DECEMBER 7, 2008

I take a different course than the prophets and soothsayers, for I am walking among the cherubs of glory straight before the Throne of God. There I am greeted by The King of Love, The Divine Father.  I am elevated into His Eyes where I see peace and love and victory everywhere accomplished.  I am soothed by unlimited compassion in His arms right now.

I say Jesus and hear anthems of eternal bliss as I acknowledge the truth that all things are already under our feet.  I confirm the eternal love that has overcome all sorrows as I know Him as He Is.

I speak the truth that Heaven is now, and Our Father is pouring out blessings over all mankind. We dwell securely in Him Alone.

I will capture the Word of God and thunder it to the bowels of men that Christ is come with peace and love in His Hand with a way that they know not of.

I will turn back the pages of prophesy, and speak of The King Now Come Who holds the keys of eternal life.  We are shaken in His wonderful Presence.  It pleases us to bow low in His Presence for this is our reward; to be saturated with His Own Love.

What therefore, do I say?  I see all things under His (Our) feet; nothing out of control; only One God, and He Is Love.  All is well in our Kingdom of Light, this real world.

The Son I Am will not prophesy hurt to any of my children.  Instead, I will send a wave of love that will open the beauty of The Kingdom of God that all men may find the tears of life and songs of victory.  I have captured the hour and the eternal day.  I have swept away unbelief that you may know The One Life I Am.

In love and peace I have overcome.




THE SON SPEAKS [Jim-Melba Crofford] 12-7-08          1


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