NOVEMBER 11, 2009

They are the called out; free from all appearances and circumstances; heirs of so great salvation through The One whose privilege it is to be Savior of all humanhood and essences.  They are the mercy alters of earth; friends of all; revealers of life substance, whether wheat or barley, or music, or laughter, etc.  They are the thunderous roar of resurrection, unable to be otherwise, captured in the ongoing wave of Divinity; straight from the Cross.  They are endless mercy and constant love; capable because He Is.

Yet, they cannot be singled out except by revelation from The Father; the untouchable body, dead to the old, but alive forevermore to the all new.

It is glorious to be completely free right now; satisfied with the very evident provision of life from on high?  It is not necessary to be concerned about the next hour or event because The Word of God has been shed abroad.  “I have come to give you abundant life.”   You could know that this is a final Word, never to be denied.  If God is not found right now, check and see if your plan is of yourself; clearly an idol, or if it is from on High.  He is at the helm, having made all crooked places straight.

Who are the called out; the elected by The Risen Son? They are the within, utterly subject to Father as perfectly submitted Children of God.  They have the mind of Christ because they have been redeemed from earthly reasoning, and earth’s ways.  They no longer have two lives; good and evil or even good and good.  They have exhausted their earlier plan and forsaken all through the appearing of the light of salvation and the one time sacrifice of The Lord Jesus Christ.  They are apprehended, not by their own volition, but because He Lives.  Because they have no agenda of their own, they are free to be the testimony of peace, joy and righteousness.  The Father moves and speaks, and so do they move and speak; having shaken loose the beggarly elements.

And so, the vibrant power of Presence surrounds them, no matter what they do or what they think or say, because they are alert to Him as the truth.  There has never been God separate from man, but just One new perfect Being in earth, always moving forward.  With single eye He is as pure as a baby’s heart.  The battle is over, and the time of waiting has been erased.  The Son is risen. There is the power of love from vessel to vessel bringing to light that which has always been.  (That which is described in Genesis One.)   

They gather in two’s and three’s as they recognize the seal of opportunity that is set before and now quickened within. “I shall not want has come to pass as every temporal desire is released, and Father’s will is recognized.  In their gathering, they behold the lion resting with the lamb as the lamb has conquered all resistance through peace. Together, they lie under the umbrella of eternal love, free from condemnation and judgment.  Thus, the Kingdom of God is revealed: Peace, Joy and Righteousness.

They are a launched feather in God’s wind, unable to fail.  Perfection is everything right now. He is the ongoing drama of life fully revealed and awake in His own.  Come with me to the river and let us gently float to wherever the river may run.

You and I are in the Shining Presence.  Hold me now and always, as I shall also hold you.  The end has come to gray matter, planning and struggle, as only the Light is seen instead of the problem.  More than ever, we see through the fog of separation into unconditional love through Jesus Our Life.


Jim & Darling Melba       




THE CALLED OUT [Jim-Melba Crofford] 11-11-09          1


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