(Jn.20:19) Just what happened in a locked room after the crucifixion? The disciples were gathered because of fear of the Jews. Jesus appeared in the midst of them. Peace he said-then they recognized him. In his true nature as Son of God they would not have known him. This appearance was needed to confirm he was indeed raised out of death. As the father has sent me so I send you. He then breathed on them as his father did to Adam. Things were not the same. Adam received a soul after he had a body. The disciples at this time were as Adam. Now Jesus said - receive the Holy Spirit. Just what did they get? They got what the Holy Spirit brings - Christ the quickening spirit. The Adam soulish man does not get spirits understanding. (1 Cor.2:9) 


It has never entered the heart of man what God has prepared for those who love him. There had to be a new man, one who could hear the spirit or Pentecost would have no meaning to the disciples. This then was critical to have the breath of life. Now we need to realize that the Holy Spirit does not speak of himself. He brings to the new man what Christ Jesus had already accomplished. First the Passover from death to life - is now over. Then a new law of spirit and life, also in Christ, has come… for he had now overcome death. (Heb.7:12) The new law of spirit and life was in need of a new priesthood. Jesus is now a high priest of a new covenant. Pentecost then is what the Holy Spirit brings of what Christ has done. Now we have a new priesthood .The new sense of soul (son) in man is now qualification to minister the covenant of life not death. 


Jesus had prophesied that his father and he would come and make their abode in the believer. He who has the son has also the father. This reality to the believer is the fulfillment of the feast of tabernacles. God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself. The purpose of Christ is to bring sons to the father - not to himself. I can do nothing of myself. It is the father in me that does the works. Also you can do nothing without me, he is saying to the believer. The Holy Spirit will also not speak of himself. That’s the order. We are living stones built up a spiritual house… A place prepared by Christ Jesus. This priesthood is a ministry to those who hear the spirit and a light to this world’s darkness. 


The law is the call to repentance and conversion for the old man. (Ps.19:7) The law of the lord is perfect converting the soul. (John 5:46-47) If you had believed Moses you would believe me. (2 Cor.3:9) The law of Moses is a ministry of condemnation. It is the law that prepares the ground for the seed of life to emerge. There is now no condemnation to those in Christ Jesus. Paul says I preach Christ (not self). Nevertheless the word of life when rejected will also bring death to the soul. To attempt to save the soul will destroy it. (2 Cor.5-18) All this is from God who through Christ reconciled us to himself and gave us the ministry of reconciliation.



















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