AUGUST 1, 2008

You are My Flavor you know; one flavor among many, just as you are one mansion among many mansions.  Yes, you are the Center and the All of the entire creation; yet, displayed as many flavors or mansions. It is I to be seen and known in the warmth and essence of every man.  I have risen in many individual expressions to be One Great City.  It is The Heavenly City of Light, come down to earth.  There is no longer any separation in The One We Are.  Look and see My Righteous Presence.

I am ever present, vibrant and real.  Yes, My touch is true and elevating, My breath is Life, My face is seen upon all.  You are aware right now of the Father/Son relationship standing as One New Man; The All.   Everything is made clear now in this new day.  You are My Righteousness; My Love expressed, for You are LOVE PERSONIFIED.  Wherever I may be seen, and all places I am to the far reaches of heaven and earth, I am LOVE.  We have stepped over into the day of no fault or condemnation The New and Perfect Covenent;  you upon My Wings; We in Father Love.    

Will you say this with me?  “I am resurrection life.  I am all in all with My Father; yet, I bow to the Kingdom and Dominion of His Love. I see Me now, The One Life, exquisitely wonderful and real.”

The City descended is everlasting peace and joy.  It is My Domain, My Kingdom. It may be seen as Heaven in Earth by all men, even now as the Spirit of Truth.

You are blessed.

Love you



THE CITY DESCENDED [Jim-Melba Crofford] 8-1-08          1


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