The Master Painter

paints beauty in holiness

sorrows disappear


giant paint brush strokes

crimson hued majestic rays

watercolor shades


bold vibrant colors

pictures carved in sweeping scale

verdant green rainbow


no shadows within

calling all to draw near Him

brilliant pure white light


© 2005, Maribeth Schlobohm

All Rights Reserved


Haiku is a Japanese poetic form, which contains three lines of 5-7-5 syllables.  Each line has a complete thought and the third line is a revelation of the first 2 lines.  Haiku can be written in a series called Haikai.  Haiku can also be written in senryu, a form of haiku, which is more related to emotions, people or the human psyche.  Classical haiku can be about both nature and man as the ancient Japanese believed that man was an integral part of nature and his surroundings. 
















THE MASTER PAINTER [CLASSICAL HAIKAI] [Maribeth Schlobohm] ~ POEM          1


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