NOVEMBER 15, 2003


Three astounding changes came to Adam in the Garden of Eden:

1. Adam was created a spiritual Being, but when he ate the “fruit” – the lie spoken by satan telling Eve that if they ate “fruit” from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, that they would be “as Gods.”    It was at this point that ADAM WAS TRANSFORMED FROM A SPIRIT BEING INTO A MORTAL BEING.  Now he had a body and “knew” that he was naked and perceived himself to be SEPARATED FROM GOD. 

2.Also, as a spirit being, created in the likeness and image of God  – totally SPIRIT; when “the LIE” took root, Adam WAS TRANSFORMED from a SPIRITUAL BEING, possessing both MALE and FEMALE – just like God – into a MORTAL BEING with TWO BODIES – one possessing the characteristics of FEMALE and one possessing the characteristics of MALE. AND THE WAR BEGAN – DUALITY ENTERED HIS WORLD.  DEATH is no more or less than SEPARATION FROM GOD.  PERIOD.  And while we certainly know, just from reading the Bible, that God says “I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU OR FORSAKE YOU” we must remember that ADAM was living in an ILLUSION.  His PERCEPTION had been drastically CHANGED. 

3.Before believing the “LIE”, Adam had an assured future of ETERNAL LIFE before him in the garden – a life of LEISURE, PEACE, and JOY; but now the “spoken words” of God are ringing in his own ear… “Do not eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, for if you do, in that day, you will surely DIE.”  He was really saying…”expect to be visited by an ILLUSION and hear My warning:  “You will Die.”  So, he was hearing the warning, loud and clear, and was now filled with the FEAR OF DEATH – a plague that has continued to torment man… even to this day.


The second transformation is going to be a progressive change:

1.The SPIRIT OF MAN is an eternal entity that came directly from God, and should any man have to depart this life, as we presently know it, by way of the grave, his spirit will return to God.

2.The SOUL OF MAN is a 3-PART center within each man.  It is comprised of:

MIND – a carnal mind controlled by circumstances, emotions, negative input from external sources.  But, in the Plan of God, at some point, God shines HIS LIGHT into this darkened area and Awakens man to come out of his DREAM or ILLUSION and to begin  SEEING and DISCERNING events as they actually occur  –  no longer living a life of  MIS PERCEPTIONS [ILLUSION].

WILL – so long as Man continues in the ILLUSION that he is SEPARATED FROM GOD, he will remain a SELF-FOCUSED individual; but as God shines the light of truth on man’s mind and reveals Truth to him – Truth that God has never left man or forsaken him;  then MAN IS CHANGED into CHRIST-LIKE THINKING and the process of the CARNAL MIND IS CHANGED into the MIND OF CHRIST.

It is when this CHANGE is accomplished that MAN’S WILL BECOMES FULLY GOD’S WILL Re-generated man now exists in a place where ALL of the PROMISES of God can MANIFEST.  PRAYERS can be ANSWERED because REQUESTS  now LINE UP with the PLAN and PURPOSES of God.  Man in this state, will no longer “ask amiss.”  No longer will man pray self-focused prayers.  No longer will man have a “give to get” attitude, but will operate with the LOVE of GOD and CONCERN for every fellow-man. [brother]

EMOTIONS – Father deals with us about various events in our lives that may have produced a degree of NEGATIVE THINKING.  It is the POWER OF GOD that transforms all of the ANGER, PAIN, ABUSE, REJECTION, BETRAYAL, CRITICISM, or BITTERNESS of our PAST into HEAVENLY THOUGHTS. He applies the balm of HIS LOVE to all our BROKENNESS and TAKES ALL OUR PAIN. 

It is this healing of EMOTIONS that FREES US from the PRISONS OF OUR MINDS and PUTS US IN RECEIVING MODE.  We suddenly have the “RECEIVER” to take in and apply WISDOM.  No longer will DAMAGED EMOTIONS control our thinking or cause us to make unwise decisions.  We can now HEAR CLEARLY in the SPIRIT REALM.  And our Father is reminding us of THINGS FORGOTTEN – of the time when we were a SPIRIT WITHIN HIM.  And now we realize that HE IS A SPIRIT WITHIN US.

No longer will we be controlled in areas by our own pain-motivated, HUMAN SYMPATHY – instead of GOD’S PURE COMPASSION.   This healing process will assist in bringing DIVINE ORDER within our own TEMPLE – Peace and Joy, will result.  This healing will remove any traces of the ILLUSION we BELIEVED most of our lives and will pave the way for GOD’S DISCERNMENT – THE MIND OF CHRIST – to fully operate in our “Control Center.”

3.The BODY OF MAN is the last area of our present being to be transformed.  We know that “flesh and blood will never enter the Kingdom of God.”  And we know that when Jesus walked on earth, after His resurrection, He did not have the same type of body that was wrapped in cloth and placed in a tomb after His crucifixion.  He is our pattern to be followed; therefore, we can assuredly assume that we, too, will go through some sort of transformation in our bodies as well. 

So, what can we expect in this area of TRANSFORMATION of our BODY, as we now know it? 

There have already been volumes written on this subject and I don’t claim to have some INSIDE REVELATION, but I am 100% certain that a CHANGE is coming and that the CHANGE is at our DOOR in this hour. 

I am confident that our NEW BODY will not be a body designed to operate by way of a BLOOD SYSTEM, as our present body functions.  We know that LIFE IS IN THE BLOOD if we are still flesh creatures. But Father spoke to me a couple of years ago and told me that while Life is in the Blood concerning flesh; that LIFE IS IN THE ANOINTING concerning Spiritual Beings.  It seems that ANOINTING is the ENERGY FORCE that will keep our BATTERIES CHARGED. 

I am certain that there will be NO NEED FOR FOOD to NOURISH THIS NEW BODY.  In fact, there have been several stories, surfacing in recent years, of folks that have already come to a place where they no longer require food or sleep… things we still see as necessities for survival. 

Martha Wing Robinson is one person that we are told did not eat the last 15 years of her life, except on occasion to be sociable.  In fact, I just this week, heard of a man from India that the news media is saying has not eaten in over 40 years.  This person has been examined by many agencies, world wide – NASA being one such agency – in an effort to determine how this man is still alive and what changes may have taken place within him.

I’ve had visions of bodies that much resembled the human bodies we now live in; but these bodies I have seen DO NOT HAVE BLOOD.  Instead, they have some sort of a HONEY-LOOKING fluid within the veins that seems to allow the body to have FULL FUNCTION – somewhat as HYDRAULIC FLUID functions in large pieces of construction machinery.  This fluid seems to be utilized to keep the veins under pressure and gives the impetus for operation of muscles, arteries, etc. 

Yes, it is definitely the season to keep our minds focused on LIFE instead of DEATH – on FAITH instead of FEAR!




THERE ARE TWO TRANSFORMATIONS [Sunny Orly Coffman] 11-15-03          1


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