The reality of what we call the crucifixion is spiritual. The forces that ruled man had been opposing God's word beginning with Adam and Eve. It was the influence of Satan, both there and at the cross at Calvary (1 Cor. 2:8). Have no other Gods before me. This is the first commandment. When Jesus began his ministry, his initial message was “repent.” It was not addressing sin. Rather it was because the kingdom of God was being presented. God's commands were still being disregarded since the disruption of his rule (kingdom) in Adam and Eve. 


The real battle is between God and Satan, life and death, truth and lies. The first message is repent. Nothing will be resolved if this is rejected. The nature of man has been proven to be helpless when it comes to obeying God's word. Jesus appeared at John’s baptism of repentance. After this, he chose the twelve. He then led them, teaching and heralding the gospel of the kingdom. Man is not conscious of being led by a spirit that is the influence to mind the flesh. Jesus came to die for your sins. Yet if not for the kingdom, man would never get out of the death he is in. The word of God is the kingdom. The rule of Satan brought man to death. There is no escape without God's word. Man cannot hear the word without being regenerated in spirit. Man is so helpless he is not able to repent. In Christ God has also granted repentance. Acts11:18, 2 Cor.7:10, Phil.1:29, Matt.27.


Authorities decided to seal the tomb in which the body of Jesus was laid. They reasoned; being a deceiver, if he failed in his claim to raise up in three days, this would prove him to be a liar. How then did Jesus get his body out? Peter said it would not corrupt. Jesus appeared in the upper room and his body was not spirit. No man can see a spirit. He had to open the eyes of those with him on the road to Emmaus. Was his body the same as any other man? God made Adam’s body out of the earth and then brought consciousness. He sent his son, a spirit, in the likeness of sinful flesh. It is the word made flesh. This carried no sin or corruption, yet was the same in content. 


The true body of Christ is never seen by man. It must be spiritually discerned (1 Cor.11:29). The kingdom of God operates within the believer, and does not come in observation. The witness is a word of identification, which is to be believed the same as Jesus’ word, even as he has said. Miracles, signs, healings and such are but an external manifestation of the unseen. 


Christ, being God's son, is not a man. His humanity and ours is but an image. His flesh and ours is but a tabernacle, a veil of the son, a temple to dwell in on this earth. Man saw the physical body. His spirit was not released until after the cross and his return to the father. He comes again in like manner, spirit in a body of flesh. It came to his disciples first (John 20:22). Then, the spirit of the law in him comes at Pentecost. (Luke:24-49) (Acts 1:4) (Acts: 2:1-4).  The new covenant has a law, an offering, and a priest-hood. In the second month after the first Passover in Egypt, Israel arrived at Mt. Sinai… about 50 days after Passover. The law is now the word of God in Christ. This was the first Pentecost, the first giving of the law. The material cross was symbol; the reality of the new creature took place in spirit when Jesus breathed a life out of death to man, and he received a new soul… a new sense of being. Then Pentecost is the anointing of a priesthood of a new covenant, placed into the body of the Christ (anointed one). We are the Tabernacle of the most-high God. We are complete in him.


It has never entered the heart of man those things God has prepared for those that love the truth, which is the word of God. The spirit now ends the law of sin and death, only in the Christ. The consummation of the Law of Moses is death. The law of life in Christ Jesus brings the believer out of death - into life. Neither law will fail to accomplish itself, for both are the word of God. You cannot, as man, take this by faith. You must receive Christ, who is the author of faith. We now live by the faith of the son of God. He alone has faith to believe and to hear the father. Jesus called the Pharisees hypocrites. The word means actors. He told the Pharisees they were full of hypocrisy and lawlessness. This would make them anti-Christ - the man of sin. At the time John wrote, he said many anti Christs had come into this world. He also said Jesus had come in the flesh (man) and those who do not believe this are anti Christ. The idea that one man is to become the anti Christ is a delusion.


God's son created all things, visible and invisible. We do not see this in Genesis, Chapter 1. It was the word of God that began the creation process. This word was the seed of everything. The unfolding of God's purpose is all in the word. Time means nothing, for it has no control over the fruit of God's word. This tells us that Jesus, the Christ, the son, is really the word of God being manifest. God's word is and always remains spirit. The veil of material fruit of the word of God is being unveiled to the believer. One who hears the spirit of the word comes to realization that God is all in all.

























































SON, THE [Lloyd Ellefson] 8-23-04         2

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