JULY 11, 2007

There came a time when I discovered a bubble of pure Light; a dwelling place where there was nothing but Jesus The Christ. This obviously is home; everything that satisfies and is complete. It is Heaven in Earth in Me. I found it; The Kingdom of God, and it became clearly apparent when I read, “I Am The Lord Thy God, and beside Me there is none other.”

In my bubble, all is well. Here is peace and joy beyond measure because there are no opposing forces. Naturally, life is perfect in His Honor, Salvation, The Lamb of God, The Same Christ Jesus.

When He said, “Come unto Me and I will give you rest”, I discovered The Rest to be absolute. I discovered Him to be Lord of all. I also discovered He truly Is Resurrection, The One New Man; The Free Gift To Mankind. There Is Only One Man; Head and Body; The Dweller in righteousness of this new Heaven and Earth.

A translation of a sort, a new mind is given; an infinite Glory is come in His Name. There is no desire to return to any other dwelling place. Therefore, I will speak of this place that all men may see, know, and find. It is here, your own bubble. You may recognize He Is Come before your eyes, and may be seen in all men.

Jesus said, “You must not call Me good. There is none good but the Father.” This is a very essential statement. It indicates what Pure Righteous Godliness Is, and brings forth the understanding that Perfection Is Come As One New Man. This Perfection Is Christ In You, The Only Begotten, The Only Life There Is; The Resurrection; The One Whose Right It Is To Be.

I see you high and lifted up dear friend because He said, “If I be lifted up, I shall draw all men unto Me.” He Is That Which Is Perfect, and He Is You, Resurrected New Man.


JimMelba Crofford

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