MARCH 20, 2005

He has turned night into day, darkness into Light, sadness into joy. He, The Awesome Holy Spirit is Become Visible Joy and Peace; The Manifest Presence of The Son of God as You. Sovereign Perfection has taken form.

For Thine is The Kingdom and The Power and The Glory and The Resurrection today and forever.” Amen !

“I Am come to exalt the halo of He Who Dwells As You; to acknowledge The Light that many do see and know as The Glorified Resurrected One. I Am here to magnify and unfold the Plan of The Ages Which Is My Father; to reveal Love That Passes Understanding, Christ in You; Your Appearing.”

“I have said, I have a way that you know not of, but I Am come to Be This Way. I have said, I have meat to eat that you know not of, and likewise, I have come to Be This As You. It is written that God shall Be All in All, and so It Is, for the very rescue from darkness has come to pass. Death and judgment have been swallowed up in victory, and behold all things are made new. This Righteous Seed has sprung forth, a garden of Father’s Plenty. I Am The One Responsible One, and My Banner Is Grace. My Face Has risen to the surface and behold I Live again. Truly I Am The Alpha and

Omega, The All That There Is.”

We, The Awakened to So Great a Savior, are The Center of The King’s Romance today, never to wait again. This very moment is abundant joy, peace, and abundant Life. Tomorrow Is Today as The Hand of Blessing Is raised above our heads right now. There is no separation between The Full Glory of Our Father and this wonderful essential moment. We dip into almost unbelievable Treasures.

The Banner Is waving at the top of the mountain. Hearts are bowed in honor as New Life Is seen everywhere. “

Listen to The Truth ! I Am The Opening of The Tomb of You; The Splitting of The Atom of Everlasting Peace and Joy. I stand in Your Shoes, Fearless and Complete. “

“We, The Lion and The Lamb, have risen As One, and We speak with soft resolution. Love Is Who We Are: Father, You, and I, One New Creature, Counselor of Heaven and earth. We Are Singleness of Heart, Mind, and Spirit; Earth’s Cloud of Glory and Centrifuge of Peace. Amen

Laughter and Rejoicing,


THE VISIBLE HUE OF THE SPIRIT [Jim-Melba Crofford] 3-20-05          1


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