He came striding into the human experience unafraid and unhindered by centuries of fear, shame and blame. He came like a wonderful, invigorating breath of fresh air bringing hope, life and understanding. He came contradicting all the accepted norms of the culture and religion he was born under. He was a phenomenon.

He did not call himself God, as he was accused of doing. Although he did not deny being the Son of God, primarily and foremost he referred to himself as the SON OF MAN. No doubt in his native tongue, he said: “Son of Adam.” It is only in this single phrase, used by Jesus himself in scribing the outlines of an identity, that we find the key that unfolds to us his mission and purpose in coming to this planet.


From the time of the appearing of Adam in this plane of experience until the time of the proclamation of John the Baptizer, two millennia later, every major voice and every collective experience of Israel prophesied of his coming. Why is this so? One might rather ask: “Why would it not be so?” If Jesus truly is and was the “Son of Man,” then it stands to reason that he must portray the TRUTH OF MAN. This TRUTH is the truth of man’s own being. It is the awareness of who he is in the greater realms of Light. Although it was hidden from him, it remained below the surface like a voice that wants to speak but has no words. This submerged awareness, this hidden yet powerful unconscious knowing, must be the template. From and through this template, the Eternal Light is continually creating Man’s experience while he lives as a sleepwalker in a dream world.

It was Jesus, this one who was named “YAH is Salvation,” that Adam and Eve must have longed for when they buried Abel. It was him that Noah cried for when he heard his relatives and friends cursing him as they drowned. It was him that Abram called for as he walked that long mile up the mountain to sacrifice his own Son. Moses passionately spoke of him for 40 years as he governed a people that would not hear him. These are his words: “A prophet like unto me God will raise up from among you. Him will you hear.” David wrote of him when he said: “I and the children thou hast given me.” Isaiah also wrote: “He was wounded for our transgression. He was bruised for our iniquity. The chastisement of our peace was upon Him and by His stripes we are healed.” How exquisitely beautiful today are those intense words. They are the words of prophets, so full of passion and desire, as they longed for the coming of the Son of Man.

Jesus was fully aware that the prophets of Israel had seen his day. He spoke to the Pharisees, infuriating them, and said: “Abraham saw my day and was glad.” When he made his debut in the synagogue, there was handed to him the scroll of Isaiah. It was open, and he searched for the place where it said: “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel…” He then sat down and announced to the congregation: “This day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears.” Jesus was well aware that he was manifesting the TRUTH. This truth extended beyond the meaning of his own personal evolution. He knew he was to show a pattern for you and me. This pattern in turn would show forth a TRUTH that had been covered by layers upon layers of human pain and denial.


I went walking in the Mall yesterday with my beautiful daughter Eva who has just turned thirteen. It evoked memories of her earlier years when I would grasp her hand to feel her close, for it would have been a possibly frightful experience for her to be among so many people and not know anyone – to be lost. As I took her hand, I noticed immediately by her touch that she did not want to be seen holding hands with a senior citizen. Ha! I felt her thought. I knew it had nothing to do with my being her Dad. I could feel no rejection of my person in her emotional body. I felt her sense of wanting her own image of herself. I felt her need to be seen by others but to be seen in a certain way. She has begun to form her own sense of awareness of self.

Like a child, we came into this realm without a way to describe ourselves, without a way to present ourselves, and without an identity. We were naked. When the voice of our Love came searching and asked us: Where are you Adam? Do you know you have made a change? Are you aware that you are not what you once were? Are you allowing yourself to feel and get in touch with this place you are now in? We responded by saying: “I feel naked! I feel ashamed! I do not want to be seen anymore! I want to cover myself!” The voice then gently asked the haunting question that has remained with us all these long ages: “Who told you that you were naked?” Who told you that you are not presentable? Who told you that you need to create an identity and an image for yourself other than who you already are?

The truth is that we ARE creating an image of self, an image that will enable us to express eternal being. The question was rhetorical. It was not meant to be answered at that time. Rather it was meant to stimulate, to mystify, yes even to frustrate. There was no way for Man, as a child entering a totally new realm of experience, to understand the motivation or even identity of the energy that facilitated his lowering, his descent. Was there an energy other than his own thoughts that manipulated or even deceived him? The record indicates that there was. Even more poignant, our experience tells us that such a thing as deception exists. We deceive ourselves all the time, and even sometimes with good intent. I remember my teaching days. It was important for me to arrive at school at least before the students did. To motivate myself, I would set my alarm clock 15 minutes fast. When the alarm would awaken me in the morning, I would look at the clock and say: “Wow, I’m late!” The horrible thought of arriving late in my classroom jolted me awake and got me moving. It did not seem to matter that at another level I knew I was deceiving myself. This deception was well intentioned and self-inflicted, but deception is not always so innocent or well motivated. The ugliest of the human experience can be tasted in court when people who were once close to you tell lies against you. Others then corroborate these lies with more lies. What is the result of such deception? First, extreme pain, shock, and unbelief that such things actually happen and are happening to you. Then finally for some, after the anger comes a voluntary, conscious choice, a choice never to do this to others. The result of the experience is conscious choice: Choice of identity; Choice of a moral consciousness; Choice of certain character traits; Choice of clothing, if you like.

He came for this purpose: to set us free. Free to choose. Free to clothe ourselves with identity. This identity is conscious knowledge of who we are and what our mission is. He set us free from fear and guilt, and free to hear again the voice of our Love walking with us in the cool of the day. He set us free to experience all of ourselves: our emotional, mental, spiritual and physical selves. He set us free to experience self without the limiting and distorting values that Ego has used to shield us during these centuries of beginnings. Finally, he set us free to fly as our original program enabled us to do.


What is it that we first see when he appears on our landscape? We see him do the impossible. We see him break all the boundaries of limitation we have so carefully constructed to fit our limited, incomplete definition of who we think we are. He changes water into wine at a wedding feast. What an introduction! To take what is most common to man and his physical existence and to change it instantly into that which brings Joy. The best wines take years to age and create their distinctive flavor, but he made it in an instant! He even made the master of the feast wonder why the best wine had been kept for the last. The best wine is always served first to impress the guests. Then later, when they can no longer tell the difference, we serve the cheaper wine. What is the truth here? Through long centuries of experience, we have learned that all the good things in life come through diligent application, dedication, and hard work. Now here comes this stranger, and the first thing he does when making his public appearance is to bypass one of our most sacred concepts of life. He creates what should take years to age in only an instant. He heals a man that was born blind. Whoever heard of one being born blind to be restored to sight? He stills the storm, and he brings a dead daughter back to life and to her heartbroken parents. He raises Lazarus from the dead, and he heals the man who waited forty years for an angel to stir the waters. He simply says: NOTHING is impossible to the Son of Man!


I remember when I first experienced the healing power in a physical body. I watched people, sick and broken down, be instantly raised up. It was not my sister or other close relative. They were just people who experienced sudden, total healing. People just like me…humans. I remember the deep crying in my soul, as if I were letting go of some long held pain. I can feel the hot tears welling up in my eyes, causing me to hold my breath as if in pain. This pain came out but I could not remember when it got in. I now realize I inherited this pain from the human experience. It is pain that is caused by a fear and the fear is caused by a thought. The thought is this: after all, we are alone. We are orphans and abandoned. We have been abandoned on the beach of some strange island called the human experience, without memory of our past, without knowledge of our purpose or our future. Like a child without an identity, we are alone. That is our pain.

The first thing he touched with his healing hand was our sense of being dis-empowered. When we watch our children die and are not be able to DO anything, we feel this disempowerment. I had the privilege of hearing Harvey Turnage from Orlando, Florida tell of his childhood. He was one of the older of eight brothers, four of which were born blind. He told how he would watch his Mother go to the crib and slowly move her hand across the baby’s face. She was watching to see if the baby’s eyes would follow her hand. If the baby could not respond, she would go to the window and stand there quietly crying. This mother knew and truly felt her lack of power.

I do not need to tell stories like that. In your own experience, you know of the powerlessness of being human. I cried for three days when I saw the planes fly into the Twin Towers. Why did I cry so? It symbolized so perfectly the pain of what it means to be human. So then, what is he telling us? What is his message to man? Why does he not simply say: “I did those things because I am God and you, after all, are only human?” Why does he rub salt in our wound by calling himself the Son of Man? He is saying that you and I, as Man, have the power to live in this physical experience and not feel afraid, abandoned, or victimized. You and I, as Man, have power over all our circumstances. We are the creators and the un-creators of our own experience.

Jesus did nothing that he did not want to do. He chose his path, received his Light from the Father of Light, and walked his path with power and great joy. He set his face as a flint to his destiny, a painful shameful death at Calvary, and said these words: “I have power to lay down my life and to take it again. This commandment have I received from my Father.”


What is he saying to us in all of this? He is saying: “Like me, you also have the power to walk an overcoming life. You have the ability to connect with your Father as I connected with mine. You can hear a word deep in your soul telling you who you are and why you have come. You are not abandoned, powerless or alone. You are real and true. You are valid and whole. You can hear, and you can speak because you have a voice. You can feel. And above all, you can do what I did that enabled me to do all that I did: You can love. You have that power.

When you let yourself love, you are released from the prison that pain and ego have created. When you let love help you reach for another and be to them what you cannot be for yourself, you pass the limitations and the boundaries that have kept you locked where you are. When you love, you are connected and free. When you love, nothing is impossible to you. You can love as I love because you are what I am. You are what God is in your form. You are connected.

The greatness and power of love helps us transcend limitations. We have brief glimpses along the pathway to help us focus this truth. I remember a time not long ago when I was jarred by such an experience. Carolynne, Eva and I were leaving on a trip. We needed to get away by a certain time and were late leaving. Eva and I were sitting in the van while Carolynne gathered the last details: carrot sticks for munchies, water and so on. As she got into the van and sat down, she said in exasperation: “I did not get my book. I cannot find it.” Out of my love for her, my immediate unconsidered response was: “Relax honey, I’ll get it for you.” I knew the book she was referring to but had no idea where it was. That thought of limitation, the thought that I do not know or I cannot, did not enter my mind. I never wondered where the book was or how I would find it. Now, if you must know, I am the world’s worst locator of lost items. Carolynne can always find lost things, but I cannot. As I reassured her, I stepped out of the Van, walked back to the house, opened the door, went up the stairs and stepped into our bedroom. I reached down under some magazines, picked up the book, and carried it back to the van. Only when I entered the van did I realize what had happened. Only in retrospect did I experience any amazement and wonder. While I was doing it, it seemed the most natural thing in the world. You want to know the name of the book? “Super humans.” Ha!


I have another experience that helps us to pinpoint the emotional and psychological factor that prevents Love from releasing us from limitation. It was a dream that a close friend, Donna Watts, had a few years ago. In this dream, she walked everyday to the library. She walked there naked, but it did not concern her. In the library, she simply had to touch a book and all that was written in it came to her mind. She could read the books simply by touching them. One day as she was walking on her usual trip to the library, she noticed some people looking at her. She thought: “Those people think that I am fat.” In her embarrassment, she found something to cover herself and went on to the library. However, now the only way she could read the books was to read them like you and I always do, word for word and line after line, page after page.

Need I say much about the dream? Can you feel the agony of our hearts in no longer knowing one another simply by a touch of the hand or a whispered kiss? Can you imagine from the few experiences of real closeness that you have had what it would be like “to know as we are known”? Will you walk this long journey of becoming, the becoming of the Son of Man, until we can and do realize our truth once again? Are you willing to look on the Son of Man that came and appeared and is appearing again? Will you see in him, in your brother, the truth of your being? The truth of our being? And seeing that eternal image, are you willing to be transformed into that very likeness? Will you let go of the condemnation and the judgments whereby you attempt to cover your perceived nakedness? Will you realize that every thought of lack, of sin, and of being disqualified is only a memory of a state of mind that was once needed on our journey? Now that need has passed away and the great Light of Eternal knowing has dawned in our hearts. The Light of the Truth. The truth of The Son of Man.





















THE SON OF MAN – RAYS OF TRUTH NEWLETTER No. 38 [Rokus den Hartog] 1-02        1


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