JULY 10, 2005

The fullness of God is here in Christ Jesus, and what or how is this? What is The Fullness of God? It is here as One Word. Rest ! Rest is the Word. The Anointed and Precious Son has rested and turned everything back to the Father. knowing The Father Is already perfect Now Revealed.

The Father Is The Foundation and Substance of all good, The Place Prepared. The Father Is The Answer and The Totality of The Finished Work of The Son. He Is The Table of Plenty Spread, and The Brilliantly Lighted Pathway Established. He Is All Love, All Peace and Harmony. He Is Release From Struggle, Worry, Fear, and Release From Sorrow, Suffering and Pain. He Is The Promise Unfolded, The Inheritance of The Son. He Is The Totality of The Kingdom; All That Is Contained Therein.

The Manifestation of The Father Is You, The Son, and You Have Been Called To Rest; To Be The Occupant of Father’s Perfect Plan. You Are His Crowned Glory; released from making your own plan and own way. You are constantly eating from The Tree of Life, eating only of the fruit of today. Where you stand, you are the beholder of The World, Perfect, lovely and satisfying. You shall never eat of the fruit of tomorrow, for you are continuously dined sufficiently. You are so well fed that you exude the Essence of The Father. Nothing shall defile or make ashamed in all The Holy Mountain of You.

You are The Body of The Savior, The Lord Jesus Christ risen in His Fullness. The very Flesh of You Is Holy and Fully Alive, and You stand, touching creation, awakening it to reality, to Whom, It, Reality Is In Jesus Christ, the Everlasting Dweller in Earth. Your full redemption is now come As The Only Begotten of God, never to be denied or separate from Him.

You have Perfection in you, and it Is Known As Savior, Prince of Peace, Mighty God, Lover of All Souls. There Is no exception to Your Holy Presence. You are known As God Knows You, The Risen One.

Are You sent forth? Never sent, because You Are Here Already; The Face and The Arm of Loving Presence. You Are Here, My Rest. You have acknowledged Your Place atop The Great Mountain of Peace and Are Beholding My Everlasting Salvation. It Is As: The Father Goes, and hitherto I go. This Is Perfection.

Herein is described The Fullness of The Godhead Bodily; You resting on top of Mt. Zion Crowned by My Free Gift of Righteousness. We find contentment in The Spirit of Our Father, recognizing and accepting The Resurrected Body He Is, As Us.


Wonderful Blessings,


THE FULLNESS OF GOD [Jim-Melba Crofford] 7-10-05          1


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