[Author’s Note] I do not sit down anymore to keep a weekly deadline for producing writings. I wait upon the Lord. No matter how involved or how simplistic a writing may be I only write what I am hearing from my Heavenly Father. For some keeping a schedule is great because they are receiving a mighty daily or weekly Word but for me, it comes gradually and when it soaks into my being I release it forth for folks to read and ponder over. I know this Word is not ground breaking news for most but I know the Lord had me write it for someone. If that someone is you, Be Blessed. Dale Thompson

There is a way that seems right unto a man but that way is death. (Proverbs 16:25) This verse has been used over the years to condemn sin and iniquity and to attempt the task of turning the transgressor from his evil ways. I too have used this same verse in the past in my self-indulgence to save the lost from the appeal of sin. Though this verse rings true I see it more as a word from the Lord in this age to call attention to the religious mindset of our modern thinking church attendee. In religious terms this verse sounds bleak. But I see it as one step from the truth. It is the difference from moving a little to the left or a little to the right in our thinking.

Man’s ways result in death. This is clearly seen in Adam who chose death over life. Being lowered down from a spiritual existence, causing a disruption of monumental proportions, Adam clothed himself with the skins of animals or in simple terms he clothed himself in death. Clothing oneself in death or making a covenant with death far removes man in his thinking from his heavenly Father. Even though God has not changed, nor has He moved locations or distanced Himself from man, (for in God there is no shadow of turning – God does not change) man in truth has separated himself from the true reality of his own being. Man has alienated himself from his creator by entering a world of darkness where God seems distant from him. Death is merely the opposite of light (life). If you have life in the Son then you are out of the realm of death. Death brings darkness or an ignorance of truth. Death is a world of the blind. What is death again? The Bible defines it as “the wages of sin. “For the wages of sin is death.” This all sounds horribly depressing yet there is always hope in Christ Jesus.

In understanding the death realm we must now turn our attention to sin. What is sin? Sin is simply “missing the mark.” If I were to take a bow and arrow and shoot the arrow missing the target I would be missing the mark. So sin in truth is “missing the mark” or “coming up short.” As a righteous judge, does God take the one shooting the arrow and condemn them to a eternity of punishment because we “miss the mark?” Of course not, God is more righteous in His judgment than a mortal man who would be appointed as a judge in sporting event. As a loving heavenly Father God does not condemn us when we come up short of the mark. He hands us another bunch of arrows and says “have another go at it.” How many times does God do this for us? As many times as it takes for us to hit the bulls yes, that’s how many. The Bible records 70 times 7. We should know by now that 70 is the combination of the perfect numbers 7 and 10. Seven is the number of spiritual perfection and ten is the number of ordinal perfection. We do not have time here to go into a study on numbers however we should be able to gather from these numbers that represent a complete spiritual perfection in the area of forgiveness. This is not based upon anything on the part of man but has already been concluded in God by Father.

We often look at God as one who sends people to heaven or hell based on the truth that He is the judge. Whereas Father’s judgments are not man’s judgments. God judges in order to make things right. God’s judgment is redemptive, and it restores. God is not a destroyer as so many people have imagined.

Getting back to our original verse, “the way that seems right unto a man but that way is death.” This is not referring to the lost of the world. If those who are outside the Kingdom of God truly were honest with themselves they would admit that they are not living a life conducive to Christian principles. Most “sinners” or the unenlightened will freely admit that they are not living a good moral life that God would endorse. Whereas there are many within the churched community, which believe they are living a faithful life for God. They honor the Ten Commandments, they don’t swear, drink or smoke, and they don’t even kick the dog. Yet they are not living in the life of Christ. Many are not experiencing Christ every minute of every day. Why is this? It is because they are following the principles of man made religion, traditions and doctrines invented by man to separate themselves from others who do not believe the same things concerning God. The populace is wrapped up in what others are thinking about them rather than having the confidence just to move forward unrelenting in their faith. Have you ever wondered why there are so many beliefs, denominations and why denominations seldom fellowship outside of their closed communities? It is because a man somewhere in history announced that all Baptist were bad because they believe “once saved always saved” they believe that all Pentecostals are bad because they believe in “speaking in other tongues” they believe this denomination is bad (wrong) or this one is wrong when if we look at them all with spiritual eyes and a mind renewed by Christ we can clearly see through the veil of flesh and understand fully that all have gone their own way and are deceived. All of this is based on people worrying about fitting in with a majority. Whereas it seems to me and I believe I am correct that Jesus never really fit in with those who would seem to be the most recognized celebrities of His day. I have a feeling that unless Jesus lifted the hem of His garment He appeared to the common man as just another regular fellow walking the dusty road.

Every person wants to believe that their beliefs are correct. They all want to believe that they are in right standing with God. Everyone wants to believe that they are sitting under anointed preachers and teachers and that their denomination is the closes to truth and that the majority of their church gets to go to heaven when they die. Yet being a experienced church person for many years, visiting and attending many denominations throughout my 40 years I now see the error of man’s ways. We are all like sheep, gone astray, being fed false doctrines, getting half truths and being deceived by the most subtle creature of all “the mind” (serpent) in every man.

How frustrating it has been for me to look back over my past and see how many times Father called to me and I ignored Him to follow strange voices coming from the pulpits of popular circles. It wasn’t until I listened to His voice, disconnected from the popular beliefs of today’s church of commerciality that I began to understand the Kingdom of God within. It wasn’t until I entered my prayer closet, closed off the voices of reason (five senses) and submitted myself unto the power of the Spirit of God. In being enlightened long after my first “Born Again” experience I understood that my will, my ways and my life had been dictated by the religious mindset of popular opinion within the church rather than by the move of the Spirit within. NOW I AM LIVING FROM WITHIN!

My fellowship is with the Father as He molds and shaped me into His son. I am no longer seduced by the church of this age. I am no longer worried about being accepted by the masses as this voice of God. I am living my life InChristed and this life I now live is not worried about what is popular or best selling, it is concerned with representing the Kingdom in truth. To change lives one must live in the identity of the Christ consciousness. I am no longer in agreement with death and hell, with sin or death, no longer is lies my refuge nor do I hide under a roof. The Kingdom of God is not a building! I am the temple of God, the dwelling place of Christ and from my inner most being flows a river that springs up as a wellspring of life.

The Pharisees answered, Are we also deceived are we also blind? Just like so many today with good intentions yes the majority are doing things contrary to the name of Jesus of Nazareth.

There was a fad in the churches for a while and I am sure that the brain-child of the money making WWJD phrase had good intentions. “What would Jesus do? Jesus would be living His life as an example unto the world, seldom buried in church Bible studies, I doubt if the pulpit would be His mountain-top. Remember we no longer know the Jesus in the flesh. Mine, is a risen Savior! He is no longer a fleshly man. He is a God-man. He still doesn’t write books; appear on telethons to raise money, He is not holding giant arena revivals. Then what is He doing you ask? He is maturing sons by planting His thoughts and ways in a group of people to soon become manifested sons of God.

“God living in us and writing His laws on our hearts is such a simple, basic teaching in the New Testament, but as far as the moon from the earth to most Christians on a practical, daily basis.” (Jan and Lenny Antonsson)

John Gavazzoni sent us a writing taken from a book called Stillness Speaks, by Eckhart Tolle, in which he describes the trap of defining ourselves by our thoughts: “I think therefore I am,” as the existentialists proclaim. Mr. Tolle wrote, “Dogmas, religious, political, scientific, arise out of the erroneous belief that thought can encapsulate reality or the truth. Dogmas are collective conceptual prisons. And the strange thing is that people love their prison cells because they give them a sense of security and a false sense of “I know.”

“Nothing has inflicted more suffering on humanity than its dogmas. It is true that every dogma crumbles sooner or later, because reality will eventually disclose its falseness; however, unless the basic delusion of it is seen for what it is, and it will be replaced by others. What is this basic delusion? Identification with thought. Spiritual awakening is awakening from the dream of thought.” End Quote.

You see, it has taken me many years to allow Father to have His way with me. But I am better for it. No longer under Moses and the law but made free by the Spirit of God that lives and breathes and has His being in me. God is on the throne of my heart. He is not up there in the physical sky, or outer space. He is not coming on a literal, horse, or a cloud. He will make His appearance in a people in whom He has invested the life of His precious Son Jesus Christ.

Let us forsake the ways of death and step through the veil of flesh from the fog of this religious mindset and rest in the instructions and teachings of the Holy Spirit. Then life will not only swell up in you but will spring forth changing the lives of the world around you.


THERE IS A WAY [Dale Thompson]         1


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