There was a garden of rare beauty…perhaps the most beautiful garden in all creation.

There was a young man that lived not far away from this garden, in his Father’s house.

And in the Father’s house is a room with a very magnificent golden door.


One day the Father selected a rose from the most beautiful garden, for this very room.

And the rose asked the Master what was behind the golden door.

The Master said “It is where I keep all My precious treasures.


But, the young man said to the rose: “Would you not rather be in the garden with all the other flowers bathing in the glory light?  Do you not love the Father less for cutting your stem?”


Oh no, said the fading Rose, I love him more. Though He took me from the beauty of the garden of many flowers, away from the songs of the birds and the joy of dancing in the wind; He took me into his private chamber, where I was alone with Him from sunrise to sunset. As the days passed and I grew weak and started to fade; each time I looked upon the Master’s faceHe was more beautiful than the day before. 


This morning, though tired and fragile, it brought great joy to my heart to see my Master standing in the early morning sunlight. He came to me and lifted me up and gave me my last kiss…and my heart was broken. 


But! Then…He smiled and held me against His heart and spoke such beautiful words: “My beloved rose, I know you think you are dying…but you are only falling asleep; and when you awaken you will be a part of Me forevermore. I have taken all the love and beauty and goodness you have seen in Me, and have put them in you. And when you awake you will be a part of Me, forevermore.”


It wasn’t long till the rose was awakened by the Master’s voice. 

And the rose said: “Master, where am I?” 

And the Master pointed and said “You are in the room on the other side of the golden door.” 

And the Master smiled…

And the rose wept…with joy.

Let us praise… 



Note: Carl completed this writing on March 22, as the last chapter of his soon to be published book:

Beyond The Sacred Page… finding faith in a confusing world. The next day, he went on the other side of the magnificent door with his loving Father---Easter Sunday, March 23, 2008


THE ROSE [Carl R. Schwing] 3-22-08          1

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