Truth being spirit is the power of God. Man seeks power that is manifest in the earth and the flesh. Remain in Jerusalem until you receive power from on high. Just what did these folk get? They received the spirit of truth. This is the power over the lie and all things temporal. Satan is the father of lies. The power of deception is the lie. This power escapes detection by man. The lie is not determined because of vanity. The lie remains in the soul of man as truth to him. In mankind it has more power than truth of spirit. Jesus confessed to be the truth. Lesser truth than that in Christ is the lie when used to determine God or spirit. Truth is God's implement to undo the root of all evil. When the spirit of truth comes it will lead you into all truth. Jesus said--if you believe me you will never die. Jesus prayed - father sanctify them in thy truth, thy word is truth. He who has seen Christ has seen the father, the same word of truth. 


To be set apart means to be divided from this world and its God of lies. It was after Jesus took on the mantle of Christ (messiah) at the Jordan, that the spirit of truth led him to reject the claims of Satan. Satan used the letter; Jesus used the spirit. The power of truth is now put in operation and on it’s way to man. All the signs and miracles, as well as his testimony is now based on hearing the Father’s word in the Holy Spirit. The spirit of truth is the means of deliverance from flesh, sin and death. 


Jesus said, I can do nothing of myself; it is the father in me that does the works. Jesus came as the mediator of God to awaken the seed of the promise of the word of truth to Abraham in man. Truth is spirit. Death is powerless to resist truth. This means death is a lie. Yet death seems to operate freely in mankind. Jesus said-freedom comes when you know the truth. This is the power of deliverance and Christ is the way. You can cast out evil spirits, they do not dwell in Christ, they will come again to man. It is only when born of God that there is a place when no lie will take root. It is critical to have a love of the truth, for it is the love of God manifest for deliverance from the bondage of the devil. This is life out of death. Death being a deception that you have life; only life itself will reveal you were dead. The fact is - truth in Christ is the only place of realization that you were dead. What is declared here is a confirmation to one who realizes spirits life and truth. Like the scriptures, it remains only testimony to those yet to believe. 


God has offered his son in letter and law… Then in the word made flesh... Again after two rejections in letter and form… He offers him in spirit. This is it. In two or three witnesses is man judged guilty. There is no recourse. Mercy and grace and truth and love are all now in one offering to man… Offered freely without works… If you believe -- you will never fall prey to the snare of Satan. God is not mocked what you sow you will also reap. Seeds of the flesh mind will only bring as the flesh, things temporal, the death realm. Why do I have such brief writings? Declarations are better than explanations. To explain is to present to another the impression that truth can be grasped by man. That gives evidence that the information is resident in the one offering explanation. Illustrations and examples are in the same realm. 


To one who is acquainted with revelation, he will realize it is the only way anyone will get spiritual understanding. God has destroyed the wisdom of man, by his own word. After Jesus informed his disciples of the spirits coming, he gave this word. (John 16:25) When that time comes I will no longer speak to you in parables. I will speak plainly. Reason’s understanding is not revelation. Things of the spirit are an offense to the mind of the flesh.  They include judgment. The spirit of the word is truth not sign or image. The Jews seek signs, the Greek’s wisdom. An adulterous nation seeks after signs. Neither the flood, nor the fire of Sinai, or the cross of Golgotha has put and end to the works of the devil. Now the spirit of truth is come. It is the voice of God, through his son Christ Jesus, to the believer. There is the liberty of the Sons of God that the new creation in Christ is waiting to receive.






THE POWER [Lloyd Ellefson] 11-3-04         1

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