OCTOBER 31, 2012

I love talking about perspective because there are always many sides to every story. Because I share a lot about my own experiences in getting real about believing to the point of getting results; and the kind of prayer it takes to break through into the so-called miraculous …I get a lot of requests from people who cling to lot of different perspectives.

In a recent article I offered to send anyone who wanted “my” five rules for effective praying, tailored to the personal needs of each request. Frankly, “my” five rules just don’t fit everyone BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE JUST AREN’T READY FOR THE TRUTH, from this particular perspective!

Wait just a minute; am I saying that “my” way is the only way? Not at all, but the twenty some odd requests I received, so far, were all from people who admitted they needed help and did indicate a readiness for the truth as required by them. This one from a nation in the southern part of Africa is my favorite:

I would like to have the “Five Rules For Praying and Getting Answers that are according to the Will of ‘God.’” I must be honest, I have been praying and not getting answers all the time and I knew that something is wrong somewhere. Jesus said that whatever we ask in His Name we shall have it. After reading a few of your writings, I now have an understanding that one of the missing ingredients is to believe enough. The question is, how does one believe enough? Brother Brad I want to know THE SPIRIT PARENT.

I just went back to get an actual tally of the number of requests; twenty-three. The foregoing was my favorite because it was specific and honest. Honesty, however, does not always equate to the truth from a perspective different than the one who is being honest. This man will get to the truth because he sees WHO the SOURCE is for the truth, for him, and has made a declaration that he wants to know “THE SPIRIT PARENT” SOURCE.

Jesus made an interesting statement about human parents by way of introducing us to our (your and my) SPIRIT-PARENT; “You being less than perfect wouldn’t give your child a reptile if he asked for an egg; how much more, then, will your SPIRIT-PARENT give of this SPIRIT to those who continually demand it.”

There’s some confusing stuff in the English translation because a number of issues aren’t being dealt with truthfully. 

Many people gloss over a simple fact …and that is what they think is the truth is not the WHOLE truth. Not one of us possesses the whole truth, but we can connect to the ONE who does possess the whole truth, I asked and it was revealed to me that the man referenced above will get the truth that he needs for him and it may be a bit different than the truth that Brad Cullen needs for the truth Brad needs.

I realize the foregoing is not what a lot of folks want to hear because their truth says this isn’t correct. I agree that it isn’t stated in a way that fits their truth, but it is stated the way I’m being instructed to state it for those who have the ears to hear “this” truth at this moment.

If just one of my five adult children would say to me, “hey Dad, I want help,” with some particular issue, I’d do the best I can to provide it and I’m far from the best. If ANYONE shows the slightest interest in knowing the real me, they are going to get the straight scoop …the point is, even though I am less than perfect, I won’t withhold the truth about me; and Jesus’ rather obvious point is that if you really want to know what is best for you from our SPIRIT-PARENT’s perspective you are going to get the TRUTH.

Chief among my rules for praying to get results is to never pray until I know it lines up with the will of our SPIRIT-PARENT. Next in order of priority is to make sure that there are no conflicts …our SPIRIT-PARENT will reveal those conflicts as well so that they can be removed. I say this continually and I’m not going to stop now: It is a waste of time to pray for somebody’s healing until the conflicts have been removed.

Expecting to get what you pray for sounds great, until you come up against the real obstacle and it might not merely be having insufficient belief. This takes us back to the primary or “chief” among my rules. FIND OUT before I pray …and I have to dig deeper than “me.”

At times you will read my statements about allowing I AM to speak through me and I will take it to an extreme that makes a lot of folks nervous. I understand my identity, and it is ONE with the Creator of the universe who lives, speaks and performs the seeming miraculous through me …the very same essence of Jesus and anyone else who wants to take it to the “being-Jesus-extreme.” NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE TO ANY INDIVIDUAL WHO BELIEVES ENOUGH.

I gave the answers that I was given for the man in Africa and I am saying right here and now, those answers are not universal …if you’re not ready for the truth you require there is no point in delivering it to you, because you won’t receive it.

If you are going to insist, for example, that there is no adversary who is plotting continually for your demise and destruction you aren’t going to pick up the weapons necessary to fight it off. You are going to continue being an ignorant victim and wonder why all your faith and believing isn’t working.

If you’ve already found the truth that the adversary has been defeated, you don’t need the foregoing message …but for those of you who cling to the truth you don’t yet possess, there is simply nothing to be done. Let me provide some of you with the other part of a truth to which you may have been clinging:

“If we confess our sins, God is faithful and just and will forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” That’s true so far: Here’s the rest of the passage: “But if we deny we sin (present tense – sorry, but that’s the way it reads in the original) the truth is not available to us.”

Part of the anointing that enables the SPIRIT to do the “miraculous” through me is encapsulated in this latter part of the truth. For those of you which this little article has meaning …I have to tell you that it comes from my beating on my chest and crying out for mercy for all the stupidity I allow in my thinking and acting at times …when I should have gone to our SPIRIT-PARENT for direction in the first place. I’m not afraid to admit that I have missed the boat because it opens the door to catching the next ferry home; get it?

You see, for me, it is both I AM …my true identity within, AND that identity within is sustained by a connection to the SOURCE that is beyond this puny body-bag that I occupy. It isn’t (for me) one or the other, IT IS BOTH.


















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