SEPTEMBER 14, 2008

All Honor and Glory to The King!  Amen!

In humble reverence, the Son of God yields everything to the Father, knowing that perfection reveals itself minutely Father to Son as needed. The Son is free indeed submitted to the Word that reverberates throughout all creation continuously.

When we say King in perfect humility, we can envision Light upon and through every appearance; King As The Word of God; The Perfect Overcomer; Perfect Faith; Perfection in Our King, Lord Jesus Christ.  Redemption is here.  Christ is here.

The Son Is in The Father; yes, but submitted in radiant Glory. Lamb nature shines forth as The One and Only Lion. The Son is not the storeroom of power or even Divine Knowledge, but the releaser of everything that the Father Is, only as He, The Father Wills.  This is Perfection and Harmony in Earth..

We whistle along in Glory, completely free indeed from all hindrances, walking on water or air as The Father ordains.  He really means free indeed:  free from the struggle of mortal reasoning, fear or doubt. Free also from accumulation of the pride of the person or sweat of the brow. We are released from the beggarly elements.  We find ourselves as little children thirsty for the next moment, holding nothing prerequisite before the awesome Word that fills all creation and resonates from within.

Turning the page,               

We see Jesus in every face; The emblazoned Word having made Whole. We bow to Him, The Great King,  The One Who Is Come within, to reveal and perform what man could never have done; the One Who’s right it is to be The Way,  The Truth, and The Life.  (Only Life).   He has done a quick work and has cut it short in His Righteous Being.  The whole of creation vibrates in His Presence.

Sooner is now that we come to know what He has done for us, in us and in creation. For He is here to reveal the greatness of Our Father Who Is That Perfect Harmony, Peace, Joy and Righteousness. He Is Come to lead us and guide us in His merciful thought, motion and will; to be Heaven in earth to us and as us.

Say, “Jesus My King” and see the Light.  See Heaven come down as The Beautiful City of God. The domino effect is in your life, The Harmony of The Kingdom of God which is all that He Is. Of course, it is immeasurable as it should be, for our Father is unlimited and past finding out. Our Father is too great to be contained at once,  but is ever unfolding,  yet always Merciful,  Full of Grace. 

On our faces, He is found and in our Lamb Nature, we live high above the life of the old man; statuesque as The Conquering Lion at rest unto The Creator of all things beautiful.


You, dear reader, are His Love, He touches humanity through this love that you are.



THE WORD – MY KING [Jim-Melba Crofford] 9-14-08          1


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