DECEMBER 14, 2006

Read Genesis, chapters 1-3.

When God created man it was in His own image that he was formed.  However, it is in the raw or unrefined state that man has chosen to exist.  Eternal man shall overcome this impure condition by the strength of God to be the family that God so desires.

Before God caused all things to come into being, when the universe was formless and void, He poured out His genes into emptiness and it became a swirling mass of substance.  He caused Light to shine on the face of the deep but He kept the Light separate from the darkness lest all things would gain power in their own right.  Out of this formless mass He caused order to come and growing, living things to be formed.  From this same substance He formed man, blew His breath into him and gave him dominion over all that had been created.

The Bible states that when the Lord imparted His breath to man he became a living soul.  This imperative breath set man apart from the beasts of the field, and he was precious in God’s sight.  This breath is the LIFE of God’s righteousness.  God directed man to feed from this Tree of Life and gain wisdom.  [Read Proverbs 8:22 to 9:6.]

The Spirit of God hovered over the face of the deep at the time of creation but His Spirit did not become part of what He sent forth.  A change occurred when God’s substance became tangible – it lacked His holiness and glory.  This substance became the elements of the earth.  It held all of the components of the nature and character of God, but in the absence of His Spirit it was a perversion of righteousness.  God referred to this influence as “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil”.  He warned man not to eat of it.

Carnality was present in the dust from which man’s soul was formed.  It came out of God, but disconnected from His Spirit it had not His Life.  Because man was the center of God’s creation and created in His image, the Lord God breathed His Breath of Life into man and the Light of His glory covered man.  The one who pervades grief was hidden in man’s soul but was not then apparent.  Iniquity was not found in man until he chose to surrender to the darkness.

The evil voice of the tempter rose up in Adam’s soul and taunted him with thoughts of all knowledge and power to rule.  Eve first, then Adam succumbed to the temptation to taste the fleshly fruit, never realizing that the knowledge was only logic – lacking WISDOM.  Not knowing that he would become a slave to that rulership. 

Because man had dominion over all creation the whole world fell away from God when the forbidden fruit was tasted.  The proverbial tree of knowledge that grew in the dust of man’s soul produced the fleshy, seedless fruit of decadence.  It was this tree that held the “fruit” proffered by Satan.  (The tree that grows there still bears only fleshy fruit without seed.) 

When mankind fell away from God’s glory the perverted character within gained ascendancy.  Because man fed from this evil entity instead of Life, greed, pride and lust for all that can seduce men’s souls became the plague of humanity.  The character and nature of the one from whom he fed became humankind’s own. 

Apart from the Life of God there is only a wide road that leads to death.  Along this dark way is pain and suffering.  The fleeting conquests that feed the world-trained soul will ultimately add to the agony of his defeat.  Beware, for this aggregation of sorrow will at times attempt a show of good in the false glitter that it extols. 

When the Lord brought forth His plan for creation His unseen things became the substance for things that are seen.  Apart from Him this substance became dust, bereft of God’s Life.  From out of this ground the Word of God caused all living things to be formed and plants to grow.  Because the substance of the soil was separated from God all that came from it needed a keeper.  It was into man that God imparted His breath and called him the keeper of all creation.  But man refused to live by the nourishment of this Essential Life.  He chose instead the crude elements of the dust to be his only resource.  Thus, the elemental principles of the world system developed.  He was helpless in his condition of separation from God, but the Lord had a plan to bring mankind to perfection.

God clothed the Word with human flesh to rescue man from sin.  This man was Jesus Christ.  Jesus came to break the strength of carnality and to supply mankind once again with the Spirit of LIFE to bring him back to the Father.  In accordance with God’s plan and foreknowledge, humankind killed the One who came to save the world.  Jesus was the sacrifice of all that is pure to bring all that was corrupt to the purity of Himself.  He became all that man is in his fallen condition to bring him to the holiness of Jesus Christ.

Humankind was created in Christ but became separated in his fall from glory.  According to God’s perfect plan this human mutation will ultimately return to the nature and character of the holiness from whence he came. 

Because all that is hung on a cross is cursed, Christ in the form of human flesh was hung on a cross.  All of the sin of the flesh was cursed and bound to death in His death.  Separation from God was ended in the outflow of blood from the pierced flesh of Jesus, and the Spirit of Life was presented in the water that flowed from His wounded side for the exact purpose of the return of mankind to the Father.  Life was once again present to give man the hope of Eternal Life.  It was a vicarious sacrifice and by it everything was returned to its proper position in God’s sight.

Although not yet fully realized in the physical realm, the deathblow was dealt to the carnal nature on the cross.  It is incumbent upon each individual to embrace the work of the cross by acknowledging Jesus as Savior and receive the Holy Spirit in abundance for Power and Life.  The entrance of the Holy Spirit recreates the human spirit.  If we will so allow, the Word will renew the mind and teach obedience to the soul.  Then God will give him the desires of his heart – for they will be God’s own!  All of these things work together to change the carnal nature, which is a perversion and the adversary of man, to be holy in the very Essence of God.  Then never again will man fail.  All that was of evil intent will be transformed.  Carnality will be consumed in the Fire of God, which is within the midst of eternal man.  Paradise awaits eternal man: the new creation who walks.


“God saw all that he had made, and it was very good…”  (Genesis 1:31)

Even though man was created with a potential for wickedness in his soul God knew what He had done was good.  He had a plan.  The evil in man’s heart was not there by accident, nor was it placed there to test man.  It was not there to give him a choice as an alternative to goodness.  The evil in man’s soul is there to be trampled under and transformed in his walk through the world.

In Christ all things were created, and Christ Jesus placed all things in their place within the universe.  

“He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation.  For by him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by him and for him.  He is before all things and in him all things hold together.”  (Colossians 1:15-17)

In hope the Father God subjected all things to frustration.  Not by his own choice was mankind burdened with the ugliness of the tempter but it was in the wisdom of the Creator that the whole world was made a prisoner to sin.  It was in hope that God bound all men over to disobedience so that through faith He might have mercy on us all.  Mercy’s name is Jesus Christ!

Each man’s empire is the ground of his being, the substance of his existence.  Just as within the ground of the earth there are many treasures, also within the ground of man there are precious deposits valuable to his treasury.  These deposits must be brought to the surface and dealt with for the survival and progress of each individual.  After the deposits are dug out (in pain and suffering) they must be sorted and cleaned in preparation to undergo the intense heat of the purifying fire of God.  When the work is completed there remains the work of refinement by the Master Craftsman to cause the carved stones and purified metals to become more beautiful and precious in His sight. 

Oh, can you see?  Do you understand?  Because all that is in mankind came out of God, there exists within each one the abundant supply to bring him to the pinnacle of success designed by the Father.  The deposits of the nature and character of God are waiting to be intensified by the Life of God, which is provided in Christ.  All that is needed is the Savior – the One who has assured the world of rescue and insures it by all who will allow the benefits to occur.


THERE IS MORE TO LIFE THAN DEATH [Barbara J. Strauser] 12-14-06          1


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