1. Elohim, God of all the realms of space,

Creator Thou of heav’n and earth and sea,

Thy works proclaim Thy might in ev’ry place,

And praise Thy power and divinity.


2. Jehovah, Lord of all eonian time,

Thou art today, and wast, and art to be.

O name ineffable! A song sublime

Ascends from ev’ry era unto Thee.


3. El Shaddai, God Almighty, all sufficient,

Thou art full mindful of man’s mortal needs.

Thou dost inspire the hu-man heart deficient

To harp a hymn in honor of Thy deeds.


4. O Father! Hallowed be Thy name for aye!

Affection’s fount of life and light and love.

Earth with its highest note can ne’er assay

The tribute true which will be Thine above.


5. O Son of God! Effulgence of His glory,

His name and fame Thy life, Thy love, illumes.

His image Thou, the “Word” of sacred story,

Emblem of all the roles that He assumes.


6. Christ Jesus, Lord! To Thee we tune our praise,

Through Thee extol Thy God, to sense unknown.

Thru Thee to Him our an-them we would raise,

For all the grace and glory of His throne.


7. Creation all, attune your hearts in chorus;

Heaven and earth, abyss and sounding sea.

O laud His love that He has set before us,

So ev’ry sound shall swell the symphony.


Page 81, Scriptural Songs

©1930 Concordant Publishing Concern



THE CONCORDANT HYMN [Adolph E. Knoch] ~ SONG        1


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