withdrawal symptoms similar to those people experience when they quit smoking. The hands just have to hold a cigarette. The body craves for the effect of the nicotine. What do motherhood (so excellent and wonderful a state of body and mind!) and nicotine addiction have in common? They both focus your sense of identity, physically and psychologically; they can both produce withdrawal symptoms. In the case of the cigarettes, the addiction is primarily a chemical condition in the physical body; in the case of motherhood, it is a psychological state. A psychological state is both physical and emotional and even spiritual in the sense that it can restrict spiritual awareness. When something obsesses you, holds the definition of your being inordinately, everything in your space takes on emotional and spiritual value in accordance with that obsession. Your view of reality is distorted; all of reality is seen in terms of the values of that definition you hold yourself to be. And, just like an addict, there is no way out, he needs redemption, he needs help and so does mankind.


There are a number of parables in the scriptures that talk about things that are lost. There is a lost coin, a lost sheep and a lost son. Traditionally we have thought that Jesus was telling us something about man, that is, man is lost. The intended message, according to a religious view, is: “Man, you are LOST!” But it is clear in the parables that the one who is concerned is the person who lost something. The woman who lost the coin swept her whole house until she found it. The shepherd left the ninety and nine to look for the one. The Father, when the son was yet a long way off, ran out to meet him, killed the fatted calf and would hear no explanations, all for the joy of “My son which was lost” having been “found.” Clearly the message is not that you are lost, it is “Man, you are greatly loved and sought after!”

Why is he sought after? What is he “lost” to? He is lost to that from which he came; he is lost to the truth of his being. He is lost in a false definition of the SELF, away from his true SELF. He is lost in the desert of his own thinking away from the realms of truth and light that constitute his true home. In short, he is lost from the true awareness of himself which is his eternal home, the FATHER OF LIGHT.

Who then is seeking him? Whoever it is that he belongs to – the realms of light and glory and all the spirituals that abide there. The higher definition of SELF that is in those higher heavens! Most of all the one that was sent to save and redeem him. The one consciousness that took on man’s form and became like him to show man the truth if his being: Christ Jesus.

The truth that is emphasized in these parables is the truth of the great love that exists in the higher dimensions for man. Man’s lost condition is his disconnectedness from those higher dimensions and the greater truth of his own being that is kept there in reserve for him. All of man’s lost condition can be focused in this one thought: Man is not aware of his oneness with the whole, his oneness with God. How is man to be redeemed? How is he to be brought back to the greater knowing of himself? How is he to be reconnected with his true self, hidden from him in those greater realms of light and glory? That is the plan of salvation of the ages that is the plan and purpose of the Father. That is the redemption of Jesus Christ.


The great jubilee cycles of the redemptive plan are coming to a climactic crescendo! Freedom and liberty for the people of Israel is not only a private celebration of a racial group, it is the resounding announcement that the barriers are down, the gates are open, man and all the levels of intelligence connected with him, is now officially being reconnected with the original life and spiritual flow that once defined his very being. The great salvation of Jesus Christ is not about a chosen people that fulfill their destiny. It is that, but it is more than that. It is a grand new connectedness restored to the man that came in the beginning, the collective redeemer that is to bring ALL THINGS back to the Father. Adam, the eternal son coming home, reconnecting him to the higher realms and the love and light that will let him remember the truth of his being. The purpose of the journey. The plan of the FATHER.


What is it that brings the freedom to experience this open door, this wall that is broken down? It is knowledge, awareness of truth, gained through experience. Since the power of sin has been broken, and man is no longer bound by the addiction to that lower physical awareness of self. Man is free to experience the truth of who he is: An image reflected in his very experience of life in the physical body. What was once a totally debilitating addiction is now a precious, most wonderful opportunity to rise through levels of awareness and reconnect with the greater knowing that constitutes our true definition of self. As man is restored to the greater truth of his being, that is, seeing himself and his fellow as the tabernacling of deity, then the great metaphors of the physical experience of living become as a book of life written in flesh and read with all the perceptive powers of man showing forth the glory of the eternal Father revealed through man. All the spirituals and all ages are gathered to behold the great breaking forth in the consciousness of man as he awakens from the sleep of ages, the sleep of lost awareness, and steps forth on the platform of time and space prepared for him. All the creation will plainly see the great love of the Father manifested in this collective man…..Those of you that are tuned in to the worlds that lie beyond the five senses of man know that the things of which I speak are not things that are going to happen, they are happening! Now! Here! We are the unfolding of the great redemptive plan of the Father. Let the joy of this knowing wipe away the last teardrops of separation and pain as we touch one another and feel the flowing of eternal life that is now, again, the flowing of our being together as it once always was.



As wonderful as the human mind is, it has severe limitations. It cannot truly comprehend the truth of our being. In fact, it cannot perceive reality in its brighter, greater dimensions. For example, science has established that the physical universe, this time-space dimension, has a beginning. Most of us have always thought that way, especially if we were brought up to read the scriptures, which begin by saying: In the beginning God created… However, scientists like Einstein believe matter to be eternal with no beginning or ending. The reason that the idea of a beginning for time is so painful to a mind-orientated person is because the mind wants to ask this question: What was happening a microsecond before time began?


In the light of this question, which really defines a border in the limitations of logical thinking, it is a wonderful relief to realize that you do not have to “understand” in order to have an “experience.” You are definitely more than a thinking, logical mind. Yet in order for us to live in and with our experience, we do need to continually create order in, and of, our experience. This, the mind can do. When we create patterns in our information, in our data banks gained through experience, we call it “understanding.” So it is that one cannot ever “explain” your experience to another, you can at best “share” your experience. The person to whom you are relating can only claim to understand if they too have had a similar or parallel experience. Could you ever explain what LOVE is to someone who has not experienced it? Or could you describe the color BLUE to a blind person?


How do we describe our experience of God? We do it, in part, by creating a systematic set of thought patterns, doctrines, or teachings. These become our belief system along with certain key words and phrases. I am personally persuaded that belief systems are very important in our evolutionary path of spiritual unfolding. When I came to what I call my first experience with God, someone taught me a framework of thinking in which I could learn to live with my new experience. It also helped me to relate with others who were on the same path with me. It gave me language to talk about my experience. I could pray in a way that others could understand. Thankfully, in the experience of tongues, I could also communicate in prayer in a way that was not limited by my mind and understanding. From the very first, I knew that my experience went beyond my understanding. However, the perceptions and understandings of the mind are like a skin to a snake. If the snake wants to keep on living he needs to keep changing his skin. They are also like the bowl in which you might keep a goldfish. If you don’t put it in a larger bowl from time to time it will never reach its full size.

Here comes the crunch. You might think, because all belief systems are needed but can hinder greater unfolding, that therefore no belief system is really “true” or “false.” It is my persuasion and experience that not all belief systems are the same or equally true. All belief systems use the metaphors of human experience as their foundation. Most are the creations of man’s limited intellect to make sense of his experience, of his spiritual realities; while some understandings are created and given by the higher realms to help man in his unfolding, they are divinely inspired.


In one of Paul’s letters he states that, “All scriptures are given by inspiration.” Here is a statement that illustrates the thought that some belief systems are given from God to help man. In the orthodox churches, we have incorporated that thought in a belief system created by man. It is called the infallibility of the Holy Scriptures. By this many of us have taught or, at least, we have been taught that the King James Version of the scriptures is letter perfectly inspired by God. The truth here has to do with letter by letter breathed inspiration of the original text of the five books of Moses, the TORAH. Have you seen the program on TV lately that shows how computers have been used to show some very astounding ways in which the sacred text of the TORAH showed certain historical events thousands of years before they even occurred or the words even existed to describe them?

My reason for introducing some of these thoughts about the mind and the role it plays in our progression into the truth is that I want to present you with an idea. I will leave it to you to decide whether this idea is God-breathed or a whim of an overstretched imagination. Whichever it is, you need not fear it. The least it will do is expand the borders of your thinking. If there is nothing in your divine knowing that enables you to relate with it then you can use it negatively to confirm whatever you already believe.


Let us go back in time to a point before time began. Before there was space, stars, galaxies or any created thing. Now let us represent all that was as a circle. This circle contains in it all that is. Nothing exists outside this circle. What name shall we give to this that is all of reality? Obviously, we shall call it the “ALL.”

Now, evidently, this that is ALL knows no-thing apart from itself. It also knows every part of itself, there are no separate parts, and there are no boundaries. There is only the WHOLE and the whole is ONE. The All is ONE and the ONE is All. We could choose to call this total reality the ALL-ONE.


This wholeness of the ALL is what the scriptures mean when it speaks of holiness. Without this holiness, or this awareness of the whole and the one, no man can have a true awareness of God, or no man can “see” God.


The word in the English language that came from this thought of all-there-is-is-the-one is of course the word ALONE. Who among us has not experienced being alone?

If you can, go back to a time in your experience to a point when you thought you were totally contained in your physical body. Probably back in your early childhood. Maybe your parents drove away and left you at a filling station. Perhaps they left you where there was nobody to comfort you. No doubt you woke up, much later in life to the realization that no other human being is really ever able to truly know you and understand you, really know how you feel or think. You found out that in the human experience, lost in separation, every man is ALONE. Every man is in darkness.

Alone-ness in the human experience is the negated awareness of the ALL-ONE.


Let us imagine the thought that this ALL-ONE considered its all-one-ness, or its aloneness, and conceived a thought it had never imagined. It may be hard for you to consider that God might have a thought he has never had before. It does not fit the stereo type image, does it?

Yet you really do not have to stretch your imagination too much, for you, in your present experience, are always reaching for greater thoughts, a greater conceiving of your SELF in reality, new ideas. This new thought, this totally new awareness, never considered before, is this: What if there was an other “one”?

What if there could be an OTHER? One I could fellowship? One who could understand me? One I could share my being with? One with whom I could create a newness? One in whom I could conceive myself over again?

Don’t these thoughts seem familiar to you? These feelings, these desires described here, are they not the deepest longings of the human experience? Are they not the feelings of first love? Is it possible that the whole of our human experience is the “wrapping up” of God that allows him to have these feelings expressed in this level of reality?


These feelings are the highest aspirations of our being. Not only to create physical houses and physical children, but the creation of an eternal habitation from union with an other. A place, a realm of spirit, in which to know myself. A body of people in which to re-create my own being in greater light and understanding. This is the essence of CHRIST and the CHURCH. The bridegroom and the bride, all that makes life beautiful and worthwhile.


In our experience in this space-time realm, everything that is, is made of something, some material. So, since it is written that man was formed from the dust of the earth, we assumed that we were earths, physical bodies. Yet we know we are much more than physical. We continue after the physical body dies. Is it such a terrible stretch of our imagination to realize that the reason we are more than physical is because we were created before we were physical? In fact, we existed before there was space and time, or to say it more distinctly, we exist beyond this three dimensional realm of our sense perception.


Where is this “OTHER” to be formed? Of what substance shall I create that other ONE? What shall be the essence of its reality?

How can I separate it from myself when it can never be anything other than me for I am all there is?

The only way to experience myself as the OTHER is to allow another reality to be formed; one in which opposites can exist together. Hot and cold, high and low, love and hate. I will create this illusionary reality within myself, I shall speak a WORD and this WORD shall uphold all things created and all things formed to bring forth the possibility of UNION. The bringing together of opposites, of the MALE and the FEMALE. I shall take of my own substance, brought forth out of myself, as a Son comes from his Father, and I shall lower it and bring him into the formed world, there to begin the long journey that there might be an OTHER.

So out of the ALL-ONE and still contained within it, made of the same substance, yet beginning a new path, a path towards a new consciousness, a path through separation and duality, a path towards the experience of an OTHER. So it is written in the first verse of what we call the New Testament:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by Him and without Him was not anything made that was made. In Him was life and the life was the light of men. …And the Word became flesh…


We cannot even remember our experience of being born into this present world. How can we expect to remember our beginnings in the womb of creation, in the beginning from the ALL? Science tells us that there is a chemical secreted in the brain of the newborn infant that blocks all prenatal memory. In a few individuals, this anesthesia is not total. They do recall thoughts the mother had about them while they were in the womb, some thoughts not so pleasant, thoughts of rejection. Is there something that happened to us that caused us to forget our former knowings? Forgetting a former state of existence, a more glorious condition not in this dense physical plane but in realms of light?

Jesus not only bore our separation to the tree of a Roman crucifixion, but he also carried the pain of our separation in the tree of his humanity, the mind-body connection. He prayed to his Father: “Clothe me with the glory I had with Thee before the world.”

And the disciples saw him transfigured, saw him in a glorious body of light. A light brighter than the noonday sun! Where is home? Is it in some distant galaxy or some heaven in space and time? What if you did come from Orion or the Pleiades? Will knowing that alone bring you home? Of course not. Your origin, your beginning, is in the Father of Light, you’re true home in another state of awareness, a greater consciousness, the fullness of God.

Did you see the news picture of the jetliner that crashed and was totally re-constructed in a huge hanger? The investigating authorities wanted to know what caused the crash. What actually happened to make that great airplane crash from the skies? That’s the question to which they seek an answer. How shall we remember our beginnings? In the same way as the truth of the airline crash can be “remembered” by re-constructing the plane so we can remember the place from which we have come by looking at the wreckage” of our human experience. Even though it seems that we cannot actually go back to re-experience the crash, or the beginning, we can see in our present experience the results of events in the past and so understand what happened.


Jesus said to his disciples that the Holy Spirit would bring all things back to their remembrance. What did he mean by “all things”? Clearly all the things we have written in the gospels, all the things he said to them and they experienced with him. So today, we have the record of those parables, conversations and events that are and have been of such inestimable worth to bring us to this present place in the divine plan. Are we not free to realize that the spirit can give you a perfect memory of an event and the exact words spoken in another time frame? Or, that the same spirit can illuminate our minds and our conscious mind, to paint pictures and give words to give us a true understanding of our beginnings?

In the same way as the investigators re-construct past events in the present experience, so the Holy Spirit shines the light of understanding through our physical experience to understand our beginnings. Where else could the key to our knowing lie except in the here and the now?

The whole of our experience in the realm of time and space is actually a repeating cycle of all the events that have brought us here. Our daily experience, meeting people, doing the things we do, they hold the key for us to open the door of understanding.

Looking at the picture of our three-dimensional experience is a little like looking at a negative of a black and white photograph. First you must hold it up to the light. Then in the mind’s eye you must reverse everything. Black is white and white is black. If we as human beings, caught in the sense experience, will allow ourselves to be converted, that is, be reversed in our perception of things, be aware that we understand everything backwards, and let the light shine through our experience, WE WILL KNOW THE TRUTH and knowing the TRUTH will set us free.

The invisible things that we really are can be seen by looking through the visible things that seem to be.


A glass full of dirt and water, when shaken and allowed to settle, will settle out in layers. The course particles settle out first at the bottom, the finest last at the top. You will see distinct layers or levels. Reality, as we experience it, exists in levels or dimensions. Man has descended through these layers to this present, dense, physical experience. Each layer we have descended through repeats, in successively lower vibration ,the truth and reality of the previous layer and layers. Reality is truly ONE; there is a perfect record of all that is. Only to us making the great journey through separation, reality is separate and divided.


Let us return now to the original thought: the desire of the ONE to experience the OTHER. Taking a part of myself, allowing it to go into a deep sleep of forgetting, a forgetting of my ONENESS.

The beginning of the thought that I am separate from the whole, the beginning of a thought that must eventually end up in the false notion that this separate “I” has an existence separate and APART FROM THE ONE. Even to the point that millions of particular expressions of this separated self can logically entertain the thought that there is no God. Separation is complete in our day of science and technology.


This false thought is seeking an expression, a garment to wear a body to realize it in. This thought is become flesh in the physical body of man. This is the root understanding of what the human self or the human ego is. The physical body of man is the materialized form of the separate self. This is the end of the long journey; this is, the place where the OTHER is fully realized and the eternal purpose of the ages is climaxed in our understanding in this hour.

This is also the full understanding why Jesus came: to seek and to save that which was lost. Jesus is the savior of the body, the physical body, because this understanding will give you the power to be released from the false images that locked you into flesh consciousness. He is also the savior of the body of consciousness because true awareness has taken away the veil that separated us from the greater knowings that is our true home, the ONE, the ALL. That is from whom we came. That is where we are returning. That is who we truly are.

As we are released from the bondage to corruptibility, the place where the OTHER was conceived, as we put away the imperfect limiting thoughts of the three dimensional self and begin the ascending path to wholeness, we bring with us the great prize of the journey, the ability to experience, to be, the OTHER ONE. The ONE now capable of UNION. All that the journey is and has taught us will abide forever, a new creation, a city of light, and a civilization without death or sorrow.


How does our present experience, the experience of the sense realm, help us to see our beginnings? Let us look at what is recorded of our entrance into this realm: the story of Adam in the Garden. Adam was lowered, (“made subject to vanity”), through the various levels of reality to this present plane, the sense experience. One can see this in that it is written that Jesus, the second Adam, the one who called himself the “Son of Adam,” passed through all the heavens to return to the Father. Why? Because that is where he, the son of Adam, came from. Hence, the truth of your origin.

At a certain stage in this “being made subject to vanity,” Adam was still complete in himself. Androgynous. Both male and female, just like the ONE that he came from. In this place of awareness, Adam looks at the lesser creation around him and sees their duality; he sees them as male and female. Where is he looking? At his experience! What does he see?

He sees a truth of his own beginning, the desire of the ONE for the OTHER.

As this desire from the beginning is re-awakened in him, he begins to re-experience in this lower plane the truth of his own beginning. In the same way as he was separated from the ONE to begin the journey towards forming an OTHER, so a deep sleep falls upon him, a part of his own being is taken to form the womb-man or the woman. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God and the Word was with God. So they were, separate but together. Now he is two: male and female in separate forms, still possessing perfect light bodies to express and to know each other. No death, no separation, no sorrow. Yet also, no full and total experience of the OTHER.


And so the original desire was not filled. The yearning of the ONE for the OTHER was not consummated. In fact, it had only begun. The TWO were still ONE. Separate but not apart, there still was not ANOTHER for the ONE in realms of consciousness. How could this final lowering come about? Every being in the Father of Light is a sovereign Son. Only if he chooses separation could there truly be formed another ONE. So we see the magnificent story unfold in the book called “In a beginning.” First the feminine part is influenced towards another, seduced if you like. Do you think the male part knew? Of course it knew! They needed no language to communicate. They could not hide their thoughts from each other. They were bone of each others bone. They were the ONE. What one experienced the other could feel.


Then why did he allow the other part of himself to be influenced away from himself? What was it like to begin to feel separation? What were the first tremors of death and pain like? Why did he choose this road? It is written that he was not deceived.

He chose because he was allowed to remember his own beginning, the purpose of his conception. A flood of desire came over him reminding him of the grand purpose of the journey. He heard the voice whisper from deep inside: “This is why you have come; this is your purpose and destiny; this is how you were first separated from me. You are remembering my pain, the pain to be repeated through countless ages as parents bury their children in premature graves; the pain of every divorce and every child wanting to go its own way. Do this in remembrance of me!”

So Adam in his lowered experience repeated his own separation from the ONE. So also has every son of Adam recycled in his own experience, the experience of the race, some with a little awareness but most totally asleep to the greater truths of who they are. So also was Adam kind lowered into mortality, into the realm of the physical body, to truly express and experience separation.


Four thousand years later came the one who called himself the “Son of Man” because he is and was the visible expression of the truth of man, the incarnate image of who Adam really is. He said: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man cometh unto the Father but by me.” Jesus conquered over death because he brought the true understanding about death. It is written that the sins and iniquities of us all were laid upon him. He truly experienced in his own physical body, in his own consciousness, the true pain of hell when he cried out: “ELOI, ELOI, LAMA SABACHTANI?”

Which being translated means: “MY GOD, MY GOD, WHY HAST THOU FORSAKEN ME?”

Until that cry came from the lips of that representative man, we could not understand or even know our own death and separation. Hanging there crucified between heaven and earth on a wooden cross, just like mankind that he represented. Mankind crucified in time and space on their experience of mortality, victimized and powerless to complete the journey and return home to the realms of light from which they came, home to the Father.

The OTHER, now coming out of denial, truly looking at the physical body and what it really represents, the body of separation, the body of death, separation from his source, his origin. No longer blinding himself to his pain but allowing himself to feel it, know it, know the purpose and the cause of it. Realizing that separation has not been a horrible mistake but a purposeful chosen journey to become the “OTHER,” to complete the grand cosmic union, the consummation of the divine self.

How great a redemption has been wrought through the Lamb of Calvary, the cleansing, crimson flood of the divine-human life that was emptied out that all might return to the WHOLE, the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.


Now we shall experience grand exhilarating floods of joy, as earth graduates and the memory of the oneness returns, frames in the consciousness created through separation and death, the song of Moses and the Lamb, the song of the redeemed. The marriage of the Lamb has come. Waving palms and singing glad hosannas, the throngs of the redeemed will fill all heaven and earth with the joyful sounds of love and union the likes of which have never been heard in all the realms of the universe. All beings everywhere, beings of light, beings of darkness will hear the joyful strains as the bondage of the earth is loosed and somehow all will begin to know and understand the part they played, willingly or unwillingly, to complete the grand magnificent journey of the…”ALL-ONE”

“The journey is complete, we know, we understand, because we have experienced; we are home.”































THE ALL-ONE RAYS OF TRUTH NEWSLETTER No. 29 [Rokus den Hartog]          1


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