SEPTEMBER 30, 2005

The dignified might call it “The World” or some may call it appearance – as opposed to Truth, or some may call it the old – as opposed to The New Creation. Some may call it in-part – as opposed to The City of God or Mt. Zion; the fallen creation – as opposed to That Which Is Perfect. Some may call it illusion – as opposed to Reality, or maybe the less dignified would be free to call it torment; but regardless what it is called, the world (as man sees it) is not to be changed, for it is endorsed by man only and not by our Father. The Truth, The Real World, The True World as Father sees it, however, never changes, always is Jesus Christ Himself come in the flesh. Add a little sugar to the torment of the world as man sees it, and it is still not what Father sees. (The Kingdom of God within you.)The old world passed away in the appearance of The One New Man or New Creature, (for “ God so loved the world that He gave His Son.”) and through the Son, all things are made new.

(IN A LOUD TRUMPET SOUND, WE WILL ACKNOWLEDGE THE PRESENCE OF FULL REDEMPTION IN THE APPEARANCE OF THE SON.) If you have been captain of a ship, you need to know if the ship is floating or if it is sinking, If sinking, you need to call upon the Lord to open this new world to you. If floating, you might be better off to jump ship into the arms of the only Life There Is.

The in-part, unknowing dwellers are ever so loved by Father and shall come to know who they are in their awakening; complete death to self, or the death of the old man, and by the receiving of The New Creation Man, Lord Jesus Christ; translated into Light by the hand of the Father. (A finished work at Calvary.) The free gift is here awaiting every man in his own order to lay down their self righteousness and unbelief and receive the free gift of eternal Life. It is Jesus revealing Himself , The Risen Savior as All Mankind. Not by works or even by the passing of time or processing. “I am Here”, saith The Savior. “ I Am Your All In All. I Am The New Creature and The New Creation as Behold, I make all things new. I Am The Mind That Never Changes. “ All things new is akin to the new creature; Reality revealed, as opposed to the eschewed world, seen through the eyes of the in-part man.

The awakened God man has the mind of Christ, is born of the Spirit, has not one particle of condemnation, is not separated from all that Father loves. He sees clearly through The Eyes of The Christ Mind. He is aware of the atoning blood of the Lamb that made all men new.

Our God, (First called Father, by Jesus), has a Kingdom. That Kingdom is Father and all whatsoever the Father has, and Is. It Is All Inclusive. It Is The City, Mt. Zion where no unclean thing dwells; where there is no condemnation, sadness, separation, or big I’s or little YOU’s; Where Peace Is Supreme.

It is not of this world as men see, but Is Pure and Holy, Incorruptible – The Place prepared by Jesus. It is complete and not now being prepared, for even as Jesus walked the shores of Galilee, He spoke, “The Kingdom of God Is In You.“ (All that Father is – is in you.)

This beautiful City is separate from the world. It is The Reality of God. Everything else is built upon sand, is not Reality, is in/part, is a lower creation, is actually only sustained by men’s beliefs, the same as the devil is sustained by men’s beliefs. Awakened men only know One Power and One Life, and can receive all men as Brothers.

There remains The Truth, only One God, One Spirit, One Lord Jesus Christ, One Life, and one Reality. Jesus Is that Life and there is none other life or reality. It is so easy to think that there is another spirit, but Jesus Is The All in All. “If your eye be single” the whole of creation shall be full of light. Every Spirit that confesses not that Jesus Christ Is Come IN The Flesh” (In Reality) is antichrist. If it is not Truth, it is not Reality for Truth is undefiled. Welcome, New World.

Thankfully, since there is only One God, One Power, One Reality, there remains only One True Life. It Is Jesus Christ. He said He was The Life. Aren’t we sent to bear witness and to be a testimony of His Supreme Authority? Are we, here as His Life, and if so, here to be early awakeners, called to receive the fullness of the all encompassing King of Glory? Aren’t we here as humble believers risen in Him, Graced to receive all men as Brothers in Christ? Are we to see Jesus right beside a secondary power? No! You have the answer. You are the answer. He has made us Whole by His Perfect Final Sacrifice.

“Come Up Hither In The Son Realm. No Dragons Here Abide.” You have come because He Is. Where are the dragons? We are hidden in Him, far and above.

Behold the Holy One of Israel, For He hath glorified thee!” “The price He has paid, reconciling all, you see, So come all ye sons, blow the trumpet with me!”

The above lines are beautiful quotes from Gods Message in Song.

Hallelujah and Amen!



THE WORLD [Jim-Melba Crofford] 9-3-05          1


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