APRIL 17, 2005

It’s God’s Love that causes a wife to bake a cake for the family or to make a pretty bed for her room. It’s the Love of God that causes her to lift up her husband as she does his clothes. The very best she can do for her home comes from her Love, and the picture she makes comes from the God center of her heart while the Atonement always makes up the difference in what she desires and what she accomplishes. It’s Gods Love that initiates all her ways, and Grace fills to the utmost her doings. We all have the privilege of bathing ourselves in the Atonement.

It’s God’s Love that makes a bricklayer lay a perfect line or a carpenter measure an exact length. The same Love causes a gardener to design a beautiful yard. It’s Love that brings a driver to obey the common good of the road while Love makes up the vital difference. God’s Eyes That Perfect Atonement, His Grace originates our actions and finishes our visions no matter how faltering or beautiful our steps may be. Love Is The Beginning and The End of All That We Are.

Look at the Renaissance. Men gave themselves to God’s Loving Perfection and Beauty. They obeyed the very best their Spirit did bring forth. The

Atonement filled them, placing The Light of Perfection in and around the fulfillment of their hands.

(A Quick Lesson To This Writer)

Money appears very important in this present day, but more important is the beauty of what we produce to attain it. Therefore, we do our very best and highest in whatever we do as Grace makes up the difference. Often, we find ourselves praising aloud for the atonement. God Is In us as Love, and the money follows as needed. We do not chase after money, but fulfill The Love of God in our work. Then, the money chases us.

In Christ, we do our very highest toward our fellow man, making the most of what is set before us. Christ lightens our load in Grace. The very Light of My Heart causes me to please Christ in man, and we see Him As All in All. I recognize and salute You Here Risen Savior In All Creation.

We, perhaps have seen a natural world separate and apart from The World of Spirit, but now we see that The Atonement has made Us One. We are privileged to walk upon the waters of The All New Creation.

Utterly Blessed,


THE ATONEMENT MAKES UP THE DIFFERENCE [Jim-Melba Crofford] 4-27-05           1


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