MARCH 3, 2008

I call you Lord of the day; Lord of this instant as well. I call you Lord of all creation. I call you Lord of my body, Lord of my spirit, Lord of my thought and mind. I know you as Lord of my heart and Lord of my fellowship and inspiration.

We are together as One new man, heart to heart and mind to mind. Gone are the days of separation and longing. I speak yeah and amen to the dawning of Heaven in Earth; the brightness of Divine Presence. Peace and joy have a marvelous expanded meaning in me. 

Salvation has a greater meaning.

In your Presence is this perfect knowing in Divine wisdom.  As I look within, I discover unlimited counsel and direction always beholding a clear and lighted pathway. There is a pulling that says I am that path; all things being One.

Humbly, I submit to the flow of the path’s direction. It is like a twig floating down a mighty river. It has won perfection. In this subjected condition, the heart is free from the reasoning mind. I accept my predestined splendor, knowing “Not my will, but Thine.” I stately go as The One.

“Jesus paid it all. All to Him, I owe.”

Glory to God come in the flesh.



THE ONE IS EVERYTHING [Jim-Melba Crofford] 3-3-08          1


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