OCTOBER 2, 2008

You are not be- -coming something greater than that which you have always been for you have always been peace, and grace, and mercy and love; always been in the House of The Father. You have always been subject to the garden of eternal mercy which is Heaven in earth.  Your allegiance is to the Kingdom of God which is Christ in you; Jesus come again. Lamb nature has led captivity captive as you re-discover the Oneness You Are.

Now, what you have always been, and for which you are now awakening is Life; new life, the awakening of the new creation. There is the unchangeable which you are.  The awakening is real. 

The garden of eternal mercy is in full bloom to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. It never changes just as you have never changed. It is prepared within all things and subject to pure hearts and eyes. I am here to open, for the pure is the resurrected you, even from the Cross; even from the foundation of the world. The Garden is eternal; now and forever continued blessings.

These words are a reminder of what you have always known; a quickening of this time and space. The never changing you, are resting at home.

This is no mystery to you as you bow to grace and look upon My Face. Never again shall you be alone or be afraid.  My free gift of Myself is your inheritance; not forced but irresistibly placed before you. We dine as One New Man.  They will come to the table as summoned. In the mean time, though they are not seated, you behold each one as pure and whole for I have died and resurrected in all.

Love prevails.  My garden is complete.




THE MANIFESTS YOU [Jim-Melba Crofford] 10-2-08          1


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