John 5, 'To some, the resurrection is in the future. To others, they confess to have resurrection life. The resurrection is always referred to as singular in the scriptures. "Resurrections" is not found in the scripture. There seem to be two mentioned in John 5. Jesus did say there were two conditions of those resurrected (all who hear the voice of me Son of God). Some receive life and others receive judgment. This is most often referred to as if it is in the future. It is not in the future. Jesus said, "I am the resurrection (awakening) and the life." He is the one resurrection. The same voice is life to some and judgment to others. This is the voice today of the son of man.


Those who hear the voice and live do not come into judgment. Those who believe his voice find life and become as the son of man and are the ones who can judge unbelievers. To those awakened to life, the spirit places them in the body of Christ, the Son of God. To those having believed they were mortal and have repented to God, at his command, find life. No one realizes they were dead in trespass and sin until the light of life has come, which gives them the eyes of understanding. Only Christ has immortality and he lives in the light that is not accessible to man, Man is not that which is saved. Man is dead. That is why Jesus was manifested – to raise those in Adam from death to life. Not in part, but as a new generation in Christ - new in body, soul and spirit. You have to realize this is an issue of faith. In body, soul, and spirit they are new. The birth is the complete Son of God - not partial.


We are not a man with body, soul and spirit, nor are we a man with the spirit of God in us. We are a new creature and a new creation in Christ Jesus. Man's spirit only knows that of man. The spirit of God no one knows but God. The believer has not received the spirit of the world, but has received the spirit, which is of God (I Corinthians 2:11-12). The flesh man lives in the sense of his being, which is dependent upon the body. This is his soul. If he chooses not to give up this dwelling he is destroying or losing that which he attempts to retain. Without this change of consciousness from flesh to spirit, there can be no freedom from sin. It will have its way in thought, word or deed.


There are many who claim to be believers. They claim they are born again, saved, forgiven and are going to heaven. Then, they confess that they are yet sinners. 1 John 3:6, "Everyone remaining in him is not sinning. He who sins does not know him." Verse 9, "He that is begotten of God does not sin because God's word (seed) is in him and he cannot sin because he is born of God" John 8:47, "He that is of God hears God's word (spirit). You hear them not because you are not of God," This was a statement that Jesus made. 


Man cannot say his generation is out of a birth. No man can claim that there was an original birth to man. Adam was not born. He had no father or mother. So, it is with all mankind - calling all men children of God has no foundation. God is not a man, nor the son. The son of mankind represents men, women and children, thus the words and the manifestation in the likeness of sinful flesh is for all mankind.


II Corinthians 5:14-15, "If one died for all, then all died." Therefore, men should no longer live for self but for him who died and rose for us. The word generation or being born is from the Greek word genao, but basically it means to become or to be born or to issue forth from something. Being born of God's word is the only qualification for an inheritance in the kingdom of God.


In John 10, Jesus refers to himself as coming after others had come as thieves and robbers. "My sheep," he said, "know my voice and will not follow another." He came to give them life and would lay down his soul for the sake of the sheep. "I know my sheep and they know me. And I lay down my soul for the sheep" (verses 12, 15, 17). In these verses, life should be translated as "soul" "I lay down my soul and as God commanded I can take it again." No one takes it from me. Jesus' soul is his sense of being in life with God being his father. He said, "I live by the Father." Since God is his father, his life is in God. He was never separate, except in consciousness, which he identified when he came in human flesh. However, he is now back in the father's bosom- He is not a fleshly man and he never was.


There is no life in anything separate from God. Believers are partakers of the divine nature through his Son. The death of Jesus on the cross is symbolic; for death and life have to do with spirit, not flesh. Jesus was put to death, but quickened in spirit (I Peter 3:17-18). Peter also says that we were ransomed with the blood (soul) of Christ prior to the disruption of the world, which was the order, the kingdom, or the word of God. Christ, who is the word, was as a lamb slain from the beginning in God's word to man. He has been slain since the disruption of the world. This word was put down in Noah's day. It was rejected in the word through Moses, and was rejected as the word in the prophets. When they were killed, Christ was in them (I Peter 1:10).


The real crucifixion was in the hearts of mortal man since the word was rejected in favor of another word in the beginning. The real intent of God's word is Christ - an expression of grace and mercy. No human can understand that which the Son of God went through from creation to the cross. Only in identification in his life are we able to sense, in part, the world's rejection of our Lord. The belief that Jesus was born of Mary and died on the cross is based on mortal mind and fleshly observation, along with the letter of the report.


The Son of God was and is, and always will be, spirit. On these who do not believe this and see it this way, the veil is not rent. They cannot see beyond the mind of the flesh, which is a death realm. Nothing comes to man first in the realm of understanding. Forgiveness is, in fact, a touch of the guilt-free mind of Christ This is not realized until the spirit reveals we are born out of death into a new life in the spirit. This is challenged by sin coming again and unbelief tells people they are yet sinners, which they confess. This is unbelief. Many live this way. They have a scripture based belief that they are going to heaven. Well, it is not in the scriptures. No flesh and its blood (sense of being) will enter the kingdom of God. There are few ministries today that have the faith to erase this unbelief. When the son of man comes, will he find faith in the earth? Do we understand who the son of man is? Jesus said this while he was yet on earth as the son of man. His continuing ministry is now in those who hear the spirit.


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