MAY 19, 2006

In a recent letter from a dear friend, she made this statement:  “hope that He will continue to change my focus to be more intensely aware of Him in me, using me, but not displaying me.”  And it brings this fairly recent event to mind: 

We had an elderly lady visiting in our home.  She was sincere before God, wanting ever so much more of Him than she had thus-far experienced.  She was not educated – but her heart was so filled with desire for Him that we love.  We had recently had a couple of art pieces framed and had them displayed in our living area on two appropriately decorative easels.  The little lady asked me, “what do you call this?”  She was touching one of the easels.  I called it by name and shared some of the various uses for this type of facility.  But while I was speaking the natural explanation, Father was speaking in my hearing ear.  What He said was:  “Tell her she is an easel.  Tell her that her only job in My Kingdom is to simply display a portrait of Christ for the world to see.”    I was obedient to share this with her and it touched her so very deeply.

When we all get this message… we’ll begin to understand “My way is easy and My yoke is light.”  We’ll begin to release our need for any and all of the religious exercises we go through – be they things we’ve learned in formal church settings, or things we’ve adopted from family traditions, or from our own desire to please Him. My precious moments with Him are sitting on His lap, in the Spirit Realm, with my arms around His neck, my head upon his shoulder, and totally at rest.

So many today have little understanding of WHO they are, much less WHOSE they are.  Until those two understandings come into place, we’re still walking around in a maze – in need of LIGHT to show us a way onto His Path. 













THE EASEL [Sunny Orly Coffman] 5-19-06          1


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