John I, "In the beginning was the word, the word was with God, and the word was God." The scriptures go on to say that he made all things. In him was life, and the life was light. This is the oneness that Christ Jesus is with God. In verse 14, the word was made flesh. It was the word that was made flesh in Christ, therefore, we have to begin to see that it is the word that is important, not even the physical, visible image of the man Jesus. In verse 14, the word was made flesh. It is still a oneness except that God, the word, and the light are not visible. The flesh was God's word in manifestation. There was nothing else.


John 17:17, "Sanctity them in thy truth. Thy word is truth." We are to know that behind the veil of the flesh of Jesus was the presence of God in the form of his word, which is spirit God, word, life and light are all one - the very same thing. In John 4:24, we read that God is spirit. Jesus said, "My words are spirit and are life." Paul calls Christ a quickening spirit When the knowledge from God came to the prophets, time and again we read that the word of God came to someone (they even give dates on occasion).


Today, the word of God comes to those who have received the word of God as Christ, the anointed one. In spite of all the mention of life and light and spirit, it is the word of God, which comes to us, and the word is God. Christ Jesus, the Son and spirit, are all the word of God. The word is God. God did not send the word made flesh to have man worship the manifestation. Christ Jesus, the Son, is the activity of God's word that gives light and life to spirit in man. "He that has seen (perceived) me sees the father," Jesus said. God being the life, the light, the word, the spirit, in Christ the Son, is unknown to man. He cannot be known by any other means, or by any other name, or by any other revelation of himself and his Son, Christ Jesus.


When Jesus, the man, confessed to be the way the truth, the life, the light, it was to man and for man. Only God himself could be these things to man. They are all God in manifestation. What is man? Without the word of God, he is fruitless and he is mortal. He will only live and manifest a temporal existence and bring no glory to God; it will be a worthless existence. His worship is hypocrisy, for he, without the word, has neither spirit nor truth although he is very convinced that he does have these things. "The way to life is narrow and few there are that find it" Very few people believe this statement. Christ is the life of God to the believer, and he is the word of God.


We are told not to see Jesus as the flesh brings him to us. We must see beyond the veil of the flesh, beyond the biblical accounts, beyond the fact that he did things no other man did. He is really the invisible God in form and word. This is the only way mortal man can receive the testimony. Man is mortal; therefore existence beyond the body of flesh is only in God. The light of life is given to us in the word of God - coming through the manifestation of Christ Jesus.


Without the word of God there is no Christ, and no Jesus, and no son. Without the word, man has no consciousness of God in his life. It is impossible for God to give man life. God cannot be separated; separation is death. God's word is law. The law has no mercy. The Old Testament plainly reveals this about the word. This means that God himself (who gave the word) can only adjust the word of God, as law. For nobody else has the power or ability to do anything from the force of the law, except God himself.


To bring grace and mercy to man, God's word came in a manifestation in Christ Jesus - it was very important Through him, a relationship can be established as father. This word, as Christ Jesus, is the seed of a new generation, out of the word of God in spirit. Many think they can escape the law of the word and retain their "P, their "me", their "self' and their "soul." This is a mistake. The flesh man has no chance, except in Christ, to get free from the law of God's word, which is an immutable, unchangeable law.


God has not changed and he will never change. People say that God changes - that he loves everyone and that he has made adjustments. Finally, they say that this idea of God's unconditional love will eventually triumph. I say don't count on it. In the past God destroyed man by water, fire, plaques and wars. These go on among men with no end in sight. All these evils are not out of God's control. The law of sin and death goes on without change. God is the absolute. This has not changed and will not change. Luke 13:1-5, "Some came to Jesus saying there were Galileans whose blood was mingled with Pilot's sacrifices." Jesus asked if they were greater sinners than the others. Then, he told them if they did not repent, they would perish in the same manner. Meaning, without repentance, they would be subject to Pilot's choice. Jesus then brought up the occasion of the tower of Silo falling and killing 18 people. Were they greater sinners than the others? Again, he repeated the statement, "Repent or you will likewise perish."


All of humanity lives in the death realm, which is basically a separation from a conscious realization of God - for God is life. It is a realm that operates in the inability to fulfill the word of the law. What happens to the flesh in this realm is very deceiving. The good can suffer and die early, while sinners often seem to go without punishment. The reality of punishment is spiritual separation from God, which is the death. 


Matthew 10, "Fear not one that can kill the body, but not the soul, but fear him who can destroy both in Gehenna." Gehenna is a type of constantly burning fire in which things that were not to be redeemed, and could not be redeemed, were cast into. So it is with spiritual things that are not of God - and that is where they go - and will not redeemed. John 1:12-14, "As many as received him (the word made flesh) can confess to be a child of God." It is with a birth or a generation that has nothing to do with man's will or ability. To receive Christ is the word in human form - it is a mystery to man, and a mystery when it comes to man in the beginning, but the spirit will begin to bring enlightenment to you about what is really going on and what has happened. The message that comes in Christ is the word of God. It is quite impossible for anything in the sense of another person being received within. To retain any image of Jesus in flesh form means the flesh mind is still active. Once the birth, the pilgrimage, and the return to the father of the visible man Jesus has transpired, we are to seize in the knowledge and realize it is all the word of God that remains. This is for believers, of course. Christ in you is the word of God in you. God, Christ, and the word, are all one as spirit. All are in the believer as one spirit Why then do we have the flesh, the image of the man, the cross, and his departure in the clouds, as constant reminders of who he was in the earth? God is invisible and his word is the kingdom operating in the realm of the unseen (unperceived by man) even if its growth is a mustard seed or leaven enlarging mightily. This being true in word and spirit is the judgment appearing in light to all who believe in the visible. To maintain a physical image of Jesus is folly. That physicality is gone and will not appear, except in the vain imaginations of the religious. This is blessed liberation from the bondage of the flesh.


John 16:7, Jesus said, "I [flesh] must go away. If not, the comforter will not be coming." If you retain Christ as flesh, you will fail to know him and the father as they really exist. Jesus said, "If I be lifted up out of the earth (visible), I will draw all men unto me because I am spirit and truth."


The religious system has given us images and ideas about heaven - that is, it has a white throne and Jesus, the man, is sitting at his right hand, and angels are all around, and there are other beings worshipping God. These ideas are all vain imaginations of the flesh mind. These imaginations will do nothing for you as far receiving Christ (who he really is). They need to be subject to the Christ in you and they will all be put away. Men apparently have a very difficult time releasing these forms, ideas and the imaginations of heaven. However, they are revealed in the spirit and clarity comes to the man who believes.


Consider what I say and may the Lord give you understanding.













THE WORD [Lloyd Ellefson] Year 2004          2

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