“ To Him That Is Pure, All Things Are Pure ”


MAY 11, 2005

To see The God City, within, suspended above all heavens, having one Chair or Throne and 4 gates welcoming all hearts to come and go at will is like seeing a crystal clear bubble of pure Light. Nothing comes into or goes out of This Bubble City except perfection The One sitting in the chair sees, hears, and knows only Life, for Life Is All There Is to Him. He Is All Good, and there is nothing outside of Him. Only Our Father Is Good, and He Is All Good and All in All.

He Is  too Pure to behold Iniquity

He, Good, from His Place in a sanctified Bubble, Is seeing with clarity The Garden of Eternity, Pure and Holy, The picture of His own mind. From His eyes, flows a river of love, mercy and grace.

There Is None Good But The Father

Get used to My Abundance, He announces. Get used to All of Me. Get used to The Blood Washed New Creation. Get used to all things made new. There is a Place Prepared for you in Goods Chair, and here you understand Salvation. You understand Freedom Indeed, and begin to partake of your unlimited inheritance. You are without fear, set free from finding fault, delivered from judgment. You look through the glass of your bubble, and see only Life and joy and peace.

Likewise, you have something to acknowledge for all men, it being everlasting peace, joy, and righteousness. You have drunk The Blood of Purity, and eaten The Flesh of Capability. You have embraced My Friends, and have exacted no enemies. How exalted You Are in This Chair of Your Love as You taste the heartbeat of The Lamb. You have found Your Lifes Bubble. Nothing enters Your thoughts except Resurrection Life. Your City Is in order, swept clean, pure and Holy by Jesus as You see with The Eyes of God.

Its not by might, Its not by power, but by My ever flowing River of Life.

 The Voice you hear Is Holy , because you hear not in part. From This Great Bubble of Light, you only hear the Chimes of Glory, and only see The Light of God. Every face is radiant Christ, and every atom of creation is glistening white. The little child has awakened in The Arms of Father, and has said goodbye to separateness. Christ Himself has taken Your Life as His.



THE BUBBLE [Jim-Melba Crofford] 5-11-05          1


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