APRIL 19, 2008

Does an earthworm have a heart? I‘m sure I don’t know. Does a bird have a heart? I’m not sure. However, I am very sure a bird has a God, for it is written He sees a bird when it falls. Therefore, it is reasonable that an earthworm has the same God.

What about humanity? Better that Moses might stand up for humanity, as the Son of The Most High, but since he is not visible, and I am, let me stand for them Lord. Let me remember every creature. I have seen the mountaintop. I have seen with Your eyes. I have been encompassed with the Grace You Are. I am here to cover all. I would that they all know the power of the blood. I would that they all remember that they have bowed unto the Cross even before the world was. I will that the very lowest esteemed see the grace of God, and to know that Jesus took away the world’s sin, and that He much more restored all that was lost in Adam.   (Romans Chapter 5).  

I will that Grace be sung far and wide that every heart shall awaken to Who It Is. I will that joy touch every bird and even every worm; that metamorphosis be the heir of all creation. I will that there be peace on earth, good will to all men. I will that love be The Prince of This World, knowing it has already come; the sparkling eyes of The Risen Savior.

I raise My hand before Thee Oh Savior. If any of these shall fail, let me fail also. I am assured of Your Saving Grace.

There must be a Living Word come from the hearts of all ministers. They need know of Your Love, Mercy and Grace.  There exists the Spirit of The Presence knowing You Have Come; that there be no other spirit, and that You have taken away everything that is not You; overcome the world and all that it represents. Let the Light that dwells in every man be acknowledged by men. Let there be a worldwide awakening to Your Arms and Your Bosom.

Resurrection is in the air as we know. Let it be pronounced.


With all our love,


THE WORM [Jim-Melba Crofford] 4-19-08          1


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